Monday, 25 February 2013

Whipping Up MORE Whipple Cupcakes

Hi there bubbly-boos! I'm typing this out on my phone now,  hope I don't make too many mistakes. Big, fat thumbs and tiny keys: not a good combination.

Anyway, gather round ye children, it's time for


The price and contents are exactly the same as those that were in Part One, but there's a completely different packaging!


Beause all the information about it is listed in the first installment, I'll just skip right ahead to showing you guys the finished products! All designed by moi :)

The Big Ones

Was trying to make a kitty cat but the big red nose makes it look like Rudolph :P

It took a lot of Whipple cream to have those strawberry ears stick at an angle!

This is a fail...It's messy and I don't like it at all >.<

I'm also not a fan of this design...The colours look really dull and I felt that the heart shape could look better. The result of the big cupcakes didn't exactly thrill me... *sigh*

Oh well! On to

The Lil' Ones

which I like waaaay more in comparison! ^_^

I just love how the cream swirl turned out! I piped it out so perfectly it was almost a shame to have to cover part of it with the decoration pieces! Bragging? Who, me? :P

I can't say I love this design, the colours just aren't working for me, but the swirl in the middle pleases me :D

Anyone else craving a vanilla soft serve cone now or is it just me lol.

Love this one!! Finally some colours that POP! Twinkle twinkle~~!

One more shot of the minis coz they made me happy lol.

Alrightly y'all, time for me to get ready to go beddy-bye.

See ya~!



  1. very nice cupcakes, look delicious but too bad cant eat! cute :)

  2. I love Whipple!! The twinkle twinkle one is my favourite too ^-^


  3. Beautiful pictures my dear! your blog is so lovely!:)
    we can follow each other if you want :)
    xoxo Gloria

  4. Sooo cute! The one you call fail is my FAVORITE! I love mint green and the swirly pattern is soooo cute and stars and heart and awww... I just love it! I like the minis, too.^^