Friday, 22 February 2013

With You Right Here, I'm A Rocketeer

Let's fly~~

(Note: A rocketeer is actually someone who works with space rockets or a rocket enthusiast But still a nice song)

Hi guys!

Sorry about the lack of updates. I haven't been using the computer much and when I do, I get too distracted by all the lulzy things on Tumblr to blog. Every now and then I get these bouts of inspiration to blog up a storm but the unfortunate thing is that the times where I feel this way are usually late at night when I can't use the computer or when I'm pooping.


On the third day of Chinese New Year, my family decided to go to the airport after we bai nian-ed at our relatives house til late at night. They lived fairly near to the airport and we were all feeling a bit peckish. The airport has 24-hour food joints so YAY!!

I will always cheer at the idea of going to the airport, regardless of whether or not I'd be travelling. One of the best airports of the world, if not THE best, it's one of my favourite places and there's so much to do and see. Shop, dine, chill out and watch as the world goes by. Go gaze at airplanes taking off.

It was nice and quiet at night, the chairs peppered with tired travelers catching a snooze.

We went to Aston's (YUM) and I got a side of pasta salad. Soooo good~

Didn't want to eat a full meal coz I was a little bit full from all the snacks I devoured at my relative's house while watching Ah Boys To Men on DVD. It was my third time watching the movie in a span of four days lolololol.

It was pretty cold at the airport too so my sister and I shared a hot chocolate.

It was alright I guess :P

Sneaking a peek into the departure area. Every time I'm there myself, I have so much excitement engulfing me. It's an incredible feeling ❤

After eating, we roamed around the airport and it felt so amazing to run around the big, open spaces. I got a little crazy there :P

Aren't wax replicas of food awesome?!

Gonna go off-topic for a bit:
I love green tea ice cream but it's so hard to find good ones. Every version tastes quite different from each other and a lot just taste horrible, bitter and super artificial. The best I've had so far was Haagen Dazs'. Let me know if you've tasted a brand with really great green tea ice cream!

Goodbye and til next time!

CHANGI AIRPORT ❤ x infinity


  1. How nice! i wanna experience a late night at airport too! D: Airport.. a special place for us:D
    I'll help u keep a look out on yummy green tea ice cream too! keep posting! I'm waiting!

    1. You should!! The atmosphere is really different. Maybe you can go there with J! Just don't get too naughty ;) hehehe~!!

  2. hi nice to know that your family had fun. i'm new to your blog and i don't have a blog,oh btw i can't wait to hear about day four in perth!

    1. Hi there Alice! A big welcome to my blog and thank you for your lovely comment! I always love to hear from my readers :)

      I will be blogging about that soon! Stay tuned ^_^

  3. Nice shots and very delicious food! :)