Saturday, 30 March 2013

...more commonly known as Jcube :P

I went there recently to have lunch at Manhattan Fish Market. It's a real pain in the arse to dine at eateries which specialise in fish dishes when you're allergic to fish. Another example being Fish & Co. Oh, how I yearn to just try one bite of the succulent-looking fish with CHEESE SAUCE to boot!

So anyway, I had to order one of the few non-fish dishes in the menu.

Scallop aglio olio.

I obviously wasn't expecting colossal scallops for the casual dining price but the illustration in the menu depicted large, medallion-like scallops. I HATE BLATANT FALSE ADVERTISING. How dare you deprive me of the huge scallops which you promised?!

At least they gave me plenty of their tiny little baby scallops.

I love pasta but I'm not a big fan of aglio olio :\ I was starving, however, so I slurped down the whole plate! Then breathed fire afterwards because it was reeeally spicy~~ 🔥

Seafood platter thingy that my mum and cousin shared. I nicked some stuff from it :D Okay I sampled everything except for the fish lol. The prawn was pretty good! The chips weren't salted, the rice was just plain rice and the vegetables were simply cooked without any seasoning whatsoever. It sounds like I'm bashing Manhattan Fish Market on purpose but I'm not, it really was the case. I'm not sure if we were unlucky that the chef happened to be lazy and/or in a bad mood the day we visited or if this is the standard of the restaurant.


We went to jalan at Times bookstore and my cousin and I were astonished by the level of difficulty of primary school assessment book questions. Boy, am I glad I don't have to go through all that hell anymore.

So cute!!


Afterwards we decided to eat again lol, this time at Eat At Taipei. I seriously can't understand why it's such a big hit. Every day at meal times the queue gets ridiculously long and for what? Sure, the decoration is unusual and eye-catching but the food is only so-so and the prices are crazily extravagant. We ordered a few plates of side dishes, two drinks and a dessert but the price totalled up to what you could buy two three-coursed meals at a decent restaurant with. Definitely won't be heading back there again.

Yes, I realised that my food reviews are riddled with negativity today. Just so happens that I didn't like the two dining establishments which I'm blogging about today, I haven't suddenly decided to take on a harsh and mean streak :P

My cousins's mocha ice blended and my red bean with milk ice blended. Both were average with way-more-than-average prices.

Oh, can I also add that the service was subpar? At the time we patronised them it was fairly quiet with only a handful of other tables seated with diners yet service was quite slow. And there were two waitresses who gossiped amongst themselves and didn't stop to check if diners needed their attention. My mum literally had to get out of her seat and walk to them for someone to take our order.



Okay this post seems to be quite a damper on my spirits and I'm sure the reader's as well so let me end things off on an exciting note.

This has been the FIRST EVER BLOG POST TO BE WRITTEN AND PUBLISHED ON MY MACBOOK. That's right! I just purchased a brand new 13-inch Macbook Pro! Let me just clarify that I only got it because it is required for my course of study. I wouldn't be caught dead dumping two thousand dollars down the drain for some fancy schmancy notebook that has the Apple logo stamped on it. Yes, I'm pretty anti-Apple. I detest iProducts and people who unneccessarily praise their Apple gadgets to the high heavens. With that being said, I'm going to try my best to get accustomed to my new baby because as much as I try to protest against it, I will be using it extensively for school. And let's not forget that I forked out like five months worth of savings as well as ALL my Chinese New Year ang pow money for it. *grumble grumble*

I named my Macbook Maggie :D

Yes, I name all my gadgets don't judge me!! Strangely all of them have been female so far...

My phone is called Vuvuzela because it's an LG Optimus Vu. Hehehehe yeah I know I got no life just let me be happy with my high-tech companions!!

*hugs gadgets while gently weeping*

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Every Night by EXID


I have a tendency to dislike newly debuted Kpop groups, especially since they are sprouting like mushrooms nowadays. Did you know that in 2012 there were like fifteen thousand new groups?! Just kidding. But my estimate can't be that far off, considering the fact that every month there would be a handful of random new K-idols which names that keep getting more and more ridiculous. And most of the time I can't tell if it's a guy group or a girl group. Fiestar? AOA? Vixx? WTF.

Anyways, EXID was one of those groups which I didn't quite care about. But I kept hearing this amazingly catchy song on the radio (For those of you who didn't know, XFM 96.3 is the only radio station in Singapore which plays KPOP, 8 to 10 pm every single day! Do tune in!) and that song was none other than Every Night by EXID.

The Song

It is soooo unbelievably good oh my god I'm not even kidding. I've been listening to it a hundred times a day for like, three months and I still can't get enough. I sing it in the shower, I sing it when I'm doing housework. When I go out for more than three hours, I get this growing urge to belt out the song and once I get into the elevator to go home, I DO. Every time somebody else gets into the lift with me I'm like damn, can't sing already lol.

Besides being an awesome-sounding song that is hella fun to sing to, it also has really fantastic lyrics. Watch the music video with the captions on! It's about a douchey ex-boyfriend who booty calls the girl every night just because he's bored, leaving the girl empty and emotionally tired.

LE's rapping is soooo sick (althought I must admit in the live performances her voice sounds a bit grating...) and I'm really falling in love with her skill. Not many talented rappers in girl groups :\ Most of the time their feeble attempts just make me cringe.

Solji is so beautiful that upon seeing her I immediately dismissed her as probably being talent-less and just the visual of the group (yes, I have a big problem about negatively judging people and things before getting to know them. I'm working on it >.<). Boy, was I wrong coz THAT GIRL CAN SING. I love love love her voice. Hani is really great too but I find her appearance a little hit and miss...Sometimes I think DAYUM GIRL YOU HOT and other times I'm like ohhhh god please get away from me. Also it was kind of a turn-off to see her trying a little bit too hard to be sexy in the dance practice video.

The Dance

The choreography is all pretty simple but it still has impact because of the fluidity and elegance of the dancers. Yes, those are their black bras showing through the white turtleneck sweaters.

The Video

This is where it gets really interesting. I'd love to know who directed this music video because it's kind of phenomenal, yet extremely strange and slightly terrifying at the same time.

First of all, I happen to love all the chemistry lab elements (pun intended) of the video.

Fun and pretty!

Another feature which I really enjoyed, the slow motion cinematography throughout the video.

Slow-mo shattering of test tubes! Fun!!

But the not-so-fun part of the slow motion comes with what might be the most horrific series of scenes I've ever witnessed while watching music videos, ever.

Are you ready for this?


Slow motion hurling of liquids from girls' mouths.

What. The. [BEEP]

Seriously whose idea was this?! You take a wonderfully filmed video where everything is just gorgeous; the dancers, the set, the cinematography, the random but effective science props. And you decide to throw in a bunch of beautifully-dressed women spewing like the Merlion.

Got angmoh some more.

And there sitting right smack in the middle of all this madness is the guy playing the douchey ex-boyfriend. And he gets rained on by those chicks' drinks and saliva.

And he does not. Move. A muscle.


He is literally being sprayed by a tidal wave of gross liquids and he just sits there!!

I cannot. I just...

I can't.

And if y'all thought it couldn't get worse from here, think again. Coz a few seconds later, they decide to do that video rewind thing.



I have never felt so disturbed in my life. You seriously have to watch it yourself, in HD in fact! To truly experience how traumatizing it is to see pretty ladies drink champagne, vomit it out and suck it back into their mouths again.

I think the director has some issues. But real creative, I'll give you that!

Now, I think we can all agree that the images above has induced some unsavoury feelings within us, to say the least. So let us end things off on a pleasant note with some nice screencaps of the girls.

No spewing this time, I promise.

Jung Hwa

Y UR EYELASHES SO LONG ONE. I know they're false eyelashes la but seriously.

I can't believe she was born in '95. I thought she'd at least be in her early 20s.

Hye Rin

No comment because I find her very forgettable . Neither her looks nor her dancing/singing stand out. Sorry :\


QUEEN OF SWAG. She doesn't have that typical pretty girl look but I think she looks awesome here. Oh did you guys listen to You Got Nerve by LE, Junhyung from BEAST/B2ST and some random nugu rapper who goes by the name of Feeldog (wtf right?)? The beat is pretty sick and LE is a total BAMF in the video.


Oh Hani. I love you but I'm also scared of you when you get overzealous with the raunchy dancing. And I find it unfair that her solo shot in the music video was like one second long. How dare you?! Also I did not cut her face off on purpose (that sounds gorey), that's all you get to see in the video when it's on full screen mode :(


Prettiest member of the group yet she didn't even get a solo shot of her stunning face! This is a travesty >:(

Oh well, this screenshot of her awkwardly lying on what seems to be a tanning bed(?) will have to do.

Or just look at her face here:

EXID presents to you a toast! Just make sure to keep it in your mouths, please.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Fancy Schmancy

In keeping up with my unhealthy addiction to watching Hell's Kitchen, I decided to use the leftover salted egg yolk prawns that my mum tapao-ed (LOVE) and a pre-packed salad to make something real fancy.


I was a little sad because the salad leaves weren't that fresh even though it was like two days before the best-by date stated on the package. And after I finished eating it, I saw some brown liquid on the plate that was the result of some rotting lettuce! GROSS MAX. But yeah the prawns were delish, as always.

I also confirmed the fact that no matter how hard I try to eat them for their amazing nutritional benefits, I am unable to down a tomato without gagging and wanting to shave my taste buds off with a razor blade just to get rid of the god-awful aftertaste.


In other news, I am so excited to start my new journey in education ahhhhhh~~~!!

*does cartwheel in my mind as I am not gymnastically-talented to perform one for real*

I know I'm probably gonna break down in tears two weeks into the term due to the heavy workload and exhaustion but right now I'm just super stoked :D

Let the games begin!

I do not know why I just said that...

Okay bye.

Friday, 15 March 2013

Food and Crazy Dreams

PERTH 2012: DAY 4
19th December 2012, Wednesday

There's only going to be food pics for this particular blog entry and I am so very hungry right now... >.<

Started the day off by spending an hour at Woolies. Not even kidding. But on the bright side, we bought some stuff that were neato burrito! 10 points for people who get that reference ;)

Afterwards we headed to Garden City, HOORAY!!

We walked past this shop that sells bags and accessories and they were having MEGA SALES which caused my mum, my sister and I to spring into a frenzy (isn't frenzy a fun word to say? frenzy. frenzy. FRENZY FRENZY FRENZYYYY!! okay moving on). We took our time to pick out the items that we each wanted while my dad was like -_- and had to wait outside hahaha.

I got some hairbands and necklaces that I bought for someone dear to me but I've yet to give it her! Slowbro alert...My mum also bought me this gorgeous black clutch bag with studs which I'm excited about carrying but it's definitely gonna be troublesome to have to grab it in my hand all day.

After our mini spree, Mum had to do some grocery shopping but my sister and I were starting to get hungry so we went and got a little snack...


Whoop dee doo, I freaking love me some donuts. Just the smell of those delicious deep-fried doughy darlings is enough to make me go nuts and completely forget about what the word 'diet' means.

My Irish Creme donut. My sister got Cookie Glaze. Hooray for unconventional donut flavours!

The guy who served us at the donut shop was an uber attractive Asian fellow. Satisfied my sweet tooth AND got some eye candy! Thumbs up~

That night we had dinner at quite possible my all-time favourite eatery in Australia, a Chinese restaurant which serves amazing food. For readers who've stuck around since last year, you may recognise some of the dishes which also appeared in this post about my 2011 vacation in Perth.

Deliciouso sambal kang kong. Yummy yum yum *smacks lips*

Salt and pepper squid! I think they changed cooks or something because this dish turned out completely different and nowhere as good as the former version.

Y'all know that I'm nuts about salted egg yolk prawns, this is salted egg yolk eggplant! I love eggplant!! They were crunchy on the outside and the eggplant melted in my mouth but I felt that the salted egg yolk could've been more flavourful.

Sweet and sour pork. Personally I don't like sweet and sour things so this was pretty meh for me. I did appreciate that the pork bites were crunchily fried before being doused by the sauce though!


I always order this every time I go to the restaurant, without fail. And I always lap it up with glee. It is seriously SO delicious.


Okay so I'm referring to the journal which I kept during the time I was vacationing in Perth and apparently the night of 19th December 2012 was when I had a pretty interesting dream, to say the least.

Basically I tend to get dreams about people I may not know in real life and once I dream about them, I wake up with really strong feelings towards that particular person. There was this one time last year I dreamt of Robin from How I Met Your Mother aka Cobie Smulders. In the dream she was a teacher of some sort and her teenage daughter came to the school in the middle of class and said in front of all the students what a failed mother she was. Robin was clearly devastated and I went up to her and tried to comfort her by gently stroking her arm. Yes, I know. Major wtf right? But it created such strong emotions in me that when I woke up, I felt like I needed to track Robin down and freaking marry that beautiful woman!!

So yeah, now you see how crazy I get with regards to dreams.

The dream I had in Perth was this: I was in my secondary school choir room and who should be instructing the choir and assisting me with a lot of care in particular but AILEE. That's right, freakin AMY LEE YE JIN better known as AILEE, k-pop singer of hits such as 'Heaven' and 'I'll Show You'. The dream consisted largely of her being really sweet to me. Suddenly, a man barged into the room and declared his love for Miss Ailee, saying how he can't act like what they did in the school (I'm presuming it was something naughty) was just a one-time fling. Guess who the dude was. Go on, guess.

BARNEY. STINSON. From How I Met Your Mother.

Yeeeeeah something tells me I need to dial back on watching old HIMYM episodes over and over again...

So I woke up thinking 'woah that dream was so vivid' and feeling like Ailee is my soul mate. Haha it's funny, I don't seem to get these sort of dreams where the main character is a male!

Anyway, I hopped online and watched the music video for I'll Show You for the first time and I totally fell in love. With the crazily catchy song's awesome empowering lyrics about a girl becoming better after a breakup and making the douche who dumped her regret it, the funny bits of the video and of course, Ailee's undeniable charisma. She is so gorgeous, talented and seriously just plain captivating.

I listened to I'll Show You probably 50 times during the month of December, still loving it now.

I actually chose to write about Ailee for a magazine article I did for the purpose of a school admission interview. Guess what? I got in!

Haha alright the fact that my article was about Ailee probably wasn't the factor that determined my successful admission but writing about her made a difference because I wrote with passion and genuine interest :)

Riiiiight...I'm starting to sound like a psycho stalker for Ailee. So I'm gonna stop now haha. SHE IS SO PRETTY AHHHHH.

Okay bye :)

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Hediard Cafe

Oh my cheese bagels I can't believe I'm actually gonna blog about events that transpired TODAY. That's right, on the same day! Usually I struggle to even blog within the same year that things happen!

I'm starting to notice that the days where I feel happiest are the days when I feel exhausted. It's because I'm tired from living life, in comparison to just sitting at home pwning playing Word With Friends on my comically large phone.

And today I feel very weary but also extremely gratified :)

Okay moving on, I'm gonna attempt to speedily edit and upload the photos I took today, a chore that usually takes me around two to two hundred days (I kid you not).

Omg I'm back and that took me like five minutes! It's amazing how fast you can get things done when your mind is focused on that single task alone hahaha. Normally I edit photos whilst listening to music, watching videos, scrolling through Tumblr, painting my toenails and planning to sneak into my secondary school to eat some delicious $1.50 菜饭.


Today I had lunch with my Godma :)

She took me to this quaint little cafe tucked obscurely along this stretch of stalls near Tanglin Road. It's called Hediard Cafe and they serve French cuisine. They also have a beautiful shop selling lots of quality goodies like chocolate, wines, spices and a huge range of jams and marmalades. It was really an eye-opening experience for a sua gu like me who has never been to an eatery that was so atas.

I almost peed myself when I tried to read the menu. Most of it was in French and I had to ask the friendly waitress about the dishes one by one. "What's this like? Oh okay what about this one? Ooooh alright ummmm how about this?" So paiseh omg.

The decor of the cafe was largely red so yippee for me!

There was a group of Japanese women who went in the same time as us. Gosh I love Japanese expats lol more often than not they are an adorable and friendly bunch. At my old retail job, every time I served a Japanese lady I would feel so warm and fuzzy because of how courteous they were ❤

I ordered a Savoury-Sweet lunch set which contains a choice of salad, soup or sandwich, a dessert and a drink all for 25 bucks. You can choose between a soft drink (boring), a coffee blend (seemed lovely but my weakass stomach can't handle coffee so I had to give it a pass), wine (NO DRINKS FOR ME THANKS. BULLSHIT BULLSHIT BULLSHIT #blessyourheartifyouknowthisreference) and a tea blend, which was what I chose :)

My main course of a fancy grilled cheese sandwich. If I remember correctly, it is called Croque-Ferdinand. Don't smack me with a baguette if I'm wrong. Gruyere cheese and parma ham. The bread toasted til a crunchy crisped edge is achieved. Cheese delightfully melted with just enough burnt bits to have a nice smokey flavour all around. It was so flavourful and decadent, perfect for a cheese lover like myself. It does tend to get too salty after a few mouthfuls so it's great that there's a salad to go with it.

Yummy yummy yum yum.

Don't be fooled, this ain't no ordinary creme brulee topped off with a pair of blueberry titties. It's thyme creme brulee. Yeah, that's right. THYME.

There was actually quite a big range of desserts in the set meal menu to choose from but the rest were like chocolate cake and I hate cakes and there were two or three which I had no idea what they were but I was too embarrassed to ask the waitress because I'd already asked her like five questions about the dishes and there is a certain limit of questions you get to ask after which you will look like a babbling idiot who doesn't know shit.

So yeah I chose this creme brulee which sounded delicious to me but the word 'thyme' was staring at me like meheheheheh I'm gonna add a weird flavour to your sweet treat and sure enough, IT DID.


The first two bites were awful, my tongue and my mind got all confused like woah wtf is going on it's tasty and it's strange at the same time. But gradually the thyme flavour got less significant and coupled with my tea, it wasn't that bad. If you like weird flavour fusions, definitely give this a try.

Oh and this reminds me, if you ever go to Ben & Jerry's trying to decide on what flavour ice cream to get and you're feeling adventurous like I did and think to yourself 'hmmm you know what, I'm gonna get the spiced chocolate', DON'T.

My tea blend. It comes with petit treats omg squeeee~!!

The cuboid is some super tart jelly candy sort of thing, I have no idea what it is exactly because I've never tried anything similar and I can't even tell what flavours it contains because unlike Justin from Hell's Kitchen 10, I do not have a ~*fabulous*~ palate. What I do know is that it was sprinkled with a coating of cinnamon sugar which made it smell amazing. I couldn't stop sniffing it like a maniac.

The mini madeleine looked promising, so much so that I left it til last to savour. But guess what, shit was burnt and crunchy as hell. So that was disappointing.

OH MY LORDY I just remembered that the coffee blend that my Godma ordered came with a little piece of famous Hediard chocolate which she gave to me and I put it in my bag to bring home and savour but I forgot to take it out and it has been in my bag for the past ten hours and I'm seriously hoping that it hasn't melted gaaaah why am I such a goondu lemme go check real quick fingers crossed guys wish me luck!!!!!!

Update: Phew, it hasn't melted! Still solid and in one piece, just a little bent out of shape because I was stuffing my bag til it almost exploded :P

Alright guys, gonna go beddy-bye now.

Perth post up soon, I promise!


Friday, 8 March 2013


Hi guys.

Once again I've been really lazy about posting and that makes me sad :(

Lately I keep getting the urge to blog but I seldom get on the computer and once I do, I have to clear all the Tumblr goodies I've missed out on. On top of that I keep getting sidetracked by things like new videos and some annoyingly addictive game that I've just discovered. The result? Three hours have passed, I haven't blogged yet and I need to get my bum off the computer or it'll get kicked by my mum.

So yeah, this is just me popping by pushing the previous post down because every time I remember that my last post was 11 days ago, it upsets me.

I wish I had more time to blog :(

I have so many things to blog about that I'm starting to lose track of them! Ugh!!

Okay updates on my life:

★I've been watching and LOVING Hell's Kitchen. Just finished season 9 and I'm now onto season 10 (I watched season 8 like two years ago, Jillian is adorable and I find Vinny really attractive lol don't judge me). It's been like what, three days? And I've already blazed halfway into the season. Why can't I pace myself and slowly watch the episodes like a normal person?! I'm super glad that the season has 20 eps instead of the usual 16 or so. Oh btw can I just say that BRIAN IS FINE AS HELL. Like seriously he looks soooo damn good but he has that boyish charm and he's just so cute and endearing like a lil puppy. I would expect someone as hot as Brian to be a complete douche but nope, he is just so sweet and adorable and UGH. Please stay on the show for as long as possible because if Brian gets eliminated, there goes my eye candy. And I sure as hell ain't gonna turn to Gordon Ramsay for my Hottie Fix. Sorry, Chef.

★I've yet to start school but I'm so incredibly thankful that I managed to meet a girl who is in the same course as me and can I just say, SHE IS DA BOMB. In the beginning I was just hoping to get to know one person who is friendly so I wouldn't be that shy and awkward girl hanging around alone on the first day of school. But praise the heavens, this girl added me on Facebook and I messaged her while holding my breath. Please be friendly, please be friendly... She replied, we started chatting and today I discovered that we have so many similarities! So excited to meet her and fingers crossed, I'm REALLY hoping that we'll be put into the same class.

So yeah, that's about all for today. I'm about to go drink some chicken soup whilst watching Hell's Kitchen. Yum yum. I'm referring to Brian.