Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Every Night by EXID


I have a tendency to dislike newly debuted Kpop groups, especially since they are sprouting like mushrooms nowadays. Did you know that in 2012 there were like fifteen thousand new groups?! Just kidding. But my estimate can't be that far off, considering the fact that every month there would be a handful of random new K-idols which names that keep getting more and more ridiculous. And most of the time I can't tell if it's a guy group or a girl group. Fiestar? AOA? Vixx? WTF.

Anyways, EXID was one of those groups which I didn't quite care about. But I kept hearing this amazingly catchy song on the radio (For those of you who didn't know, XFM 96.3 is the only radio station in Singapore which plays KPOP, 8 to 10 pm every single day! Do tune in!) and that song was none other than Every Night by EXID.

The Song

It is soooo unbelievably good oh my god I'm not even kidding. I've been listening to it a hundred times a day for like, three months and I still can't get enough. I sing it in the shower, I sing it when I'm doing housework. When I go out for more than three hours, I get this growing urge to belt out the song and once I get into the elevator to go home, I DO. Every time somebody else gets into the lift with me I'm like damn, can't sing already lol.

Besides being an awesome-sounding song that is hella fun to sing to, it also has really fantastic lyrics. Watch the music video with the captions on! It's about a douchey ex-boyfriend who booty calls the girl every night just because he's bored, leaving the girl empty and emotionally tired.

LE's rapping is soooo sick (althought I must admit in the live performances her voice sounds a bit grating...) and I'm really falling in love with her skill. Not many talented rappers in girl groups :\ Most of the time their feeble attempts just make me cringe.

Solji is so beautiful that upon seeing her I immediately dismissed her as probably being talent-less and just the visual of the group (yes, I have a big problem about negatively judging people and things before getting to know them. I'm working on it >.<). Boy, was I wrong coz THAT GIRL CAN SING. I love love love her voice. Hani is really great too but I find her appearance a little hit and miss...Sometimes I think DAYUM GIRL YOU HOT and other times I'm like ohhhh god please get away from me. Also it was kind of a turn-off to see her trying a little bit too hard to be sexy in the dance practice video.

The Dance

The choreography is all pretty simple but it still has impact because of the fluidity and elegance of the dancers. Yes, those are their black bras showing through the white turtleneck sweaters.

The Video

This is where it gets really interesting. I'd love to know who directed this music video because it's kind of phenomenal, yet extremely strange and slightly terrifying at the same time.

First of all, I happen to love all the chemistry lab elements (pun intended) of the video.

Fun and pretty!

Another feature which I really enjoyed, the slow motion cinematography throughout the video.

Slow-mo shattering of test tubes! Fun!!

But the not-so-fun part of the slow motion comes with what might be the most horrific series of scenes I've ever witnessed while watching music videos, ever.

Are you ready for this?


Slow motion hurling of liquids from girls' mouths.

What. The. [BEEP]

Seriously whose idea was this?! You take a wonderfully filmed video where everything is just gorgeous; the dancers, the set, the cinematography, the random but effective science props. And you decide to throw in a bunch of beautifully-dressed women spewing like the Merlion.

Got angmoh some more.

And there sitting right smack in the middle of all this madness is the guy playing the douchey ex-boyfriend. And he gets rained on by those chicks' drinks and saliva.

And he does not. Move. A muscle.


He is literally being sprayed by a tidal wave of gross liquids and he just sits there!!

I cannot. I just...

I can't.

And if y'all thought it couldn't get worse from here, think again. Coz a few seconds later, they decide to do that video rewind thing.



I have never felt so disturbed in my life. You seriously have to watch it yourself, in HD in fact! To truly experience how traumatizing it is to see pretty ladies drink champagne, vomit it out and suck it back into their mouths again.

I think the director has some issues. But real creative, I'll give you that!

Now, I think we can all agree that the images above has induced some unsavoury feelings within us, to say the least. So let us end things off on a pleasant note with some nice screencaps of the girls.

No spewing this time, I promise.

Jung Hwa

Y UR EYELASHES SO LONG ONE. I know they're false eyelashes la but seriously.

I can't believe she was born in '95. I thought she'd at least be in her early 20s.

Hye Rin

No comment because I find her very forgettable . Neither her looks nor her dancing/singing stand out. Sorry :\


QUEEN OF SWAG. She doesn't have that typical pretty girl look but I think she looks awesome here. Oh did you guys listen to You Got Nerve by LE, Junhyung from BEAST/B2ST and some random nugu rapper who goes by the name of Feeldog (wtf right?)? The beat is pretty sick and LE is a total BAMF in the video.


Oh Hani. I love you but I'm also scared of you when you get overzealous with the raunchy dancing. And I find it unfair that her solo shot in the music video was like one second long. How dare you?! Also I did not cut her face off on purpose (that sounds gorey), that's all you get to see in the video when it's on full screen mode :(


Prettiest member of the group yet she didn't even get a solo shot of her stunning face! This is a travesty >:(

Oh well, this screenshot of her awkwardly lying on what seems to be a tanning bed(?) will have to do.

Or just look at her face here:

EXID presents to you a toast! Just make sure to keep it in your mouths, please.


  1. I enjoyed reading your review. I like how you made screen caps and divided your review into sections. I also thought it was weird when the spitting scene happened.

  2. Haha! I was also shocked during that part when they start to spit out the water! Nice and funny review, you should do more kpop posts!:)

  3. Like you, I watched Every Night by EXID almost every night for several months - it became essential viewing. The song has a really cool vibe and the video is just compulsive. But your review had me cracking up - seriously funny.