Thursday, 21 March 2013

Fancy Schmancy

In keeping up with my unhealthy addiction to watching Hell's Kitchen, I decided to use the leftover salted egg yolk prawns that my mum tapao-ed (LOVE) and a pre-packed salad to make something real fancy.


I was a little sad because the salad leaves weren't that fresh even though it was like two days before the best-by date stated on the package. And after I finished eating it, I saw some brown liquid on the plate that was the result of some rotting lettuce! GROSS MAX. But yeah the prawns were delish, as always.

I also confirmed the fact that no matter how hard I try to eat them for their amazing nutritional benefits, I am unable to down a tomato without gagging and wanting to shave my taste buds off with a razor blade just to get rid of the god-awful aftertaste.


In other news, I am so excited to start my new journey in education ahhhhhh~~~!!

*does cartwheel in my mind as I am not gymnastically-talented to perform one for real*

I know I'm probably gonna break down in tears two weeks into the term due to the heavy workload and exhaustion but right now I'm just super stoked :D

Let the games begin!

I do not know why I just said that...

Okay bye.

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  1. How was the salad? I don't like tomato as well. I don't mind it as ketchup or as a spaghetti sauce but I don't like it just as itself. My goal is to eat more vegetables this year so I have to eat tomato if it's served to me. Good luck on your education. From what I can see on your blog, you'll do well in English. You are a good writer.