Saturday, 30 March 2013

...more commonly known as Jcube :P

I went there recently to have lunch at Manhattan Fish Market. It's a real pain in the arse to dine at eateries which specialise in fish dishes when you're allergic to fish. Another example being Fish & Co. Oh, how I yearn to just try one bite of the succulent-looking fish with CHEESE SAUCE to boot!

So anyway, I had to order one of the few non-fish dishes in the menu.

Scallop aglio olio.

I obviously wasn't expecting colossal scallops for the casual dining price but the illustration in the menu depicted large, medallion-like scallops. I HATE BLATANT FALSE ADVERTISING. How dare you deprive me of the huge scallops which you promised?!

At least they gave me plenty of their tiny little baby scallops.

I love pasta but I'm not a big fan of aglio olio :\ I was starving, however, so I slurped down the whole plate! Then breathed fire afterwards because it was reeeally spicy~~ 🔥

Seafood platter thingy that my mum and cousin shared. I nicked some stuff from it :D Okay I sampled everything except for the fish lol. The prawn was pretty good! The chips weren't salted, the rice was just plain rice and the vegetables were simply cooked without any seasoning whatsoever. It sounds like I'm bashing Manhattan Fish Market on purpose but I'm not, it really was the case. I'm not sure if we were unlucky that the chef happened to be lazy and/or in a bad mood the day we visited or if this is the standard of the restaurant.


We went to jalan at Times bookstore and my cousin and I were astonished by the level of difficulty of primary school assessment book questions. Boy, am I glad I don't have to go through all that hell anymore.

So cute!!


Afterwards we decided to eat again lol, this time at Eat At Taipei. I seriously can't understand why it's such a big hit. Every day at meal times the queue gets ridiculously long and for what? Sure, the decoration is unusual and eye-catching but the food is only so-so and the prices are crazily extravagant. We ordered a few plates of side dishes, two drinks and a dessert but the price totalled up to what you could buy two three-coursed meals at a decent restaurant with. Definitely won't be heading back there again.

Yes, I realised that my food reviews are riddled with negativity today. Just so happens that I didn't like the two dining establishments which I'm blogging about today, I haven't suddenly decided to take on a harsh and mean streak :P

My cousins's mocha ice blended and my red bean with milk ice blended. Both were average with way-more-than-average prices.

Oh, can I also add that the service was subpar? At the time we patronised them it was fairly quiet with only a handful of other tables seated with diners yet service was quite slow. And there were two waitresses who gossiped amongst themselves and didn't stop to check if diners needed their attention. My mum literally had to get out of her seat and walk to them for someone to take our order.



Okay this post seems to be quite a damper on my spirits and I'm sure the reader's as well so let me end things off on an exciting note.

This has been the FIRST EVER BLOG POST TO BE WRITTEN AND PUBLISHED ON MY MACBOOK. That's right! I just purchased a brand new 13-inch Macbook Pro! Let me just clarify that I only got it because it is required for my course of study. I wouldn't be caught dead dumping two thousand dollars down the drain for some fancy schmancy notebook that has the Apple logo stamped on it. Yes, I'm pretty anti-Apple. I detest iProducts and people who unneccessarily praise their Apple gadgets to the high heavens. With that being said, I'm going to try my best to get accustomed to my new baby because as much as I try to protest against it, I will be using it extensively for school. And let's not forget that I forked out like five months worth of savings as well as ALL my Chinese New Year ang pow money for it. *grumble grumble*

I named my Macbook Maggie :D

Yes, I name all my gadgets don't judge me!! Strangely all of them have been female so far...

My phone is called Vuvuzela because it's an LG Optimus Vu. Hehehehe yeah I know I got no life just let me be happy with my high-tech companions!!

*hugs gadgets while gently weeping*

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  1. I understand being disappointed when the dish does not look like the picture in the menu. That reminds me of the time one of my friends ordered steak and prawns. On the menu, the prawns are nice and big but when it was served the prawns were so small, you could fit all of them into one mouthful.

    It's a pity that you are allergic to fish but I'm glad that you enjoy other seafood.

    I'm glad that you are making the most out of your new MacBook, I'm sure that you'll be able to find some interesting features and programs on it.