Friday, 8 March 2013


Hi guys.

Once again I've been really lazy about posting and that makes me sad :(

Lately I keep getting the urge to blog but I seldom get on the computer and once I do, I have to clear all the Tumblr goodies I've missed out on. On top of that I keep getting sidetracked by things like new videos and some annoyingly addictive game that I've just discovered. The result? Three hours have passed, I haven't blogged yet and I need to get my bum off the computer or it'll get kicked by my mum.

So yeah, this is just me popping by pushing the previous post down because every time I remember that my last post was 11 days ago, it upsets me.

I wish I had more time to blog :(

I have so many things to blog about that I'm starting to lose track of them! Ugh!!

Okay updates on my life:

★I've been watching and LOVING Hell's Kitchen. Just finished season 9 and I'm now onto season 10 (I watched season 8 like two years ago, Jillian is adorable and I find Vinny really attractive lol don't judge me). It's been like what, three days? And I've already blazed halfway into the season. Why can't I pace myself and slowly watch the episodes like a normal person?! I'm super glad that the season has 20 eps instead of the usual 16 or so. Oh btw can I just say that BRIAN IS FINE AS HELL. Like seriously he looks soooo damn good but he has that boyish charm and he's just so cute and endearing like a lil puppy. I would expect someone as hot as Brian to be a complete douche but nope, he is just so sweet and adorable and UGH. Please stay on the show for as long as possible because if Brian gets eliminated, there goes my eye candy. And I sure as hell ain't gonna turn to Gordon Ramsay for my Hottie Fix. Sorry, Chef.

★I've yet to start school but I'm so incredibly thankful that I managed to meet a girl who is in the same course as me and can I just say, SHE IS DA BOMB. In the beginning I was just hoping to get to know one person who is friendly so I wouldn't be that shy and awkward girl hanging around alone on the first day of school. But praise the heavens, this girl added me on Facebook and I messaged her while holding my breath. Please be friendly, please be friendly... She replied, we started chatting and today I discovered that we have so many similarities! So excited to meet her and fingers crossed, I'm REALLY hoping that we'll be put into the same class.

So yeah, that's about all for today. I'm about to go drink some chicken soup whilst watching Hell's Kitchen. Yum yum. I'm referring to Brian.

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