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Food and Crazy Dreams

PERTH 2012: DAY 4
19th December 2012, Wednesday

There's only going to be food pics for this particular blog entry and I am so very hungry right now... >.<

Started the day off by spending an hour at Woolies. Not even kidding. But on the bright side, we bought some stuff that were neato burrito! 10 points for people who get that reference ;)

Afterwards we headed to Garden City, HOORAY!!

We walked past this shop that sells bags and accessories and they were having MEGA SALES which caused my mum, my sister and I to spring into a frenzy (isn't frenzy a fun word to say? frenzy. frenzy. FRENZY FRENZY FRENZYYYY!! okay moving on). We took our time to pick out the items that we each wanted while my dad was like -_- and had to wait outside hahaha.

I got some hairbands and necklaces that I bought for someone dear to me but I've yet to give it her! Slowbro alert...My mum also bought me this gorgeous black clutch bag with studs which I'm excited about carrying but it's definitely gonna be troublesome to have to grab it in my hand all day.

After our mini spree, Mum had to do some grocery shopping but my sister and I were starting to get hungry so we went and got a little snack...


Whoop dee doo, I freaking love me some donuts. Just the smell of those delicious deep-fried doughy darlings is enough to make me go nuts and completely forget about what the word 'diet' means.

My Irish Creme donut. My sister got Cookie Glaze. Hooray for unconventional donut flavours!

The guy who served us at the donut shop was an uber attractive Asian fellow. Satisfied my sweet tooth AND got some eye candy! Thumbs up~

That night we had dinner at quite possible my all-time favourite eatery in Australia, a Chinese restaurant which serves amazing food. For readers who've stuck around since last year, you may recognise some of the dishes which also appeared in this post about my 2011 vacation in Perth.

Deliciouso sambal kang kong. Yummy yum yum *smacks lips*

Salt and pepper squid! I think they changed cooks or something because this dish turned out completely different and nowhere as good as the former version.

Y'all know that I'm nuts about salted egg yolk prawns, this is salted egg yolk eggplant! I love eggplant!! They were crunchy on the outside and the eggplant melted in my mouth but I felt that the salted egg yolk could've been more flavourful.

Sweet and sour pork. Personally I don't like sweet and sour things so this was pretty meh for me. I did appreciate that the pork bites were crunchily fried before being doused by the sauce though!


I always order this every time I go to the restaurant, without fail. And I always lap it up with glee. It is seriously SO delicious.


Okay so I'm referring to the journal which I kept during the time I was vacationing in Perth and apparently the night of 19th December 2012 was when I had a pretty interesting dream, to say the least.

Basically I tend to get dreams about people I may not know in real life and once I dream about them, I wake up with really strong feelings towards that particular person. There was this one time last year I dreamt of Robin from How I Met Your Mother aka Cobie Smulders. In the dream she was a teacher of some sort and her teenage daughter came to the school in the middle of class and said in front of all the students what a failed mother she was. Robin was clearly devastated and I went up to her and tried to comfort her by gently stroking her arm. Yes, I know. Major wtf right? But it created such strong emotions in me that when I woke up, I felt like I needed to track Robin down and freaking marry that beautiful woman!!

So yeah, now you see how crazy I get with regards to dreams.

The dream I had in Perth was this: I was in my secondary school choir room and who should be instructing the choir and assisting me with a lot of care in particular but AILEE. That's right, freakin AMY LEE YE JIN better known as AILEE, k-pop singer of hits such as 'Heaven' and 'I'll Show You'. The dream consisted largely of her being really sweet to me. Suddenly, a man barged into the room and declared his love for Miss Ailee, saying how he can't act like what they did in the school (I'm presuming it was something naughty) was just a one-time fling. Guess who the dude was. Go on, guess.

BARNEY. STINSON. From How I Met Your Mother.

Yeeeeeah something tells me I need to dial back on watching old HIMYM episodes over and over again...

So I woke up thinking 'woah that dream was so vivid' and feeling like Ailee is my soul mate. Haha it's funny, I don't seem to get these sort of dreams where the main character is a male!

Anyway, I hopped online and watched the music video for I'll Show You for the first time and I totally fell in love. With the crazily catchy song's awesome empowering lyrics about a girl becoming better after a breakup and making the douche who dumped her regret it, the funny bits of the video and of course, Ailee's undeniable charisma. She is so gorgeous, talented and seriously just plain captivating.

I listened to I'll Show You probably 50 times during the month of December, still loving it now.

I actually chose to write about Ailee for a magazine article I did for the purpose of a school admission interview. Guess what? I got in!

Haha alright the fact that my article was about Ailee probably wasn't the factor that determined my successful admission but writing about her made a difference because I wrote with passion and genuine interest :)

Riiiiight...I'm starting to sound like a psycho stalker for Ailee. So I'm gonna stop now haha. SHE IS SO PRETTY AHHHHH.

Okay bye :)

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