Thursday, 14 March 2013

Hediard Cafe

Oh my cheese bagels I can't believe I'm actually gonna blog about events that transpired TODAY. That's right, on the same day! Usually I struggle to even blog within the same year that things happen!

I'm starting to notice that the days where I feel happiest are the days when I feel exhausted. It's because I'm tired from living life, in comparison to just sitting at home pwning playing Word With Friends on my comically large phone.

And today I feel very weary but also extremely gratified :)

Okay moving on, I'm gonna attempt to speedily edit and upload the photos I took today, a chore that usually takes me around two to two hundred days (I kid you not).

Omg I'm back and that took me like five minutes! It's amazing how fast you can get things done when your mind is focused on that single task alone hahaha. Normally I edit photos whilst listening to music, watching videos, scrolling through Tumblr, painting my toenails and planning to sneak into my secondary school to eat some delicious $1.50 菜饭.


Today I had lunch with my Godma :)

She took me to this quaint little cafe tucked obscurely along this stretch of stalls near Tanglin Road. It's called Hediard Cafe and they serve French cuisine. They also have a beautiful shop selling lots of quality goodies like chocolate, wines, spices and a huge range of jams and marmalades. It was really an eye-opening experience for a sua gu like me who has never been to an eatery that was so atas.

I almost peed myself when I tried to read the menu. Most of it was in French and I had to ask the friendly waitress about the dishes one by one. "What's this like? Oh okay what about this one? Ooooh alright ummmm how about this?" So paiseh omg.

The decor of the cafe was largely red so yippee for me!

There was a group of Japanese women who went in the same time as us. Gosh I love Japanese expats lol more often than not they are an adorable and friendly bunch. At my old retail job, every time I served a Japanese lady I would feel so warm and fuzzy because of how courteous they were ❤

I ordered a Savoury-Sweet lunch set which contains a choice of salad, soup or sandwich, a dessert and a drink all for 25 bucks. You can choose between a soft drink (boring), a coffee blend (seemed lovely but my weakass stomach can't handle coffee so I had to give it a pass), wine (NO DRINKS FOR ME THANKS. BULLSHIT BULLSHIT BULLSHIT #blessyourheartifyouknowthisreference) and a tea blend, which was what I chose :)

My main course of a fancy grilled cheese sandwich. If I remember correctly, it is called Croque-Ferdinand. Don't smack me with a baguette if I'm wrong. Gruyere cheese and parma ham. The bread toasted til a crunchy crisped edge is achieved. Cheese delightfully melted with just enough burnt bits to have a nice smokey flavour all around. It was so flavourful and decadent, perfect for a cheese lover like myself. It does tend to get too salty after a few mouthfuls so it's great that there's a salad to go with it.

Yummy yummy yum yum.

Don't be fooled, this ain't no ordinary creme brulee topped off with a pair of blueberry titties. It's thyme creme brulee. Yeah, that's right. THYME.

There was actually quite a big range of desserts in the set meal menu to choose from but the rest were like chocolate cake and I hate cakes and there were two or three which I had no idea what they were but I was too embarrassed to ask the waitress because I'd already asked her like five questions about the dishes and there is a certain limit of questions you get to ask after which you will look like a babbling idiot who doesn't know shit.

So yeah I chose this creme brulee which sounded delicious to me but the word 'thyme' was staring at me like meheheheheh I'm gonna add a weird flavour to your sweet treat and sure enough, IT DID.


The first two bites were awful, my tongue and my mind got all confused like woah wtf is going on it's tasty and it's strange at the same time. But gradually the thyme flavour got less significant and coupled with my tea, it wasn't that bad. If you like weird flavour fusions, definitely give this a try.

Oh and this reminds me, if you ever go to Ben & Jerry's trying to decide on what flavour ice cream to get and you're feeling adventurous like I did and think to yourself 'hmmm you know what, I'm gonna get the spiced chocolate', DON'T.

My tea blend. It comes with petit treats omg squeeee~!!

The cuboid is some super tart jelly candy sort of thing, I have no idea what it is exactly because I've never tried anything similar and I can't even tell what flavours it contains because unlike Justin from Hell's Kitchen 10, I do not have a ~*fabulous*~ palate. What I do know is that it was sprinkled with a coating of cinnamon sugar which made it smell amazing. I couldn't stop sniffing it like a maniac.

The mini madeleine looked promising, so much so that I left it til last to savour. But guess what, shit was burnt and crunchy as hell. So that was disappointing.

OH MY LORDY I just remembered that the coffee blend that my Godma ordered came with a little piece of famous Hediard chocolate which she gave to me and I put it in my bag to bring home and savour but I forgot to take it out and it has been in my bag for the past ten hours and I'm seriously hoping that it hasn't melted gaaaah why am I such a goondu lemme go check real quick fingers crossed guys wish me luck!!!!!!

Update: Phew, it hasn't melted! Still solid and in one piece, just a little bent out of shape because I was stuffing my bag til it almost exploded :P

Alright guys, gonna go beddy-bye now.

Perth post up soon, I promise!


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  1. I would love these foos posts if I was still in SG, but now I'm just feeling T.T that I can't eat these things....
    Anyway, I'm sorry I have been a lazy blog reader (and writer) for so long again!