Thursday, 18 April 2013

Big Days

Hello friends!

I'm actually posting on a school night, WOW! It's because I only had one class today which ended at 3 PM so I rushed back home, showered and had a wonderful nap. What's even better? My first class tomorrow starts at one in the afternoon! Yippee~!!

Since I'm not in tired zombie mode, I thought I'd write a little update on how school life has been so far :)

You are NOT going to believe how my first day of school started off. It's just so disastrous and dramatic that up til now, I actually still can't fully accept that it really happened.

Well picture this: On Sunday night, I was all prepared and excited for school. I had packed everything in my awesome school bag (it's a gorgeous pink floral Billabong limited edition backpack so I love it very much, please pardon my bragging), picked out what outfit I wanted to wear along with the accessories to go with it, familiarised myself with the timings and venues of all my classes the next day. The day ended with me going to bed with a heart brimming with happiness and excitement.

My first class on Monday was at 10 AM so I set the alarm on my phone to go off at 8.30, plenty of time to eat some brekkie before getting ready at a nice, leisurely pace!

I woke up at one point when it was still dark and did a quick time-check on my phone, 6.50 AM. Alright, I still have almost two hours to snooze in my über comfortable bed! So I happily turned around and drifted right back to dreamland.

Fast forward through time...

A while later, I was awakened naturally and saw that my room was now filled with sunlight. I stretched my well-rested body and a satisfied smile flashed across my face. But I was wondering why it felt like I'd been sleeping for a really long time, why hadn't my 8.30 AM alarm gone off? I didn't have much time to ponder about this because I turned my head to look at the clock on my bedroom wall and saw that the time was 10.05.

In a split second, my heart starting beating furiously at my chest and my mind was in a whirl. I frantically searched for my phone lying somewhere next to my pillow, all the while repeating in my head, "please don't be ten, please don't be ten, please don't be ten..." I pressed the button on my phone and the screen lit up. Sure enough, it was 10.05.

I groaned in a defeated manner, why did this happen?! On the first day of my school journey, for the first lesson ever? Seriously?! It just seemed too unfair.

I don't know what happened. I'm not sure if the alarm didn't go off as a result of my phone deciding it was a good time to start getting faulty or it could be because I was in such a deep sleep that when the alarm rang, I just switched it off and continued sleeping. All I knew was, I was deeply angered at how such an important day was getting off to a crumbling start despite me having done all that I could for it to go smoothly.

The school attendance system states that students who turn up to classes more than 15 minutes late will automatically be marked absent. Which basically meant that I would be put down as absent for my first class ever, since there's no way in hell I would have been able to magically teleport to school in less than ten minutes.

And that upset me so much that I was actually wailing while getting ready.

Yeah now that I think about it it's actually pretty hilarious lol. In a pathetic kind of way.

But yeah, I was filled with a horrible cocktail of emotions. Anger, frustration, disappointment and anxiety. I kept wondering why the Universe decided to mock me by throwing me into this predicament. And on a day which was supposed to go so splendidly! I also became a nervous wreck after thinking about the inevitable doom I will face when I waltz in to the classroom an hour late on the first day of school. I was sure that the lecturer would rip me apart, chastising me for not being punctual and being put down as absent for my first class of hers. And the thought of having to walk into a room full of your peers who are all amused by how ridiculously late you are...I'm sure people who have been in similar situations know how humiliating it is.

So I ran around the house like a headless chicken. Performing my morning ablutions, throwing on clothes and generally getting ready full-speed in an attempt to get myself to school as fast as possible. All the while, emitting a noise reminiscent of a dying whale. I can't believe I was actually crying lol. No tears came out but I was a blubbering mess.

*At this point my laptop decides to crash, which it has been doing quite a lot lately. THANK YOU Blogger for your autosave function!! If I had to type out all the above words all over again I'd probably smash the wall next to me with my bare fist. Just kidding that would hurt.*

I got to school at around 11 AM and I had to navigate myself through a completely new environment to get to the classroom. It felt incredibly stressful and I got more and more anxious as each minute went by.

I finally found the room I was supposed to have arrived in more than an hour ago. I went in, apologised to the lecturer and stated my reason for being late. Turns out it wasn't such a big deal after all. In fact, compared to the worst case scenario I had anticipated in my head, it was nothing at all. The lecturer just nodded and I took a seat. Nobody in my class actually gave a rat's ass so. That's good lol.

Of course, I still had to be marked absent. I remained pretty upset about that at first because I was striving for a perfect attendance record and it just sucked that my education journey start off on such a sour note. Luckily I was able to gradually get over it as the day progressed.

And guess what? I actually enjoyed the day much more as compared to the previous week where I was on time every single day. Despite coming off to a truly terrible start, I had a great time getting to know my classmates more and making new friends. So yay to that :)

The day got even better when my mum said she'd bring me for ramen after school. I'm on a very tight student budget right now so free food is always welcome! Even better if it's extra delicious food!

Shoyu chasu ramen from Ajisen Ramen.

I'm glad I tried this out because Ajisen's regular ramens have reeeally salty soup stocks. The shoyu version (meaning it has a soya sauce-infused soup stock) is perhaps just as salty but way more flavourful and aromatic. They were pretty generous with the chasu, considering how the pieces are pretty big. I love lean meats!! Yummeh~~~

My nails that I had painted with the set of polishes I talked about in my previous post. They turned out to be more of a honeydew colour, significantly lighter than the mint green shade that is seen when it's in the bottle. I still love it anyway :) So melon-y and sweet~!

Gosh I'm so tired now even though I took a nap to recharge earlier in the evening. I'm glad I managed to hammer out this post though. I've been meaning to write it since Monday, which was the day on which these events occurred, but I keep procrastinating since it's pretty wordy and also because I'm just so tired all the time haha. Yay for being productive!

I'll be watching the new episode of How I Met Your Mother in bed (SO STOKED THAT THERE'S FINALLY A NEW EP, IT'S GONNA BE HILARIOUS OMG SPAZZZZZ) before conking out til 10 AM tomorrow. So thankful that classes start in the afternoon :D

Gonna end off this post with a photo I took of the seating at Ajisen:

The cushions have cellulite lol.

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  1. Well I am glad that you had a happy day after the bad start. When I first went to uni, I got lost at some point and I was late. Going to a new school can be an overwhelming experience but try not to beat yourself up over it.