Saturday, 6 April 2013

Birthday Bash

Hello my pretty little sugar puffs ;D

I can't believe that this is officially the last weekend before the start of my new school journey. All subsequent weekends will be spent trying to burrow my way out of the mountains of work that I get assigned and desperately catching up on precious hours of sleep.

I'm definitely feeling more excited than I am anxious or even bitter that this long holiday is coming to a close. It honestly gets a tad boring after a certain period of not doing ANYTHING. I'm really looking forward to meeting new people, having new experiences and learning new things :)


It was my dear grandfather's birthday a while back (well actually it was almost a month ago so this post is quite belated xD) and my family went to celebrate it at one of our favourite restaurants. We go there pretty often actually. What can I say? The food there be amazin'~~

For starters...

Hello, my friends~ If it isn't my favourite salted egg yolk prawns! Which I rave about on my blog way too often for it to be ignored. Yummy yummy yummy!!

We ordered lots and lots of dishes that day (at one point the waitress actually asked in disbelief if we were sure that we could finish it all lol) but I didn't take photos because all of us were famished and if I were to make everyone wait for me to snap a few pictures before they could tuck in I'd probably get hit on the head by multiple pairs of chopsticks :P

Not really an aesthetically pleasing shot but it's a very special dish and also our first time ordering it at this restaurant! Peking duck wrap, which I adore. The sauce is ridiculously tantalizing and have I ever mentioned how much I love duck?! Whether it's the flavourful meat or the delicious crackling skin, I love it so much. Vegans are losing their minds now. Sorry ducks, you're all super cute but also insanely delicious! Sorry!! :\

Of course, the all-important birthday cake :)

Black forest. I'm not a fan of cakes unless they're of the cheese variety or just extraordinarily tasty. For example, I couldn't care less for chocolate cake but my mum got one from Awfully Chocolate for her birthday and I practically ate a third of the whole cake.

There were like three to five other tables at the restaurant who were also celebrating a birthday. Throughout our meal, we had to sit through several renditions of the ever familiar "Happy Birthday" song, some sang at an unnecessarily high volume. It ticked me off a little bit. How dare you have the same birthday as my beloved grandpa?! Silly I know, but still. I'm selfish like that :P

After a seriously satisfying meal, we tottered down with our full bellies and made our way to Changi Airport. Late-night visits to the airport have become very regular now and I love it. It'll probably be a while before I can experience that again, thanks to my new school schedule :(

Free birthday firehouse from Swensen's :D
For those of you who don't know, you are entitled to a complimentary firehouse sundae on your birthday as long as you show them your identification card. Awesome, right?


I'm excited for tomorrow, we're going out to a new found favourite restaurant of mine. They serve AMAZING Japanese food.

Ta ta for now~! ^_^

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  1. I love going to restaurants with my family too. Especially if we're eating banquet style and sharing all the dishes.

    May I ask how old your grandpa is?

    I look forward to your Japanese food review.