Sunday, 28 April 2013

Fly Me To The Moon

Week 2 of school has come and gone. Assignments are slowly but surely being doled out. I would love to be blogging during the small window of free time I have not spent on recharging my batteries, but Tumblr always seems to commandeer my sole attention the moment I go online.

Nevertheless, here I am now. Weekends, I love you. *hugs*


Last Saturday I decided to join my family as they went on yet another late-night trip to Changi Airport (this has almost become a weekly affair, we go there so often just to lepak it's a bit ridiculous). We went fairly early which means I got to go shopping~! Yay!!

My mum and I spent nearly an hour picking out clothes at SPell (a fashion store which is actually helmed by the Business students from my school, how cool is that?!) much to the dismay of my bored and hungry father :P They were having a sale (YAY) so I got a handful of pretty neat stuff at great prices! Hooray for new stuff to wear at school~!! *confetti*

The shopping made us a little peckish so my mum went to get cakes and cupcakes at this cute new bakery called The Butter Studio! (I forgot the exact name and almost typed The Butter Factory which, for your information, is a dance club hahaha silly me)

I was supposed to be on a diet (I've been saying this same sentence for the past three weeks and upon completion of reciting this phrase, I'd shove a boatload of unhealthy food down my throat. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!) but their cupcakes were so delish that I just couldn't resist them! Just one bite will have you hooked!!

These were SO good you have no idea!! Definitely my favourite out of the bunch. I ❤ salted caramel!!

Sickeningly adorable design. I'm sure little kids and cutesy girls would love this :)

Sooooo cuteeeeee~!!

There was one glorious Red Velvet cupcake left but unfortunately it got swept up by the customer before me. CURSES!! I'll get you next time, oh delectable Red Velvet goodness~

Afterwards we went to Aston's (they close at midnight, hence being our regular late supper choice) and I ordered a big plate of fats.

LOOK AT IT. It's all deep-fried, carb and fat-loaded goodness. So bad, yet so good. Sigh.


Well I'm off to go contemplate my diet choices and continue putting off exercise like I've been doing for the past month or so. Pretty soon I won't even be able to fit into my pants anymore :(

*gently weeps into a bag of Doritos*


  1. That's interesting that you can hang out at the airport. I heard that Singapore airports are the best in the world. Are those calamari rings or onion rings?

  2. i believe they are onion rings. just saying.