Sunday, 14 April 2013

Oh So Frivolous

My mum bought these sets of nail polishes during our Perth vacation last year. They're just so pretty that I couldn't bear to even take them out of their beautiful packaging!

Oh by the way Chi Chi is an Australian cosmetic brand and it's also my affectionate name hahaha. Because Chi is the second part of my Chinese name :) It's pretty awesome to see my name (kinda) printed all over the nail polishes rofl.

I love the pastel colours so much!! I'm not a big fan of neon but I suppose the bright shades would be good for days when I'm feeling extra vibrant, hehe :P


Rainbow paisley, WHY SO NAISE?!

Sorry, pretty things make me lose my mind a little bit.

Hello, my pretties. I've been saving you for a special occasion ^_^

My favourite one is a tie between the rose and the mint green, both third from the left on the top and bottom row respectively. WHY ARE THEY SO PRETTY ERMAHGERD.

But I guess I'll be decking my nails out in the green first, in celebration of the official start of school. So excited!!

My family went on yet another late-night trip to Changi Airport last night and I had to give it a miss because I was so plum tuckered out from Orientation Week. The first two days in particular threw me into a coma every night. Anyways, my mum picked up this month's issue of DOLLY and the freebie was a makeup basics kit!


I don't care much for the cover girl (don't follow Brit musicians or any angmoh musicians, for that matter) but the magazine itself is gonna be an enjoyable read! I miss Aussie mags :( Ever since Seventeen Singapore ended their run (WHY?! I need answers!!), I've lost my go-to monthly magazine.

Okay that ends this short and rather pointless post of me basically squealing in excitement over nail polishes, teen mags and free makeup. You know, just girl stuff.

Looking forward to the first week of school! My timetable is actually pretty fantastic, apart from Tuesdays which require me to get up at like, six in the morning and attend lectures and tutorials all the way til 5 PM. But other than that, I'm really happy with my class schedule! I guess it helps that I wrote it down in my beloved cupcakes and donuts notebook which I mentioned getting in my previous post hehe~

Alright, see you guys in a bit!


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  1. Those nail polish colors are so cute girly and pretty! Very nice :) Looks like O.P.I's colors too.