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PERTH 2012: DAY 5
20th December 2012, Thursday

Reason why I've procrastinated longer than usual to write this particular post...It's not very interesting >.<

Now, now! Before you yawn and close the window on which my blog is open, the day wasn't especially eventful to me. No food pics at all (bummer for me) and Day Five of my vacation in Perth last year was actually so mundane that I wrote down absolutely nothing about it in my travel journal! Or maybe I was just being my usual scatterbrain self and forgot to jot down the happenings of that day altogether...Regardless of that, it'd be impossible for me to try to recall the things that went down almost five months ago. So let us proceed!

You may be noticing a pattern in the photos that are going to be in this post. All of them will be pictures of nature. Plants, flowers, that sort of thing. If you love seeing things like that, you're in for a treat today! ;)

(At this point I'm not sure if I'm typing with a tone of sarcasm or not... Just go with it.)


During my holiday Down Under, I spent a great deal of my time playing Tetris Battle on Facebook. I know, time well spent right? I actually played so much of it that one night I was having trouble falling asleep and every time I closed my eyes, I'd see Tetris blocks descending from the top of this black vast. I would open my eyes and be like, WTF. Then shut them again just to see the same thing, endlessly til I finally grew weary enough to fall into a deep slumber. It was so surreal and from that day forth, I knew I could never play Tetris that excessively again. You know what, all this talk of Tetris has made me realize that I miss it. A lot. Brb!

Okay I played one round of Tetris Battle and got beaten so now I'm over it. MOVING ON.

What I was trying to say with all this storytelling of Tetris is that I spent so much time sitting my fat ass on the chair using the computer in the crazy summer heat instead of actually doing something even minutely productive. So on the fifth day of the trip, I decided to get up and go to my grandparents' huge backyard and just soak up the beautiful sunshine. Look at all the pretty plants and you know, get in touch with nature. All that stuff!

But before that, I decided to quench my thirst with this treat I found at Woolies the day before:

All natural coconut water :D

It's apparently renowned for having great health and beauty benefits. It seems to be rather trendy among rich and fabulous celebrities so I thought I'd give it a shot and see if I too, could become fabulous.

It tasted slightly salty and not very pleasant...but it did do a good job of quenching my thirst, I'll give you that!

On to the garden we go~!

Pretty flower!

Nice bonsai!

Nice bonsai #2!

More...nice...bonsais ._.

Lovely flowers!

Interesting plant that has lethal prickles all over it but also some gorgeous fuchsia flowers! Nature's way of demonstrating that something can be both beautiful yet destructive at the same time. (I'm totally bullshitting. Just go along with it, okay?)

One of my grandparents' three pretty little parrots! I completely forgot all their names omg. How embarrassing >.<

My nanna was trying to feed the parrots from outside the cage so I could get a nice clear shot of them but they were being terribly naughty! One in particular kept screeching at a deafening volume and swooping from one end of the cage to the other, as if it was taunting my inability to capture a  decent photo of them.

The one shown above was noticeably more calm and definitely much quieter than Mr Pompous Pants (parrots obviously do not wear pants but you get my point) so I snapped some nice pictures of her!

Hehe so quite!! And their colours are gorgeous~

Home grown grapes! How cute!!

The tiny ones are soooo adorable eeeee~!!!!!!

Home grown lime bushes :D

I've always wanted to plant my own fruits. As a kid living in a HDB flat in Singapore, I used to bury watermelon and apple seeds in my grandparents' (the ones living here, not in Aussie) potted plants. Of course they never did grow :( But imagine if one day my grandma were to go out to water her various plants and she sees a big ol' watermelon sitting in the flowerpot, squashing her plants lol. That'd be hilarious xD


Amazingly old tree in the center of the backyard.

Long furry cactus...things.

Furry and phallic.


Well that concludes my nature-y post! Hope it didn't bore you too much. I will be back soon with more posts! And the next installment of the Perth 2012 series will have food pics, I promise. Yum yum~~

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