Sunday, 26 May 2013

Yippee Dee Skip

100TH POST!! :D

Wow, can't believe I've officially published a hundred posts on this blog, most of which are terribly mundane. Nevertheless, I've had fun and thank you for being my reader, whether you've stuck with me since the very beginning or you've just discovered Pudding Fancy (I cringe every time I say it haha). Love ya xx

So, on to today's post!


So yesterday was probably the most stressful time I've had this year so far. I stayed up til the wee hours of morning desperately trying to complete this stupid essay for my Intro To Business module. And my course of study isn't even business-oriented! Grrrr.

Well anyway I'm delighted to say that I've completed it and it feels so great to just have the cleared and out of the way! It's been such a burden just to know that the assignment is has bogged me down for weeks!

I've been so preoccupied with thinking about all these big assignments that lately I haven't been paying much attention to my happiness and well-being. I stopped exercising, started binging on crappy junk food because I was so stressed and generally just stopped taking care of myself.

Well no more of that now! It's time to remind myself of all the great things in life again!

And even more good news...


Wow I couldn't ask for a more fantastic close to the first school term :)

It's gonna be really really awesome!!

I'm gonna miss my friends soooo much though...Okay mostly Summer haha because I chose to be a loner and stick to her like a parasite, rejecting social interaction from other human beings.

I am too attached to her I swear I get jittery during weekends because I haven't seen her face for too many hours...

But don't be sad if you're my friend and you're not Summer I love you too teehee!

Here are some random pics I took and edited in class and actually meant to blog during Intro To Biz but I was too tired lol so I proceeded to sleep with my eyes open. Yep I really hate ITB.

It was Tuesday which meant the one dreadful day of the week my class has ITB lessons. THREE. FREAKING. HOURS.

I needed a pick-me-up, badly. And I was craving for ice cream that day but the only ice cream they sell at the nearest food court was...

Fried ice cream.

That's right. Never mind that I was totally going off my 'healthy eating diet' by indulging in creamy, sugar-laden confections. Let's throw that into a vat of hot grease and deep fry it! Possible heart failure may follow. (Although that wouldn't be so much of a bad thing if it meant getting to skip ITB tutorial...)

But all jokes aside, it tasted sinfully good. The deep-fried batter had a taste reminiscent of donuts and y'all know how much I LOVE donuts.

Yummy :)

It didn't last long coz I pretty much had to gulp it down before it turned into a slobbery mess dripping all over my desk. And after this guilt-inducing snack I had to endure a solid three hours of ITB hell ugh fml.

Well yeah, that's it for now. Cya guys soon :)

Sunday, 19 May 2013

5000 years later

Oh my god, words cannot express how ashamed I am that I have not updated my blog for three weeks straight. Assignments have really started to pile up and while the workload is thankfully still manageable, I really don't have the motivation nor energy to blog during the little free time I have.

I also joined an after school club of sorts (more on that next time) which steals away even more of my time and energy. I'm gonna try my darndest to set aside time for blogging because honestly, I miss it. A lot :(

The great news is, most of my big assignments are due next week so after that, I'd have more time to blog! Yay!!

And one awesome announcement: I'M GOING TO PERTH DURING THE JUNE HOLS!!


The awkward moment when I've only posted five out of the 17 Perth 2012 posts lmao FAIL.

Well that's it for now, I'm gonna go procrastinate some more by watching danisnotonfire vids and rushing out my Intro To Business essay in the dead of night.

Here's a blog post that I drafted ages ago (before the school work set in...sigh) and somehow totally forgot about. Enjoy!


Look what I spotted at OG...

STOP WITH THIS MADNESS!! Parents, DO NOT buy this for your children to play with!! WHY WOULD YOU EVEN MAKE SUCH A TOY!!!!!!!

My gorgeous infinity ring. This photo doesn't do it justice!! It's super sparkly irl. I've been looking for a nice infinity ring for a long time now, mostly because I'm a fangirl for INFINITE hahaha (Sung Gyu ❤) and this one only cost $3! YAY FOR ME LOL.

Satay!! *drool*

I freaking love prawn crackers. I'd eat like three bucketfuls of them at one go and don't you try and stop me.


Uber delicious cereal soft shell crab which also starred in this post. Has a nice spicy kick to it :D


Okay moving on to desserts...

We headed over to Swensen's to try out their special ice-cream Flavour of the Month! Which was called Aquanova and coloured blue-green. Don't even try to convince me that an ice-cream like that doesn't pique your interest!

We ordered that as well as a scoop of Chocolate Peanut Butter for a waffle thingy which I think is called a Golden Gate Bridge.

Not worth my usual raving (SO YUMMY OMG WHYYYY) but not horrendous either.

The Aquanova ice-cream had a mildly pleasant taste to it that I just can't put my finger on. Like seriously, I couldn't identify the flavours even if my life depended on it! But still it was fun to experiment with new, wacky ice-cream flavours :)

Aaaaaand now I'm craving ice-cream and waffles.