Sunday, 23 June 2013

Celebrate Good Times, Come On!

FINALLY wrapped up on my big Visual Communication project! After all these weeks of hard work, stress, frustration and MORE STRESS, I'm finally done with it! DONE, DONE, DONE TO THE DONEST LEVEL. Hooray!!

Ordered Pizza Hut to celebrate :D

And did I mention that I slept til 7 PM so technically this was my breakfast...

Hawaiian Cheesy Bites Trio! My mum said she missed this so much while we were in Australia lol.

Okie dokie artichokie, I guess I'm gonna head to bed now.

Can't believe it's the last weekend before school starts again. This term break just went by in the blink of an eye! Probably because the first two weeks were spent in vacation paradise. Ahhh, how I miss Perth. I'm glad I still have the memories to keep me smiling. I was feeling really moody the past few days (curse you, hormones!) but I felt better after looking at some of the things I bought Down Under and just replaying the memories in my head. I'm still in holiday mode now, I'm so not ready for school!

Is it bad that I wanted the PSI to remain at an extremely unhealthy level because I wanted school to be cancelled lol.

A girl can dream!

Friday, 21 June 2013

Stars @ Star Vista

I'm pretty much done with all my school assignments (so much for having an emotional breakdown for the past two weeks because I was worried I'd never finish them) and the haze has rendered it extremely hazardous to venture outdoors (hello, PSI of 401!) so I'm gonna blog about something that happened a reeeally long time ago and I never got the time to write about.

That time I met Desmond Tan 陈泂江 and Jeffrey Xu 徐鸣杰 :D

To summarise, a few Mediacorp artistes were touring around Singapore in the Joy Truck which collects old books for the needy. One of the artistes was Pornsak, who my friend Vanessa is a BIG fan of. So she rushed down to school early to try to catch him while they were there for one of their stops but she missed him by just a few minutes! So after our first class of the day, we had a two hour lunch break and we decided to travel to Star Vista where the Joy Truck was stationed at during that time and afterwards we could grab some food there because, you know. Yolo, right? (ironic use)

I didn't care much about it but my friends were reeeally thrilled about it lol.

Unfortunately for Van, Pornsak had gone to a different location so she didn't get to see him. But she had to donate her old books anyway and afterwards we took photos with Desmond and Jeffrey!

L-R: Jeffrey Xu, Yours Truly, Desmond Tan, Nerissa, Rachael, Vanessa

As you can see, I was the chosen one who was sandwiched in between two hunks rofl. And my friends are all standing at one side coz the be peasants. JUST KIDDING trolololol love ya guys <3

Desmond commented on my monster phone lol he said, "Your phone is so big!". Basically remarked by everyone who sees my phone and its ridiculous size xD

Afterwards we each requested for photos with them, which they politely obliged. I was standing quietly just watching my friends when Vanessa urged to get pics taken with them too but I told her I was too shy. Yup, I'm fully aware that I'm a wimpy piece of shit. Good thing Vanessa persuaded me by saying, and I quote, "GO OR YOU WILL REGRET!!" and I knew she was right so yay, I did!

Blocked out my face coz my expression was that of an overexcited five-year-old. NIPPLE ALERT! Desmond ah, not me. Hohoho~

Even though I'm not diehard fans of either of the two, they were both super charming and friendly. Desmond is SUCH a majestic piece of hunky perfection omg like forrealz. He's the definition of tall, dark and handsome. And his body is INSANE ohmagawd. He was really nice and kept talking to us in English. He just sounds like such a pleasant, educated guy. Jeremy was really adorable too, throughout the whole time my friends were speaking in English but he would just reply in Mandarin lol it was so endearing.

Well, that concludes the story of one of my first meeting with actual stars! Yay me~

Afterwards we headed to CoCO Ichibanya for Japanese Curry Rice. Is it bad that I was more excited about lunch than seeing celebrities? Lol~

Lunch special came with a really cute salad topped with an amazingly yummy dressing an iced lemon tea! I ordered a fried chicken curry with reduced rice and a cheese top-up. You can never go wrong with cheese! The picture doesn't show it but the curry had delicious melted, gooey cheese all throughout. It was SO yummy omg! My first time trying CoCO Ichibanya's legendary curry and I'll definitely be going back for more!

Alrighty, I'm famished now so I'm gonna go eat my wanton noodle soup for lunch!


(Yeah, lunch at 5.30pm. That's the holidays for ya!)

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Food Wrap-Up

Hi bouncy booties!

Thought I'd post a little random update of how I've been the past couple of days :)

I totally psyched myself out over the last few days of my trip to Perth because of how much school work I had left that I haven't really touched throughout the first two weeks of my three week break... I kept worrying about it all day long instead of focusing on the fun times I had there and actually relaxing, which is what one is supposed to do when on a vacation. Anyway, now that I'm back and have finally sat down and tackled the assignments, I realized that they're actually no biggie! It's really manageable, in fact. So yeah, it was really stupid of me to dwell on it so much that I couldn't enjoy the trip to the fullest. Oh well :\

Also, I was SUPER SICK yesterday. Haven't been ill for a while (yay immune system lol good job guys) so when the viruses attacked I felt like absolute DEATH. My grandparents in Australia caught a nasty winter bug and my family members fell prey to it one by one. All except me, even though I live under the same roof as the five of them who constantly dispelled the icky germs all around the house through sneezes and coughs. I felt great; strong and healthy! I kept bragging about how wonderful my immune system is and even exclaiming that I can feel the cells in body combatting the flu viruses lmao.

So yeah when I finally succumbed to the virus, I was like damn now my whole family's gonna be like I TOLD YOU SO >.<

I suffered a CRAZILY sore throat, a throbbing headache and muscle aches all over. Thankfully no cold or fever, yay for that.

I practically died on my bed the whole of yesterday and had to cancel my plans of going to school to work on some projects with my friends. Thankfully the pain subsided after two cute little red liquid capsule pills (that was a mouthful lol) (i mean the name not the pills which were in fact quite small) and a lot of rest. I felt like a million bucks again when I woke up this morning, apart from my throat which is still being a bitch.

And I showed my Visual Communication lecturer my progress so far to which he commented that I was on the right track! Hooray!

So yeah, that's pretty much it.

And now, please enjoy these random photos of food taken by VU (my ridiculously large phone) which I've been meaning to post but didn't warrant an individual blog entry each so here they are!

Gyudon from the Japanese stall at Marina Square's food court. Beef, onions and bean sprouts in a delish sauce. I LOVE BEAN SPROUTS!! I used to hate them so much when I was a kid lol. Even went through the trouble of slowly picking them out of whatever food I ate. Acquired taste I guess? Hehe.

The stall is supposedly pretty well-known for their legendary saba (grilled mackerel). My family loves it; my mother, in particular, is constantly raving about it so yeah. It's probably worth a try :) I'd love to have a taste of it myself but bah. Fish allergy and all <.<

SUPER DELICIOUS chicken strips and mashed potato kid's meal from Swensen's. Perks of dining out with my mum: she can help me order kid's meals hahaha. I'm always too shy and embarrassed to get something from the kid's menu when I'm eating with my friends (or alone haha) but we all know the kid's meals are the cutest, funnest and probably the most reasonably priced dishes! Damn it restaurants should just let overaged patrons order kid's meals if they wish to. We are young at heart okay!! Hohoho~

The chicken strips were AMAZING. Their crispy fried batter is the stuff dreams are made of. The mashed potato was really special, the sauce had a really intense flavour of fragrant spices. Yum yum I'm starving now. Gimme some fried chicken pleeease.

Finally had a steak at Aston's. I know, they're famous for their steaks and all this time I've been getting the chicken instead haha (and pork chops when I dined at Aston's for the first time ever). It was really yummy! The pasta salad was DELICIOUS as usual. I got onion rings because I had recently watched the April Fools' episode of Victorious in which they were on a game show and had to complete the phrase, 'April Fools' ______' and Beck said 'April Fools' Onion Rings' hahaha. Ya I'm lame. But Beck is hot as all hell so he can make my side dish decisions any day of the week ;)

Oooh just realized, the photo above was taken at the Aston's at Changi Airport and I'm actually going there again later haha! Just arrived three days ago and I'm heading there again today to send my Grandpa off to his trip to Malaysia. Guess Changi Airport really is like my second home :))

Alrighty that's all for now! See you guys in a bit!

Damn it my neighbour is using sesame oil in his/her cooking. THE SMELL. OH MY GOD THE SMELLLLL.


Friday, 14 June 2013


A few days ago my family and I headed to Fremantle for ice cream! Not sure if it was just me but it felt particularly cold that late evening as we strolled along the pier. I was freezing my butt off >.< I’d probably rank it as the second coldest I’ve felt on this trip so far, the first being the night I arrived in Perth.

Despite the teeth chatters and body shivers, it felt pretty amazing to take a leisurely walk around a virtually empty space. It was a Monday and most of the seafood restaurants there were closed. I loved taking in the sheer tranquility of it all, and looking up to the night skies and seeing all the beautiful stars shining down. So simple yet so wonderful :)

After that we went to Baskin Robbins to get our ice cream fix! Ahh, ice cream. A perfect treat even when it’s bitterly cold!

My family has been visiting this particular branch of Baskin Robbins a lot. It was the outlet where we first tried this glorious brand of ice cream, and from then onwards, we used to drop by for a scoop almost every week! So much so that the owner of this branch, Joe, remembered us the moment we stepped into the shop even though it had been more than a year since we visited (we came during our December trip to Perth but he wasn’t working on that day)! I gotta say, that’s pretty sweet!

It reminds me of the one particular book in Judy Blume’s “Fudge” series – was it Superfudge? – where Peter and Fudge’s family move to New York for a year and they would get ice cream at Baskin Robbins every Saturday night. When I first read the books as a kid I’d never even tried a BR ice cream myself yet. Now I can’t imagine life without it :P

And boy, am I glad they finally decided to open up some branches in Singapore (I told Joe about this and he went “Yayyy!!” haha what a cutie)! Although the feeling’s not quite the same, I love the ice cream anyway!

My super delicious double scoop: Strawberry Bellisima and Maui Brownie Madness!

The former is actually two thirds strawberry flavoured ice cream, which I don’t care so much about since I actually quite dislike things that are strawberry flavoured as I find them too sweet, but here’s the kicker: the remaining one third is MASCARPONE CHEESE flavoured ice cream!!


If you’ve ever tried Baskin Robbins’ strawberry cheesecake flavoured ice cream (if you haven’t, you need to get your deprived butt to their nearest outlet STAT), you’ll know that their cheese ice cream flavours are THE BOMB.

And if that’s not awesome enough?

There is a BALSAMIC BROWN SUGAR RIBBON swirled throughout.


I know it looks a bit gooey and gross lol but I assure you it tastes AMAZING and FANTASTICAL and OUT OF THIS WORLD.

I’m always a sucker for exotic and interesting ice cream flavours, and Strawberry Bellisima sure did not fail to impress!

The Maui Brownie Madness was actually a froyo, yet it contained more calories than Strawberry Bellisima lol go figure. It was really delicious too. Rich chocolate flavours, delectable brownie bites and aromatic macadamia nuts swirled in.

My sister’s cute little cone with Cookie Dough ice cream! She accepted my request for one lick (gasp! How mightily generous!!) and it tasted great! There were chunks of cookie dough too, which is AWESOME.

My dad’s Rum & Raisin and Coconut. Yup, he managed to sink a big bite before I could snap a photo haha. I would’ve loved to sample both of the flavours he got (especially the former, DAMN I love Rum & Raisin!) but unfortunately I was too busy slurping up my own two scoops that when I turned around, my dad had finished his whole cone! Danggit :(

Last but not least, my mum’s Chocolate and Rocky Road! She probably got the most boring and conventional flavours haha.

It was an awesome night of picture-taking, ice cream-devouring and FREEZING at Fremantle! My stomach’s growling now from thinking about Strawberry Bellisima…Oh, how can such a wonderfully MIND-BLOWING flavor of ice cream even exist on this Universe? I hope it’s available in the Singapore branches too, I’m gonna buy me a great big tub of it and just bury my face in that glorious, creamy goodness.

I’ve got no internet at the moment so I’m gonna publish this post when I get to my grandparents’ house, but it’s currently five in the morning and the hunger and ice cream cravings are starting to make me lose my marbles a little bit. Staring at the photos I took at Baskin Robbins sure doesn’t help…

Ooohh yeahhhh…look at all that ice cream…

Monday, 10 June 2013

Star Vista Nomz

Hi! Here I am again being ridiculous by blogging about stuff that happened in Singapore (like three thousand years ago, no less) while I'm vacationing in Perth. Okayyy.

(And I still don't know what to do with the folders of Perth 2012 posts that have been sitting in my computer for half a year :( It doesn't make sense to mix them up with the Perth June 2013 posts, does it?  *sigh* #lazybloggerproblems)


On 12th April I met up with a dear friend of mine, Alex, and we got lunch together at Star Vista. Yup, I remember that date clearly as it was the Friday after Freshmen Orientation Programme week, which wasn't pleasant, to say the least. I do love (and miss!) my class now, but looking back to the first week where we barely knew each other, the time I spent with them felt like a steaming pile of poo-poo. And I'm sure many of them would agree haha.

Anyways, it was so great to catch up with Alex and blab to him about what a shittastic few days I've had. It also helped that Alex had a year of experience under his belt and reassured me that things would get better as time passes :)

We got lunch at ~Senor Taco~ coz they have lunch specials and we have poor student budgets haha. (I literally can't say 'Senor Taco' without having a Spanish accent lol. Even when I read it in my head the accent is still there xD)

Alex got fish tacos, which looked really good but sadly couldn't be eaten by me due to my blasted fish allergy :((

Curses!! *shakes fist in air*

Yum yum yumminy yum~

And my chicken quesadillas...

Looks plain and boring but when you open it?


It was really delicious. As you can imagine, every bite was BURSTING with flavour. Not only from the glorious ~*cheese*~, but also the chicken that was so incredibly juicy with an intoxicatingly robust smokey aroma. Hot diggity those were some good quesadillas.

I had a nibble of the big jalapeño pepper just for kicks, it did not taste good lol.

I recently went to Senor Taco again for lunch with a bunch of my school friends for our weekly Eat Out Monday. This time I tried their burritos (since it's the only other option out of their four lunch time special dishes that doesn't feature fish) which paled in comparison.

Maybe I'm just being biased because the burritos weren't jam-packed with ~*cheese*~ like the quesadillas were...And the guacamole had parsley (or cilantro?) in it which I absolutely DESPISE. But other than that the burritos weren't bad, especially with the sour cream hehe. I love me some sour cream! So bad but so good~

Okay, back to 12th April lol.

After a very gratifying lunch plus gossip session, Alex and I went on a search for possible gifts for his sisters. All that walking made us peckish for desserts (or was it just me feeling greedy as usual? lol) so we headed to Awfully Chocolate! One indulgence after the other lol. To be fair we originally wanted to get some froyo which would've been healthier but Sogurt was filled with secondary school kids so... *shudders*

(No offense to any sec school students reading this, I know some of you can be real nice but youths in general just scare me okay even though I am a youth myself but still)

Alex's scrum-diddly-umptious chocolate cupcake! Soooo good~

My Awfully Chocolate signature 黑 ice cream! And they served it in a cute Chinese takeout-style container this time! So adorable!!

That's all for now! Can you believe I've been working on this relatively short blog post for the past two hours?! Well to be fair I kept getting distracted along the way haha. Got snacks not once but TWICE during this writing process lol. (chocolate mousse + nuggets, i'm so healthy lol. no regrets, they were delicious <3)

Cya guys next time!


Friday, 7 June 2013

Hello From The Land Down Under

I've made good progress on a big school project and I don't really feel like going to bed yet so I thought I'd come and post a little update on my time spent in Perth so far ^_^

(the poo-poo internet has gotten progressively slower btw, and it won't even let me load Janoskian vids)

Taking off...

You may or may not know about my immense love for airports and airplane rides. I just love soaking in the atmosphere of being in an airport, the thrill of adventure and excitement in the air even if you're not travelling yourself. Just being there brings about a wonderful feeling. And it doesn't hurt that Changi Airport features enormous spaces with endless shopping and dining options ;) It's always great to go there just to lepak with a buddy or, as my friend suggested, go dating without the fear of bumping into people you might know :P

Don't even get me started on airplane rides. Omg, I love them. Well, okay I mainly love the food and entertainment aspects of the flight but STILL. I used to have this dream when I was a kid that someday I'd be rich enough to buy a private jet but instead of actually flying from one country to another, I would just sit in the airplane and watch movies on the entertainment system LOL. Come to think of it I still want that to happen :P But yeah, I love chilling on the airplane enjoying the movies and TV shows that they have to offer and of course, I love love LOVE the inflight meals.

Believe it or not they're actually the highlight of my entire flying experience hahaha.

Yes I took a photo of the inflight meal AGAIN even though I still hate the feeling of people judging me for taking pics of stupid things. Damn I need to work on not giving a shit what people think about me, I CAN TAKE PHOTOS OF WHATEVER I PLEASE, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Pardon the blurriness of the photo, it was really dim. I actually tried to take multiple shots of it so I could at least pick the best one but every time I snapped a photo of my tray of food, this man in front of me to the side would turn around and give me this menacing glare I KID YOU NOT it looked like he wanted to throw his remote at my face or something. Anyway I didn't really care too much about him coz I knew from the start of the flight that he was a grouchy fellow. He kept getting severely ticked off at the littlest things like his remote cord getting tangled up or the air stewardess politely telling him to keep his seat upright during takeoff. And throughout the flight he kept turning around and JUDGING me for things like EATING TOO SLOWLY OMG. He actually turned to his poor wife who was sitting beside him and muttered angrily under his breath like I couldn't hear or understand what he was saying about me goddamn. Thank goodness I was too happy about how fortunate I am to get to travel to bother about him.


The food was good but nothing worth raving about. Sadly I had to go with the Oriental meal instead of the Western option which I always choose due to the latter being a fish dish, which I am allergic to :(

The highlight was definitely the dessert. See that little pudding cup at the top left corner of the tray? Looks like just another ordinary, rather plain looking cup of pudding doesn't it?


This, was a lemongrass pudding.

I know this photo looks like crap (complete with a scrunched up serviette in the background ugh) but you have to IMAGINE what it was like for me to experience this smooth, rich and all-round FABULOUS little cup of dessert. As you can see from the name of my blog, *points to the top in case you're a dumb-dumb and you forgot what my blog url is*, I am rather fond of puddings. And I will tell you now that this lemongrass pudding, was a GOOD pudding.

My second time eating desserts infused with interestingly unusual herbs and I must say I'm loving it so far. Can't wait to try more :)


Hello again Perth, how I've missed you so :)

Lovely view from my grandparents' backyard.

I'm really loving the weather here right now :) I try to head out to the backyard for at least half an hour each day just to soak up the sunlight. I used to hide away from the sun like a freaking vampire and just be seated in front of the computer in a dark room all day long. I can't imagine doing that now...I need my vitamin D and serotonin!!

Random shot of the snacks I had that day haha. I LOVE CHOCOLATE MILK ❤ The biccies were really yummy coz they had honey in them :D

Super cute pizza sliders from Domino's!! They're only good for the cuteness and novelty factor though because for their small size and meagre amount of toppings they are definitely not worth their steep price.

If you wanna talk about value...


One large pizza for only $4.95. Is that not crazy?!

Bangers and beef.


That's all for now :)

I'm suddenly feeling super tired, this post took a lot longer than I thought it would! My eyes are dying from all that staring at the computer screen @_@

(I've been using the computer for like three hours to work on the project I mentioned earlier on)

I'll be back the next time I feel like blogging lol.

Take care of yourselves in the meantime!

Much love~


Wednesday, 5 June 2013


Ugh, now I've done it. I've officially used up the bandwidth for this month and now my internet usage has been capped :(

Oh well, it was time for me to get started on my holiday assignments anyway. Meanwhile, here's a post I drafted up while I was still in Singapore!


A while back, a couple of friends tagged along with me to Somerset so that I could run a quick errand. We wanted to grab some food afterwards and we settled on this new dessert cafe at Orchard Central called Seventh Heaven. The decor was bright, colourful and furnished with cute homey touches. It's perfect for chilling out with your buddies!

The prices for their food are pretty steep though. Thank goodness we found something that was worth the dollar!


The Matrix.

12 of the bestselling flavours, picked by the staff (if you want to choose your own 12 flavours you need to pay an extra seven bucks).

Lemme just tell you, a regular scoop of ice cream there costs $5.30. You multiply that by 12 and it comes a whopping $63.60. Now guess how much we had to pay for that delectable tray of frosty, creamy goodness?


And we were a party of four so each of us only had to fork out a little over $7.25 to cover the service charge as well.

Oh. My. God.


And can I just say that the ice cream was mind-blowingly good?! I believe I even read somewhere on their menu that the ice cream they serve is hand-churned and uses only the finest ingredients. You can literally taste the high quality standard. It was excellent.

It didn't even matter that we couldn't choose our own flavours, all of the flavours they picked for us were really, REALLY yummy!

Nothing quite beats a buffet of ice cream shared over chatter and lots of laughs between friends.

It was an awesome experience :)

I miss the ice cream so much!!

Monday, 3 June 2013


Hi, you! Yes you, the person reading this right now :)

Today I'm just gonna write some random thoughts because I'm just in an expressive mood and also I feel uncomfortable knowing that I've totally neglected my blog these past few weeks.

So yup, I'm now in Perth and life couldn't be more AWESOME.

For the past seven days or so, I've been trying really hard to stick to a positive outlook on life and I must say that it really made an impact on my mood! I felt really happy for the most part of the week, triggered by random little things in my daily life. And when inevitable problems arose (example, not doing well for a big class presentation or being served by rude salespeople), I'd dust it off my shoulder instead of letting it ruin my whole day (or even week) like I used to.

I'm really loving my new optimism and sunshine-y take on life!

Don't get me wrong though, I still experience many times a day moments where I feel down. Sometimes it's because of something unpleasant that happened, sometimes I'd just get a bit sad or frustrated over silly things. That's completely normal, of course. Nobody is able to be happy and smiley 24/7.

The important thing is to be able to pick yourself up and carry on living your amazing life :)

I sometimes get concerned about whether or not I should express my happiness so openly, for fear that some might think I'm showing off or rubbing it in the faces of emo people or those who aren't as fortunate as I am and can't really be happy.

I just think that we should all count our blessings instead of the problems we have in life. Sure, the world may not be a perfect place and all of us are burdened with our own set of troubles but if you just take some time out from your life and think about all the things in life that make you happy, all the wonderful people and things in your life, it really is amazing how fortunate we all are.

Abrupt ending here, I don't know if you can tell but I'm basically rambling incoherently. It's three in the morning now and I'm very tired but I can't go to bed coz I just ate lol.

Tired, but well-fed and very very HAPPY :)

I hope you are feeling happy too!

P.S - Don't forget to smile~!