Sunday, 23 June 2013

Celebrate Good Times, Come On!

FINALLY wrapped up on my big Visual Communication project! After all these weeks of hard work, stress, frustration and MORE STRESS, I'm finally done with it! DONE, DONE, DONE TO THE DONEST LEVEL. Hooray!!

Ordered Pizza Hut to celebrate :D

And did I mention that I slept til 7 PM so technically this was my breakfast...

Hawaiian Cheesy Bites Trio! My mum said she missed this so much while we were in Australia lol.

Okie dokie artichokie, I guess I'm gonna head to bed now.

Can't believe it's the last weekend before school starts again. This term break just went by in the blink of an eye! Probably because the first two weeks were spent in vacation paradise. Ahhh, how I miss Perth. I'm glad I still have the memories to keep me smiling. I was feeling really moody the past few days (curse you, hormones!) but I felt better after looking at some of the things I bought Down Under and just replaying the memories in my head. I'm still in holiday mode now, I'm so not ready for school!

Is it bad that I wanted the PSI to remain at an extremely unhealthy level because I wanted school to be cancelled lol.

A girl can dream!


  1. The pizza looks so yummy. I'm glad that you finished your assignment and good luck for the next term.

  2. I lovvvvveeeeee tiny teddies!

  3. Isn't that PSI level very high and dangerous for breathing? :OO