Friday, 21 June 2013

Stars @ Star Vista

I'm pretty much done with all my school assignments (so much for having an emotional breakdown for the past two weeks because I was worried I'd never finish them) and the haze has rendered it extremely hazardous to venture outdoors (hello, PSI of 401!) so I'm gonna blog about something that happened a reeeally long time ago and I never got the time to write about.

That time I met Desmond Tan 陈泂江 and Jeffrey Xu 徐鸣杰 :D

To summarise, a few Mediacorp artistes were touring around Singapore in the Joy Truck which collects old books for the needy. One of the artistes was Pornsak, who my friend Vanessa is a BIG fan of. So she rushed down to school early to try to catch him while they were there for one of their stops but she missed him by just a few minutes! So after our first class of the day, we had a two hour lunch break and we decided to travel to Star Vista where the Joy Truck was stationed at during that time and afterwards we could grab some food there because, you know. Yolo, right? (ironic use)

I didn't care much about it but my friends were reeeally thrilled about it lol.

Unfortunately for Van, Pornsak had gone to a different location so she didn't get to see him. But she had to donate her old books anyway and afterwards we took photos with Desmond and Jeffrey!

L-R: Jeffrey Xu, Yours Truly, Desmond Tan, Nerissa, Rachael, Vanessa

As you can see, I was the chosen one who was sandwiched in between two hunks rofl. And my friends are all standing at one side coz the be peasants. JUST KIDDING trolololol love ya guys <3

Desmond commented on my monster phone lol he said, "Your phone is so big!". Basically remarked by everyone who sees my phone and its ridiculous size xD

Afterwards we each requested for photos with them, which they politely obliged. I was standing quietly just watching my friends when Vanessa urged to get pics taken with them too but I told her I was too shy. Yup, I'm fully aware that I'm a wimpy piece of shit. Good thing Vanessa persuaded me by saying, and I quote, "GO OR YOU WILL REGRET!!" and I knew she was right so yay, I did!

Blocked out my face coz my expression was that of an overexcited five-year-old. NIPPLE ALERT! Desmond ah, not me. Hohoho~

Even though I'm not diehard fans of either of the two, they were both super charming and friendly. Desmond is SUCH a majestic piece of hunky perfection omg like forrealz. He's the definition of tall, dark and handsome. And his body is INSANE ohmagawd. He was really nice and kept talking to us in English. He just sounds like such a pleasant, educated guy. Jeremy was really adorable too, throughout the whole time my friends were speaking in English but he would just reply in Mandarin lol it was so endearing.

Well, that concludes the story of one of my first meeting with actual stars! Yay me~

Afterwards we headed to CoCO Ichibanya for Japanese Curry Rice. Is it bad that I was more excited about lunch than seeing celebrities? Lol~

Lunch special came with a really cute salad topped with an amazingly yummy dressing an iced lemon tea! I ordered a fried chicken curry with reduced rice and a cheese top-up. You can never go wrong with cheese! The picture doesn't show it but the curry had delicious melted, gooey cheese all throughout. It was SO yummy omg! My first time trying CoCO Ichibanya's legendary curry and I'll definitely be going back for more!

Alrighty, I'm famished now so I'm gonna go eat my wanton noodle soup for lunch!


(Yeah, lunch at 5.30pm. That's the holidays for ya!)

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