Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Food Wrap-Up

Hi bouncy booties!

Thought I'd post a little random update of how I've been the past couple of days :)

I totally psyched myself out over the last few days of my trip to Perth because of how much school work I had left that I haven't really touched throughout the first two weeks of my three week break... I kept worrying about it all day long instead of focusing on the fun times I had there and actually relaxing, which is what one is supposed to do when on a vacation. Anyway, now that I'm back and have finally sat down and tackled the assignments, I realized that they're actually no biggie! It's really manageable, in fact. So yeah, it was really stupid of me to dwell on it so much that I couldn't enjoy the trip to the fullest. Oh well :\

Also, I was SUPER SICK yesterday. Haven't been ill for a while (yay immune system lol good job guys) so when the viruses attacked I felt like absolute DEATH. My grandparents in Australia caught a nasty winter bug and my family members fell prey to it one by one. All except me, even though I live under the same roof as the five of them who constantly dispelled the icky germs all around the house through sneezes and coughs. I felt great; strong and healthy! I kept bragging about how wonderful my immune system is and even exclaiming that I can feel the cells in body combatting the flu viruses lmao.

So yeah when I finally succumbed to the virus, I was like damn now my whole family's gonna be like I TOLD YOU SO >.<

I suffered a CRAZILY sore throat, a throbbing headache and muscle aches all over. Thankfully no cold or fever, yay for that.

I practically died on my bed the whole of yesterday and had to cancel my plans of going to school to work on some projects with my friends. Thankfully the pain subsided after two cute little red liquid capsule pills (that was a mouthful lol) (i mean the name not the pills which were in fact quite small) and a lot of rest. I felt like a million bucks again when I woke up this morning, apart from my throat which is still being a bitch.

And I showed my Visual Communication lecturer my progress so far to which he commented that I was on the right track! Hooray!

So yeah, that's pretty much it.

And now, please enjoy these random photos of food taken by VU (my ridiculously large phone) which I've been meaning to post but didn't warrant an individual blog entry each so here they are!

Gyudon from the Japanese stall at Marina Square's food court. Beef, onions and bean sprouts in a delish sauce. I LOVE BEAN SPROUTS!! I used to hate them so much when I was a kid lol. Even went through the trouble of slowly picking them out of whatever food I ate. Acquired taste I guess? Hehe.

The stall is supposedly pretty well-known for their legendary saba (grilled mackerel). My family loves it; my mother, in particular, is constantly raving about it so yeah. It's probably worth a try :) I'd love to have a taste of it myself but bah. Fish allergy and all <.<

SUPER DELICIOUS chicken strips and mashed potato kid's meal from Swensen's. Perks of dining out with my mum: she can help me order kid's meals hahaha. I'm always too shy and embarrassed to get something from the kid's menu when I'm eating with my friends (or alone haha) but we all know the kid's meals are the cutest, funnest and probably the most reasonably priced dishes! Damn it restaurants should just let overaged patrons order kid's meals if they wish to. We are young at heart okay!! Hohoho~

The chicken strips were AMAZING. Their crispy fried batter is the stuff dreams are made of. The mashed potato was really special, the sauce had a really intense flavour of fragrant spices. Yum yum I'm starving now. Gimme some fried chicken pleeease.

Finally had a steak at Aston's. I know, they're famous for their steaks and all this time I've been getting the chicken instead haha (and pork chops when I dined at Aston's for the first time ever). It was really yummy! The pasta salad was DELICIOUS as usual. I got onion rings because I had recently watched the April Fools' episode of Victorious in which they were on a game show and had to complete the phrase, 'April Fools' ______' and Beck said 'April Fools' Onion Rings' hahaha. Ya I'm lame. But Beck is hot as all hell so he can make my side dish decisions any day of the week ;)

Oooh just realized, the photo above was taken at the Aston's at Changi Airport and I'm actually going there again later haha! Just arrived three days ago and I'm heading there again today to send my Grandpa off to his trip to Malaysia. Guess Changi Airport really is like my second home :))

Alrighty that's all for now! See you guys in a bit!

Damn it my neighbour is using sesame oil in his/her cooking. THE SMELL. OH MY GOD THE SMELLLLL.


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  1. You're so lucky to eat such delicious foods. It all looks so yummy. My family all got sick on vacation as well but like you, I was the last one to get it! I'm glad that you are feeling better now.