Friday, 7 June 2013

Hello From The Land Down Under

I've made good progress on a big school project and I don't really feel like going to bed yet so I thought I'd come and post a little update on my time spent in Perth so far ^_^

(the poo-poo internet has gotten progressively slower btw, and it won't even let me load Janoskian vids)

Taking off...

You may or may not know about my immense love for airports and airplane rides. I just love soaking in the atmosphere of being in an airport, the thrill of adventure and excitement in the air even if you're not travelling yourself. Just being there brings about a wonderful feeling. And it doesn't hurt that Changi Airport features enormous spaces with endless shopping and dining options ;) It's always great to go there just to lepak with a buddy or, as my friend suggested, go dating without the fear of bumping into people you might know :P

Don't even get me started on airplane rides. Omg, I love them. Well, okay I mainly love the food and entertainment aspects of the flight but STILL. I used to have this dream when I was a kid that someday I'd be rich enough to buy a private jet but instead of actually flying from one country to another, I would just sit in the airplane and watch movies on the entertainment system LOL. Come to think of it I still want that to happen :P But yeah, I love chilling on the airplane enjoying the movies and TV shows that they have to offer and of course, I love love LOVE the inflight meals.

Believe it or not they're actually the highlight of my entire flying experience hahaha.

Yes I took a photo of the inflight meal AGAIN even though I still hate the feeling of people judging me for taking pics of stupid things. Damn I need to work on not giving a shit what people think about me, I CAN TAKE PHOTOS OF WHATEVER I PLEASE, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Pardon the blurriness of the photo, it was really dim. I actually tried to take multiple shots of it so I could at least pick the best one but every time I snapped a photo of my tray of food, this man in front of me to the side would turn around and give me this menacing glare I KID YOU NOT it looked like he wanted to throw his remote at my face or something. Anyway I didn't really care too much about him coz I knew from the start of the flight that he was a grouchy fellow. He kept getting severely ticked off at the littlest things like his remote cord getting tangled up or the air stewardess politely telling him to keep his seat upright during takeoff. And throughout the flight he kept turning around and JUDGING me for things like EATING TOO SLOWLY OMG. He actually turned to his poor wife who was sitting beside him and muttered angrily under his breath like I couldn't hear or understand what he was saying about me goddamn. Thank goodness I was too happy about how fortunate I am to get to travel to bother about him.


The food was good but nothing worth raving about. Sadly I had to go with the Oriental meal instead of the Western option which I always choose due to the latter being a fish dish, which I am allergic to :(

The highlight was definitely the dessert. See that little pudding cup at the top left corner of the tray? Looks like just another ordinary, rather plain looking cup of pudding doesn't it?


This, was a lemongrass pudding.

I know this photo looks like crap (complete with a scrunched up serviette in the background ugh) but you have to IMAGINE what it was like for me to experience this smooth, rich and all-round FABULOUS little cup of dessert. As you can see from the name of my blog, *points to the top in case you're a dumb-dumb and you forgot what my blog url is*, I am rather fond of puddings. And I will tell you now that this lemongrass pudding, was a GOOD pudding.

My second time eating desserts infused with interestingly unusual herbs and I must say I'm loving it so far. Can't wait to try more :)


Hello again Perth, how I've missed you so :)

Lovely view from my grandparents' backyard.

I'm really loving the weather here right now :) I try to head out to the backyard for at least half an hour each day just to soak up the sunlight. I used to hide away from the sun like a freaking vampire and just be seated in front of the computer in a dark room all day long. I can't imagine doing that now...I need my vitamin D and serotonin!!

Random shot of the snacks I had that day haha. I LOVE CHOCOLATE MILK ❤ The biccies were really yummy coz they had honey in them :D

Super cute pizza sliders from Domino's!! They're only good for the cuteness and novelty factor though because for their small size and meagre amount of toppings they are definitely not worth their steep price.

If you wanna talk about value...


One large pizza for only $4.95. Is that not crazy?!

Bangers and beef.


That's all for now :)

I'm suddenly feeling super tired, this post took a lot longer than I thought it would! My eyes are dying from all that staring at the computer screen @_@

(I've been using the computer for like three hours to work on the project I mentioned earlier on)

I'll be back the next time I feel like blogging lol.

Take care of yourselves in the meantime!

Much love~


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