Friday, 14 June 2013


A few days ago my family and I headed to Fremantle for ice cream! Not sure if it was just me but it felt particularly cold that late evening as we strolled along the pier. I was freezing my butt off >.< I’d probably rank it as the second coldest I’ve felt on this trip so far, the first being the night I arrived in Perth.

Despite the teeth chatters and body shivers, it felt pretty amazing to take a leisurely walk around a virtually empty space. It was a Monday and most of the seafood restaurants there were closed. I loved taking in the sheer tranquility of it all, and looking up to the night skies and seeing all the beautiful stars shining down. So simple yet so wonderful :)

After that we went to Baskin Robbins to get our ice cream fix! Ahh, ice cream. A perfect treat even when it’s bitterly cold!

My family has been visiting this particular branch of Baskin Robbins a lot. It was the outlet where we first tried this glorious brand of ice cream, and from then onwards, we used to drop by for a scoop almost every week! So much so that the owner of this branch, Joe, remembered us the moment we stepped into the shop even though it had been more than a year since we visited (we came during our December trip to Perth but he wasn’t working on that day)! I gotta say, that’s pretty sweet!

It reminds me of the one particular book in Judy Blume’s “Fudge” series – was it Superfudge? – where Peter and Fudge’s family move to New York for a year and they would get ice cream at Baskin Robbins every Saturday night. When I first read the books as a kid I’d never even tried a BR ice cream myself yet. Now I can’t imagine life without it :P

And boy, am I glad they finally decided to open up some branches in Singapore (I told Joe about this and he went “Yayyy!!” haha what a cutie)! Although the feeling’s not quite the same, I love the ice cream anyway!

My super delicious double scoop: Strawberry Bellisima and Maui Brownie Madness!

The former is actually two thirds strawberry flavoured ice cream, which I don’t care so much about since I actually quite dislike things that are strawberry flavoured as I find them too sweet, but here’s the kicker: the remaining one third is MASCARPONE CHEESE flavoured ice cream!!


If you’ve ever tried Baskin Robbins’ strawberry cheesecake flavoured ice cream (if you haven’t, you need to get your deprived butt to their nearest outlet STAT), you’ll know that their cheese ice cream flavours are THE BOMB.

And if that’s not awesome enough?

There is a BALSAMIC BROWN SUGAR RIBBON swirled throughout.


I know it looks a bit gooey and gross lol but I assure you it tastes AMAZING and FANTASTICAL and OUT OF THIS WORLD.

I’m always a sucker for exotic and interesting ice cream flavours, and Strawberry Bellisima sure did not fail to impress!

The Maui Brownie Madness was actually a froyo, yet it contained more calories than Strawberry Bellisima lol go figure. It was really delicious too. Rich chocolate flavours, delectable brownie bites and aromatic macadamia nuts swirled in.

My sister’s cute little cone with Cookie Dough ice cream! She accepted my request for one lick (gasp! How mightily generous!!) and it tasted great! There were chunks of cookie dough too, which is AWESOME.

My dad’s Rum & Raisin and Coconut. Yup, he managed to sink a big bite before I could snap a photo haha. I would’ve loved to sample both of the flavours he got (especially the former, DAMN I love Rum & Raisin!) but unfortunately I was too busy slurping up my own two scoops that when I turned around, my dad had finished his whole cone! Danggit :(

Last but not least, my mum’s Chocolate and Rocky Road! She probably got the most boring and conventional flavours haha.

It was an awesome night of picture-taking, ice cream-devouring and FREEZING at Fremantle! My stomach’s growling now from thinking about Strawberry Bellisima…Oh, how can such a wonderfully MIND-BLOWING flavor of ice cream even exist on this Universe? I hope it’s available in the Singapore branches too, I’m gonna buy me a great big tub of it and just bury my face in that glorious, creamy goodness.

I’ve got no internet at the moment so I’m gonna publish this post when I get to my grandparents’ house, but it’s currently five in the morning and the hunger and ice cream cravings are starting to make me lose my marbles a little bit. Staring at the photos I took at Baskin Robbins sure doesn’t help…

Ooohh yeahhhh…look at all that ice cream…

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