Monday, 10 June 2013

Star Vista Nomz

Hi! Here I am again being ridiculous by blogging about stuff that happened in Singapore (like three thousand years ago, no less) while I'm vacationing in Perth. Okayyy.

(And I still don't know what to do with the folders of Perth 2012 posts that have been sitting in my computer for half a year :( It doesn't make sense to mix them up with the Perth June 2013 posts, does it?  *sigh* #lazybloggerproblems)


On 12th April I met up with a dear friend of mine, Alex, and we got lunch together at Star Vista. Yup, I remember that date clearly as it was the Friday after Freshmen Orientation Programme week, which wasn't pleasant, to say the least. I do love (and miss!) my class now, but looking back to the first week where we barely knew each other, the time I spent with them felt like a steaming pile of poo-poo. And I'm sure many of them would agree haha.

Anyways, it was so great to catch up with Alex and blab to him about what a shittastic few days I've had. It also helped that Alex had a year of experience under his belt and reassured me that things would get better as time passes :)

We got lunch at ~Senor Taco~ coz they have lunch specials and we have poor student budgets haha. (I literally can't say 'Senor Taco' without having a Spanish accent lol. Even when I read it in my head the accent is still there xD)

Alex got fish tacos, which looked really good but sadly couldn't be eaten by me due to my blasted fish allergy :((

Curses!! *shakes fist in air*

Yum yum yumminy yum~

And my chicken quesadillas...

Looks plain and boring but when you open it?


It was really delicious. As you can imagine, every bite was BURSTING with flavour. Not only from the glorious ~*cheese*~, but also the chicken that was so incredibly juicy with an intoxicatingly robust smokey aroma. Hot diggity those were some good quesadillas.

I had a nibble of the big jalapeño pepper just for kicks, it did not taste good lol.

I recently went to Senor Taco again for lunch with a bunch of my school friends for our weekly Eat Out Monday. This time I tried their burritos (since it's the only other option out of their four lunch time special dishes that doesn't feature fish) which paled in comparison.

Maybe I'm just being biased because the burritos weren't jam-packed with ~*cheese*~ like the quesadillas were...And the guacamole had parsley (or cilantro?) in it which I absolutely DESPISE. But other than that the burritos weren't bad, especially with the sour cream hehe. I love me some sour cream! So bad but so good~

Okay, back to 12th April lol.

After a very gratifying lunch plus gossip session, Alex and I went on a search for possible gifts for his sisters. All that walking made us peckish for desserts (or was it just me feeling greedy as usual? lol) so we headed to Awfully Chocolate! One indulgence after the other lol. To be fair we originally wanted to get some froyo which would've been healthier but Sogurt was filled with secondary school kids so... *shudders*

(No offense to any sec school students reading this, I know some of you can be real nice but youths in general just scare me okay even though I am a youth myself but still)

Alex's scrum-diddly-umptious chocolate cupcake! Soooo good~

My Awfully Chocolate signature 黑 ice cream! And they served it in a cute Chinese takeout-style container this time! So adorable!!

That's all for now! Can you believe I've been working on this relatively short blog post for the past two hours?! Well to be fair I kept getting distracted along the way haha. Got snacks not once but TWICE during this writing process lol. (chocolate mousse + nuggets, i'm so healthy lol. no regrets, they were delicious <3)

Cya guys next time!


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