Monday, 1 July 2013

Food Wrap-Up: June Week 4

Since I take pics of almost all the food I eat (and sometimes food that other people eat lol) I thought I'd do a wrap-up of all the food photos I snap on a weekly basis. I meant to post this over the weekend but I got lazy :( And I didn't even utilise the weekend to study for the ITB test (which is this Friday gaaahhhh) so yeah. What did I do this weekend?!

(sleep 17 hours a day)

The lunch box I packed for Tuesday, hands down most gruelling day of the week. Nine hours at school: lectures at eight in the morning (gasp) and a three hour business tutorial (shoot me now).

I freaking love Tiny Teddies omg ❤

Recently discovered that the secret behind their yumminess is that they have honey as a main ingredient. I knew I taste a subtle honey-ness in the cookies!

Btw if you're reading this and are thinking of trying the Slim Secrets snack bars, don't. I think they only deliver a placebo effect. I had one when I was starving and my tummy was still growling relentlessly afterwards. The bars are really dense and chewy but that's about it. And taste wise, I definitely wouldn't consider them a treat.

On top of the box of snacks I'd prepared, Summer, Sarah, Kenneth and I also shared this among ourselves...


My first time trying the honey mustard dip. It was alright I guess. Still doesn't beat the variety of amazing sauces Macau McDonald's had to offer when I lived there in 2010. I remember I had Macca's there for two meals a day, every day for a week lol. And I wondered why I had gotten so fat xD

Treat I got for myself one day after school. I keep having cravings for desserts recently...Especially cold ones. And I've been eating out by myself quite often this past few days. Just enjoy the quiet time alone with my thoughts I guess :) It can be really nice.

Don't know why some people think it's such a big deal to be out alone. I love dining out and shopping by myself lol. So peaceful ^_^

Red bean with milk shaved ice. Essentially a mountain of shaved ice drizzled with condensed milk and a spoonful of red beans poured over it haha. By the time I finished the whole bowl I was FREEZING in the food court. I felt so embarrassed lol I was literally shivering and my teeth CHATTERED. Who the hell does that in Singapore hahaha.

My Wednesday treat. (I think the word 'treat' loses its meaning if I just buy myself all these sweet goodies for no rhyme or reason lol)

Fc6's legendary donuts!! What I always look forward to when I go for hilltop lessons hehe. 80 cents each, can you believe it?! And they are DELISH.

I love my adorable babushka doll bottle in the background :D

So cute and pretty that seeing it always brings a smile to my face :))

I've been getting pretty obsessed with babushka dolls lately lol. My mum keeps buying me stuff that have the design on them!

Kks, abrupt end to the post. I'm so tired now!! Can't wait to crash later at (hopefully) 8PM all the way to six in the morning.

I hope I'm lucky enough to sleep that early!!