Friday, 23 August 2013

Stuff Diddly Uff

Hi, I’m currently sitting at the bus stop outside my former secondary school typing out this draft that I will post once I get home and have access to the internet. The reason why I’m writing a blog post here is because my phone is running dangerously low on battery juice so I have to charge it with my Macbook’s power hehe.

First things first, GOODBYE ITB FOREVER AND GOODBYE VC BROCHURE CA. Finally, after all the stressing out over the past few months, the biggest burdens of the term have been submitted. It feels like a ten ton boulder has just been lifted off my shoulders. I feel freeeeeeee again~

Today I’m gonna be blogging about last week’s happenings. This isn’t going to be a food wrap-up coz there’s going to be pics of things other than food! Well, one picture. Out of like nine photos in this post lol BUT WHATEVER.

Last week started off with our ITB group, Sempiternal (or SempTITernal, as Mr Ken calls it) having to go to school four hours early so we could go for a consultation session and tie up loose ends on our work. Well it turns out that none of us were really up to doing actual work on an early Monday morning, especially not ITB. So after a brief consultation we decided to head down to Ikea for breakfast/lunch! :D So excitingggggggg~

My kid’s meal pancakes (lol don’t judge okay the kid’s price was so cheap and the portion was just nice for me. Also the kiddy plate is nice), marzipan cake and delicious REFILLABLE lingonberry drink.

The pancakes were really soft and scrumptious and the jam and cream were super yummy, although the portion was way too little. First time trying the marzipan cake, only got it because it looked so freaking pretty.

It was really soft and light and pretty delicious, but too sweet for me as usual hehe. I don't have a sweet tooth at all, in fact I have a salt tooth really :P

Tuesday after school when I decided to go have a meal by myself after school. I've been doing that a lot lately, actually. Solitude is something I really enjoy and value. I mean, I don't wish to be by myself all the time but I do think that having some time when you can just be alone with your thoughts is truly important.

Anyways, it's the student meal chicken baked rice from Korean BBQ Chicken (despite their name they're actually more of a Western fried chicken eatery), less than ten bucks for a delicious main and a soft drink, HUZZAH! Besides Pizza Hut, this is probably the best baked rice in Singapore. I shit you not. Go and try it!! Cheese is abundant and grilled to perfect fragrance and charred-ness, rice is super aromatic coz it's not just plain rice there's like herbs in it. And the tomato sauce just goes so well with it!! Only slight complain would be the chicken pieces are too big and dry :\ But other than that IT'S A WINNER.

Nothing for Wednesday coz we didn't have VC lesson this week and I didn't feel like getting up early to get prepared and dressed for school and travel down just for a short consultation session and nothing else after that. Furthermore we had a freaking HMB test the next day, THAT SHIT'S IMPORTANT! But nevertheless I handed up my VC CA and errthang so it's all good lol.

Headed to school like four hours early to make up for the VC consultation I missed lol. Then had a last minute study session where I tried to cram as much information about HMB as I could into my head lol. There's seriously no way in hell I can study with friends, I'd just get distracted and chat with them and be my usual idiot self hahaha. Let me study ALONE.

Oh gosh I really do love solitude...

Chicken baked spaghetti I bought from the Hilltop Haven cafe. Pretty good, except for the fact that they used angel hair pasta (aka capellini) which I absolutely HATE since I was a child. That shit is so thin it's like bee hoon, and we all know bee hoon is an Asian food. When you top these skinny ass noodles with Italian pasta sauce and cheese, my mouth just gets all confused okay!! Don't do that.

My bear-themed study snacks for the day lol.

I think it's laughable how I actually believed that I would study for the whole solid 4+ hours leading up to the test. After about an hour and a half, I decided to call it a day, accept that I've memorised all that I can and I'll just take whatever I get, and decided to just surf the interwebz lol.

I played Tetris Battle for a solid hour after which I watched a bunch of random Youtube vids haha. At least I discovered a couple great new Kpop songs (EXO's Growl is PERFECTION omg thank you for releasing a nice song after the shitcake that is Wolf. And the music video is a dream~ A SWEET DREAM THAT I WISH I HAD EVERY NIGHT IN REM SLEEP)

Cha soba I had after school on Friday (alone again lol). Haven't had it in a while and it is SO GOOD! Slurpy and refreshing ^_^

Went out for dinner with my family, but before that my mum went to do a little bit of shopping.

What happens when I'm bored in a departmental store:

LOL PRETTY COLOURSSSS~!! Lately I've been going crazy with makeup samples when I've nothing to do at shops lol. You should see my nails now, they are a train wreck with me trying on a different coloured nail polish sample on each and when all ten are coloured and I see more colours that I like, I LAYER MULTIPLE COLOURS ON ONE NAIL. If I was still in secondary school the attire-checkers would have a stroke or something.

Also the other day I went to Watson's and was testing out the Maybelline BB foam or whatever. Was having a little bit too much fun with that thing, like seriously you spray it on your hand and it comes out sort of in a fluid state and after a second or two it freaking EXPANDS INTO A BOUNCY FOAMY MOUSSE. Oh god that had me enchanted and I just kept pumping it and I sorta made a bit of a mess in the store lol apologies to the staff who had to clean up after my childishness :\

Duck ramen at Ajisen, as part of their special summer promotion menu. I freaking love duck!! So fragrant and flavourful~ But this wasn't that awe-inspiring, especially since I'm not a big fan of Ajisen's ramens to begin with. They are always so FREAKING SALTY UGH.

Oh yeah they were handing out free popcorn on Friday at the Hilltop as part of SPSU's promotional campaign. Also got a bunch of free stationary and stickers. Free stuff is always welcome lol :P Especially since I was getting kind of peckish that time as I was helping Esther shoot her storyboard for VPDP. It's kind of a drag when you know you've gotta do work but VPDP is hella fun lol.

Kks it's getting late now so I'm gonna go watch a few more Youtube vids (read: 78 more) before hitting the sack. First day of my holiday job tomorrow oh god I'm really excited but also a bit scared hehe hope everything goes super smoothly and I am a rockstar at my new job lol.

Good night!


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