Thursday, 19 September 2013

Fully Loaded.

Hewwooooooo. Whee woo whee wooooooo.

It's currently three in the morning and I'm tired as hell but I feel obliged to type out this post because I edited the pictures like half a month ago and they've been sitting on my desktop ever since.

So anyways, my family and I went to Pizza Hut to try their newest Fully Loaded pizza a while back (seems like ages ago).

Platter of appetisers! The prawns in particular were really good! Sadly the same can't be said for the calamari, which were terribly bland. Even the batter was utterly flavourless :(

Yay! The star of the show, Fully Loaded pizza!

The crust, as the name suggests, is fully loaded with cream cheese and a delicious mixture of minced meat and spinach! Mmmm spinach~~

Who remembers this classic dessert from Pizza Hut's kids meals? :D


Afterwards we shopped around for a little bit and dropped by a pet store because who doesn't love looking at adorable little critters?

Soulless people, that's who.

Awwwww a freaking chinchilla snoozing away!!

Ahhhhhh so cute and cuddly!!

Look at this beauty!

Run, little cutie, run! Do you see that adorable lil pastry house in the right? I love cute lil decorations for pets!! I wonder if they appreciate the cuteness as much as I do hahaha.


Anyways, there were signs on all the animal enclosures that said no photos but obviously I went ahead snapping away. After all, I don't use flash or anything so I don't see what the big deal is. But nevertheless I got caught by a shopkeeper in the end and got mildly told off lol.

Ending off with this pic I took at Daiso...

Beer for children lmao. And it's not even beer!!

What does children soda mean, is it soda made out of children?! GASP!! :O :O :O


Going out for Japanese buffet tomorrow with some friends. Buffets are pretty much the reason why I am living. Just kidding.

But buffets are still awesome.


  1. Wow such delicious food! I wish Australia still had Pizza Hut restaurants. Enjoy the Japanese Buffet.

  2. Hi my name is Brenda, i'm from Singapore and this is sooo random but..
    we met on dollwar/divachix forums and talked quite a lot in like 2009/2010? My username was prissydoll and then xPeanutButterAndBread
    anyway i was at junction 8 12 cupcakes just now (about 9.50pm) and i bought a red velvet cupcake with my friend. I noticed the cashier was called Renae and i realized that she seemed really familiar.. ahhahaa
    So yeah i decided to find you on divachix again and then here i am. So are you the girl at J8 12 Cupcakes?
    If you are not the girl - then this is really weird and please forgive me! Cool blog by the way (:
    But if you are... then this is too cool

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