Friday, 13 September 2013

Happy Happy Joy Joy :D

Really quick post before work, I've got a few minutes to spare as I'm waiting for my breakfast (turkey bacon carbonara; LIFE IS GRAND ❤) and tea to cool down.

So I've been really busy for the past coupla weeks, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I figured something out a while back, and that is that the days on which I'm the most tired out, are usually the days where I feel happiest. Live life to the fullest :)

I used to be such a bum, never really doing anything with my life. Never taking the time or having the guts to venture out into this wonderful world we live in and to just soak in all its infinite beauty.

I'm still quite a bum but, at least not that much lol.

I've also learnt to be a little less of a planner and (over)thinker, and to just leave some things in the hands of fate. Sometimes it's good to take a leap of faith, take something that the little voice within you is saying and just run with it. You'd be surprised at what amazing outcomes would follow. And if it doesn't all work out? Don't regret it, mistakes and failures are what add up and make you a wiser person :)

Okay that's enough motivational mush for one post I believe. (Although I do love engulfing myself in all things motivational and inspirational ^_^)

Here's some random bits and pieces of pictures I've taken eons ago but never got around to posting coz I'm just so gosh darn lazy.

Now begins the part enjoyed by the group of people who never read what I write and instead just look at the pictures! You know who you are! Tsk tsk tsk~

The theme of today's pictures...Food @ School!

Gosh I really do miss school...but I'm loving the holidays nonetheless :) Live in the moment! Embrace the life you're living now! Count your blessings! Lol okay I'm done.

Cheesy chicken cutlet, pasta and chips from the very popular Western stall at Koufu. If I remember correctly, it cost $4.80? Which is BAZONKA CRAZY coz that it is a LOT of food for less than five bucks, and it wasn't bad either.

Had to fuel up for our field trip to a live telecast of The Final One. Ahh, good times :D

Delicious carrot cake I bought from the lil food stall helmed by some Business School peeps. It was on the pricey side, so I debated within myself whether or not I should get it for like three hours before finally caving in. Anyway I figured I deserved a treat as I'd been slogging away on a project (last minute no less, I literally submitted the finished product seven minutes before the deadline) while Kenneth very nicely accompanied me throughout the whole ordeal, playing Tetris and watching videos across the table lol.

Yummy Taiwan fried chicken rice set. Not much to say except I really do miss it now :(

But once school reopens I'm gonna get sick of Koufu after the first week haha~

Fried ice cream! Whut whut~ Decided to try vanilla this time round :D

It wasn't really as nice as the first time I had it coz the ice cream was frozen solid and all chunky and hard instead of nice and creamy. And I had to bite it, which wasn't very pleasant at all. Ugh *shudders*

Well that's all for the pictures!

I took a little longer to crank out this post than I had expected so, I'm gonna have to wolf down my Carbonara heh heh.

See you beautiful people soon!

Don't forget to be thankful for what you have (coz once you think about it, it's a lot), love the life you're living and BE HAPPY ☺

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  1. I'm glad that you are having a fun time on your school holidays. My school holidays are a week away and I'm counting down the days. It's great that you have decided to be more adventurous.