Monday, 30 September 2013


Oh Perth, how I miss thee.

Photo taken just before sunrise (about 7 AM) on the morning of my departure from Perth and return to Singapore, 16th June 2013.

I miss it Down Under so much!! I simply adore the feeling there, everything is just vaguely different compared to when I'm in Singapore.

The relaxed atmosphere, the beautiful blue skies, the idyllic breeze.

There's even a certain smell to the air, but bless my stars. The other day I was heading to work one morning and I swear I caught a whiff of Perth air! The smell just felt so familiar and it was a particularly cool and windy morning. For a moment my senses were thoroughly enthralled and it sent me into an intense wave of nostalgia.

Can't wait to go back to my Second Home again this end of year :)


Having said that, I've absolutely nothing to complain about my current life in Sunny Singapore either. Life is truly beautiful, and I've been feeling extra blessed lately.

And to all my lovely readers, do take care of yourselves! Not just talking about physically, too. Yes, do eat your fruits and veggies and drinks LOTS of water everyday, but taking care of your emotional health and mental wellbeing are just as important too, if not more.

Always remember to stay cheerful and positive in all situations and if there's one piece of advice I would give to help people become happier, and something I wish someone had told me when I was younger and more pessimistic, is to fill your life with gratitude and love.

Never, ever take what you have for granted. You may not think so, but you have so much in this world to be thankful for.

Here's a little secret: Whenever I'm done in the dumps, I start to go through in my head all the things in life that I am grateful for. They could be little things like having money to buy myself an ice cream as an after-work treat, or more monumental things such as the health and safety of my beloved family. I keep going through it one by one and you know what? The more you think about it consciously, the more blessings you realize you have despite you not being aware of it before! And by the end of it, my mood is improved tenfold and I'm just grinning from ear to ear, wondering what a lucky duck I am :)))

It's good to practise being grateful for all the things you have, so try to make it a habit. You can go through your blessings in the shower, on the morning commute, right before bed or even when you're sitting on the toilet waiting for your poop to come out rofl. And when it does don't forget to be thankful that you don't have constipation!


But seriously though.

And the other thing is, always treat each person, each thing and each situation with love.

You'll realize that the world becomes that much brighter when you stop being a sulking whiner constantly complaining about flaws in the world and with your life, and start seeing the beauty in everything. Start to love everything ❤

Next time you're out, smile to a stranger. Help someone open the door. Start a conversation with a little kid (I do this all the time in Australia it's the funnest thing ever! But attempt this in Singapore with caution lol the parents might think you're a pedophile or the kid may turn out to be a brat but hey, it's worth a try!). Greet your neighbour when they enter the lift. Don't be stingy with the compliments and hugs. Tell your friends and family how much you love them. Write a letter and tell them what makes them so special. Bake cookies and hand them out at school. Let your teachers know what positive impacts they've made on you.

I would continue with this list but I made cup noodles and they're starting to get soggy so..

gotta go, bye!

P.S Don't forget to love and be thankful!



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