Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Pre-Halloween 2013

Typing furiously away because I really want to get this post out by midnight so it'll still be published on 30th October, the eve of Halloween.

I edited all the photos in less than ten minutes and am now in the midst of writing out the actual blog entry, a feat that would usually take me about two months of procrastinating and another three hours of carrying it out whilst getting distracted by anything and everything. It's amazing what a sense of urgency can do to you, isn't it?

So anyway, Monday was really exciting because all of us were planning what we were gonna dress up as for the Halloween celebration the next day. Yeah, my school organised a Halloween event on 29th October lol. But it was cool! I really didn't mind it being an advance celebration because it worked really well with my schedule :D

After school me and the gang (I feel really weird for saying this but I don't know how else to refer to my circle of friends whom I always hang out in school with so...they are my gang) headed to Holland Village to go shopping for Halloween costumes and makeup. FUN!!

Here are some of the particularly cool decorations I saw in the two shops we visited.

Hehe I like your long flowy dress.

What a jolly-looking guy! (He actually emits a menacing cackle and throws his head and limbs about in a frantic fit when you press a button so...that's pretty scary and AWESOME lol)

More ghoulish fun~

My favourite lol. It's life-sized which makes it extra awesome and the icing on the cake? Her eyes lights up and she makes evil laughing noises at random intervals, when you least expect it!

Not really related to Halloween but I found this really cute hehehe. Also available in the series were Grow Money, Grow Your Own Boyfriend and Grow Your Own Girlfriend, the last one complete with giant boobies.

Cool window decal. At this point it started to rain really heavily! Lightning and thunder to set the atmosphere while we shop for creepy Halloween gear in an eerie store, how fun! Not even being sarcastic though, it was perfect.

No balls? You can get some.

"Hello Sir, I would like to purchase this packet of balls thank you very much."

"Oh, no need for a bag, Sir. I'll just go ahead and stuff them into my trousers."

Ahahhaahhhh. Oh god I'm terrible.

Afterwards I said toodle-loo to The Gang (lol) and I headed to Vivo City to have din-din with my family. Before they arrived, I decided to head to Daiso and look for more possible Halloween costume ideas because hey, IT'S ALL TWO BUCKS.

God, I love Daiso.

I like how the Screamer mask even comes with a fake tongue lol.

So in the end, I didn't get anything at all from Holland V but I did buy something from lovely ol' Daiso and it was a box of beautiful eyeshadow. I'm not even kidding when I say OH MY FLIPPIN HELL DAISO MAKEUP IS OF REALLY GOOD QUALITY?!!!! Like seriously I was expecting the eyeshadow to be a piece of shitcake but when I put it on the next day before the Halloween event, I was so pleasantly surprised I almost floated right out of the window from the fourth floor. I LOVE YOU DAISO. I BLOODY LOVE YOU.

Pics of my Halloween getup as well as all my classmates' amazing costumes will be up tomorrow, in celebration of the ACTUAL Halloween hehehe.

To end of this post, here are the food pics I took on Monday lolololol.

Cheese Fries :)

We had KFC for Eat Out Mondays!! :D :D :D

I love how we still head out for lunch every Monday despite the fact that our lunch break was cut short from two hours to just one. So we're basically late for our Monday afternoon classes every week lol. Sorry Mr Kenneth!! :P

Fried Chicken Delight :)

Dinner with the family was at Earle Swensen's. Was pretty hungry by the time we went there, from all that Halloween shopping and all. Also, is it just me or does the rain make you feel hungrier lol. Like your stomach just feels more empty and growls more than usual. Idk lol maybe I'm just a weirdo. But yeah I was so starved that I gorged myself on the free-flow salad bar before my main course arrived.

Buffets are awesome.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Like Toy Soldiers

I'm still pretty new at this whole 'Trying To Be Positive' thing. Having lived through most of my childhood and teenage years a pessimist, worrywart and compulsive over-thinker, this is me trying to accomplish a full transformation of my mindset. While I'm generally loving this new positive outlook on life, I do fall off the wagon every now and then. Especially these past few days since school has started...The workload is slowly but surely starting to pile up, causing me to be a weary, temperamental and stressed out wreck most of the time.

It's easy to be happy, the World around us is full of beauty and wonder :)

But it's even easier to allow your mood to be dragged down into the pits.

I'm just trying my best to be mindful of the times where I get unnecessarily sad or frustrated (both of which unfortunately occur on a pretty regular basis) so that I'm able to snap myself back into a happier state.


I got these cute little stickers from Toys R Us :D

They're little toy soldiers!! Aren't they absolutely adorable?!! (at this point you nod your head furiously in agreement)

Been sticking them at weird places on my Macbook and phone, basically on appliances which I use a lot so that they'll always be in sight to bring a smile to my face :)

I just love their different hats, dapper outfits and fancy moustaches. And another thing?

That's just really inspirational to me.

"He is very small but very brave!
The toy soldier is small and cute but he was braver than anyone else."

Such a pleasant, endearing quote to remember hehehe. Someday I hope to be as brave :))

Random photo of the gelato I got from school during the first week of Semester Two. I am very grateful for all these little food stalls popping up around the campus hahaha. MORE PLEASE!

Rum & Raisin flavour, yum yum~