Thursday, 24 October 2013

Like Toy Soldiers

I'm still pretty new at this whole 'Trying To Be Positive' thing. Having lived through most of my childhood and teenage years a pessimist, worrywart and compulsive over-thinker, this is me trying to accomplish a full transformation of my mindset. While I'm generally loving this new positive outlook on life, I do fall off the wagon every now and then. Especially these past few days since school has started...The workload is slowly but surely starting to pile up, causing me to be a weary, temperamental and stressed out wreck most of the time.

It's easy to be happy, the World around us is full of beauty and wonder :)

But it's even easier to allow your mood to be dragged down into the pits.

I'm just trying my best to be mindful of the times where I get unnecessarily sad or frustrated (both of which unfortunately occur on a pretty regular basis) so that I'm able to snap myself back into a happier state.


I got these cute little stickers from Toys R Us :D

They're little toy soldiers!! Aren't they absolutely adorable?!! (at this point you nod your head furiously in agreement)

Been sticking them at weird places on my Macbook and phone, basically on appliances which I use a lot so that they'll always be in sight to bring a smile to my face :)

I just love their different hats, dapper outfits and fancy moustaches. And another thing?

That's just really inspirational to me.

"He is very small but very brave!
The toy soldier is small and cute but he was braver than anyone else."

Such a pleasant, endearing quote to remember hehehe. Someday I hope to be as brave :))

Random photo of the gelato I got from school during the first week of Semester Two. I am very grateful for all these little food stalls popping up around the campus hahaha. MORE PLEASE!

Rum & Raisin flavour, yum yum~

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