Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Azra Made Me Do It

Greetings, ladies and germs, and welcome to another thrilling post on PuddingFancy!

*glitter rains from the heavens*
*children cheering in the background*

Today, we've got something extra special and TWICE as juicy and exciting for you.

Are you ready?

Because this is the first (and last) edition of...


Featuring these two lovely ladies from DMC 05,

In case you haven't spotted it yet, they are both wearing rompers that are, gasp! Both in black! AMAZING!! This totally renders enough worthiness for me to take pictures and write a whole blog post about! Thanks Azra!! :DDDDD *thumbs up*


Okay so in the right corner, we have the astonishingly adorable Azra~!! (oooh alliteration is fun)

Pint-sized and undeniably lovable, Azra wears a beautiful piece which really showcases her sweetness and femininity. The intricate lace adornments next to the collared top add a touch of class to this fun and playful romper, perfect for her lively and cheerful energy. Azra keeps her ensemble simple with minimal accessories and pair of flats in a lovely shade of green, putting a pop of colour into her cute little outfit.

And over on the other side, we have the oh-so-gorgeous Nerissa NWS!

(little warning: Nerissa's photo was a little unglam so I photoshopped her beloved dog, Choco's head on instead lmao you have been warned)

(but anyways there's tons of photos of her beautiful face on this blog so you know where to find them! *wink*)

This romper effectively shows off Nerissa's model-worthy legs. It can't be seen in the photos in this post, but Nerissa's version actually features interesting shoulder cut-outs (nah I give you link to her #ootd post on Instagram ok. don't say I got good thing never share hehehe). The drape-y effect of the faux sleeves create an element of sheer elegance in this piece, but is countered with a fabulous denim biker jacket thrown on top, featuring a favourite of Nerissa's: spikes! A great choice of outerwear that's equally stylish as well as practical for the chilly environment of our airconditioned classrooms. The look is completed with preppy footwear that throws in some girly flair, even the cute ribboned socks!


So who do you think wore the black romper better? Will it be the saccharine Azra, future loving wife of Niall Horan (that lucky guy), or va-va-voom Nerissa with legs that go on for miles and miles (just go and become a model already goddamn)?

Whoever gets your pick, make sure to comment down below!

(or don't.)

(this is not a real contest okay)

(just so you know la)

(bye bye.)

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  1. I think Azra because the romper is not hidden behind a jacket.