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Halloween, DMC Style

I am such a failure.

So obviously the plan was to have my Halloween blog post published the night of Halloween itself. I had all the photos edited and ready to go at 9PM which was nice and safe. Or so I thought...

Three more hours to go before midnight, and I was feeling kinda weary so I thought I'd go and take a quick nap. It wasn't really an option, I knew I would never be able to complete typing out a whole blog entry without having a little power nap to energise myself.

Nowadays I find it almost impossible to get it through the day without taking naps :( And the worst part is, I usually take them in the late evening after I end school/work and have had a shower. And the naps ALWAYS spiral into three or four hour long snooze fests. I can NEVER muster up enough self-control and discipline to jump out of my warm and cozy bed when the alarm I've set goes off 45 minutes to an hour after I've started sleeping! It's just not possible!!

So by now you might've guessed what went wrong last night...

I set three alarms for myself, ranging from 9.45 PM to 10.

Yet I was somehow so exhausted that I managed to sleep through ALL THREE OF THEM?!?!!!

What on Earth, it was literally like the alarms never happened. Like I was dead or something when they went off.

I was probably in the deepest stage of sleep, where one would be totally unresponsive to external stimulators. Which is that, Stage 4 or REM sleep? Omg I've completely forgotten...Sorry Ms Kwa!!

But anyway, I was out like a light. For four hours, I concussed.

And therefore, my Halloween post is out not on the actual day itself, but on November 1st.


You have no idea how much this riles me up.

I literally opened my eyes and realised how much I've screwed myself over (and also how well-rested I was but that's besides the point) before picking up my phone and saying a quick final prayer before the screen flashed 1:05 AM at me and that's when I started screaming internally and spluttering in regret.

Okay so that's the story of how I effed up my plans of having perfectly dated Halloween posts. You would think that this isn't even a big of a deal, especially to someone who blogs about events three months to a year after they've transpired (i.e Me) or sometimes even never. But like I said, this really bothers me.

So without further ado, here's


Basically, there was Halloween event organised by the awesome Year Twos from my course.

Here's the online poster for it:

Not much was revealed about the event itself, we were just told that attendance was compulsory.

Prior to learning about the mandatory event, I hadn't planned on dressing up for Halloween at all. I'm pretty sure I've never celebrated Halloween before my whole life. Definitely not in Singapore, and not even during the period of time I lived in Perth. I had wanted so badly to go trick or treating but my parents insisted I was too young at the time. And my mum was obsessed with the idea of me being murdered at the doorstep of some stranger's house :((

So this was pretty exciting for me.

I wasn't keen on buying or renting a whole costume, ain't nobody got money fo dat. So I was scrolling through Tumblr to get Halloween makeup ideas and boy, that really fueled by creativity and excitement!

Presenting to you, my first attempt ever at dressing up for Halloween...


For somebody with zero experience whatsoever, I'd say this is pretty decent don't you think? I didn't even do a trial run or anything lol. I basically whipped out my eyeliner at the beginning of our Professional Communication tutorial and started doodling all over my face.

Speaking of which, the entire three hour PC 'tutorial' turned into the whole class sorting out their makeup and costumes and thereafter taking pics with each other. Mr Kenneth is kinda awesome hahaha xD

I was supposed to be a living dead doll btw. Mainly my eyes were really dark and one of them had black stuff dripping out of it lol, my mouth was split wide open and stitched back together, my cheeks were really rosy (can't really be seen in the photo but I actually used my lipstick as a substitute for blusher, which was awful coz my face got really greasy by the end of the night and IT GAVE ME PIMPLES OMFGGGG) and I threw on a corset-like belt on top of my regular outfit lol.

So here are the photos I took with some of my superfundifferous (100 points to people who know what that is from) classmates, and what I think/remember their costumes to be lol. Correct me if I'm wrong! :P

Girl Whose Eyes Are Bleeding From Watching Too Much TV

(how morbidly apt for Vanessa who is by far the most addicted to TV friend I know)

Crackling Porcelain Doll Face


(sexy) Witch

(sexy) Cleopatra

Why are all the SDZ girls so hot like, damn.

Audrey Hepburn

I am very angry at how this photo does not do Rachael's costume justice AT ALL. She looked so stunning omg when I first caught a glimpse of her getup in the lecture theatre I couldn't stop marvelling at the sheer beauty of it all. She's just so classy and elegant by nature and the dress, fancy bun and cute little accessories really topped it all off. Probably one of my favourite looks of the day :))

Hariz as The Joker/one half of The Blood Brothers

My all-time favourite photo taken on the day, thank you Kenneth for your awesome photography skills! Even though you secretly took a selfie on the first try hahaha.

The picture is so perfect I couldn't even bear to Photoshop words on it lol.

Wednesday Addams, from The Addams Family

My other favourite costume of the day. She also really looks like the girl from The Orphan, whose name is interestingly Esther as well HAHA.

Super Duper Pretty Fairy Who Turned Gore-y Halfway Through The Day

Vampire? I'm not very sure lol but I helped with the eye makeup so yay!

Here are some love hearts for you as promised, Summer. ❤❤♥♥♥♥♡♡♡❤❤♡❤❤♡♡♥♥♥♥♡❤❤♡♡❤♡♡♥♥♥♥♥♥♡♡♥♥♥♥♡
Love you many many!! Kisses~*

Awesome Skeleton Face

Ignore the nugget in the centre.

Girl Who Got Boxed In The Face and Bruise Started Bleeding (??!)

I honestly don't know, but I did his eye makeup so yay me.

My eyeliner kept snapping against his RIGID EYELIDS, and I ended up finishing the whole stick because of him. NOT COOL, BUDDY!! But he was my first willing victim to have me draw makeup all over his face so that's cool :))

Freaking amazing Half Skeleton Face + Arm

Why is this girl so hot and talented idek.

That's all the photos with my classmates!

Off we go to the hilltop~!

Squeezing as per normal in the elevator except this time we're all dressed up hehehe.

So basically the event consisted of about six or so stations at which we had to find clues as a class and eventually solve a murder mystery (WHO KILLED MS KWA?!! it was her birthday somemore lol you guys are terrible)

I really wanted it to be scary but in the end I spent most of the time laughing at everything lol good try you guys, I appreciate the effort put in xD

Highlight of the night would probably be when Sarah and I went to the toilet to tinkle and when I was done I went to open the door but this random student opened it first and she was about to walk in when she saw my face and she literally yelped and LEAPT BACK in terror omg I am not kidding you. SHE JUMPED. BACKWARDS. IN FEAR.

And I was just dumbfounded like I didn't know what to do, I wasn't even trying to scare her or anything I was just being my normal self except I had terrifying makeup on and I was doing my neutral face which I guess would already be pretty frightening on its own. But the girl was still really stunned and she was like"...sorrry...sorry..." and I just felt soooo bad omg lol I should've been the one apologising but alas I didn't coz I was still in so much shock I just walked away like woah wtf happened.

And it would've been super mean to laugh at her so Sarah and I made sure that we walked a fair distance away from the toilets before we burst out in laughter hahahaha.

Random pic taken with my pal from Vocal Talents after the event ended.

Adorable Patchwork Doll


Alrighty friends, I guess that's all! Hope all of you had a spooky fun time this Halloween!

Ending off the post with a photo of my door, my mum seriously has way too much time on her hands lol.

There were like three Bangladesh construction workers who were doing renovations for our next door neighbour who stood in front of our house admiring our decorations lmao. They were discussing it and making impressed sounds like "woah", "wahhhh", "so scary" LOL it was so cute.

Okay see ya :D

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