Friday, 8 November 2013


Here are a bunch of food pics taken when I was at JEM. These were from a while back, some time in August before a chunk of the ceiling freaking COLLAPSED in the middle of nowhere lol.

Yummy scrummy Cobb Salad from America's Best Salads.

I hate how salad places always charge an arm and a leg, but salads just taste SO DAMN GOOD OMG.

This particular one had fried chicken in it, which tasted AMAZING but probably wasn't that healthy lol.

Buckaroo BBQ Chicken Burger from Earle Swensens. The cheese and mushrooms were delicious and the BBQ sauce was EXQUISITE.

Nowadays when I eat something really nice I just go "YUM, YUM, YUM, YUM, YUM DELICIOUSO~!" a la Dora The Explorer but my mum just stares at me and says "whut" because she doesn't get the reference lmao.

Chocolate fondue~!

Let's be honest, fondues are just one of the things where the food isn't exceptional but it's just a fan favourite because of how fun it is to eat it. Like hotpots, teppanyakis, roasting marshmallows over an open fire, basically anything which requires you to do some cooking yourself before you savour the precious little morsels of food. It's because there's work and effort put into every bite, and it's an activity.

Heart-shaped strawberry awwww kawaii-neh~! ♡

Before I end this post off, here's something I saw on the wall of NTUC Fairprice (sidenote: how awesome is it that the Fairprice Finest at JEM only closes at 11 PM? I just LOVE going places outside late in the night and I also LOVE hanging out at supermarkets coz that's where the fun is at lol. Yup, that's me, teenager who hates clubbing and alcohol but finds immense excitement in whizzing around the aisles of a supermarket and admiring all the wonderful products available in our world) where they have traditional Chinese teachings of all the values that good children should have:

Notice the cat, aka the victim of the wrongdoing lol?


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  1. I'd love to try a cobb salad one day. The food looks really delicious. I love communal dishes where you have to cook it yourself. I find it to be quite a bonding experience.