Thursday, 7 November 2013


This post is actually so overdue that, for a brief moment, I had completely forgotten about its existence. But the folder of Sukiya photos was just sitting there on my desktop, haunting me every time I sat down to use my Macbook.

So during the second week of our two month long semestral break, Kenneth, Nerissa and I headed over to Bugis Plus (Bugis+) to have Suki-ya. Oh my gosh this was like one and a half months ago...Somebody please give me a badge of honour of efficient blogging or something jeez. Anyways, for those of you who are unfamiliar, Suki-ya specialises in sukiyaki (Japanese stew/hot pot) and shabu shabu (thinly sliced meats).

I absolutely love buffets so an all-you-can-eat hotpot/shabu shabu fest sounded like perfection to me :))

The decor there was really something else. You have to experience it yourself to see how beautiful everything is. There were like pretty trees sprouting from the concrete ground with Autumn leaves and shimmering lights, damn.

Yay meat :D

I'm sorry to all the vegetarians out there who are convulsing right now lol.

How does one even live without meat?! I for one cannot survive more than 12 hours without lovely, succulent meat chomp chomp chomp I'm a caveman sometimes ☺

Some other yummies we ordered for the hot pot buffet:

Yeah, I'm one of those people. You know, people who pay good money to dine in a buffet setting but instead end up filling their tummies with instant noodles which you can easily purchase at a supermarket for a few cents. As much as I hate myself for it, considering how I already get full REALLY quickly, instant noodles are just the bomb okay. They have that delectable flavour and aroma that is subtle yet robust at the same time, if that makes sense.

Leafy greens are trunitious. (that's tasty and nutritious to my non-rapper friends)

(i kid)

Bamboo shoots are amazing, if you throw them out when you eat ramen then shame on you. SHAME ON YOU!!

Of course we had to experiment and make our own unique dipping sauce from their range of offerings :))

Didn't really try all the exotic seafood ingredients since I'm not a huge fan of seafood (especially the highly processed kind) and I didn't want to risk getting an allergic reaction coz quite frankly, I don't even know what kinds of seafood I'm allergic to. But what I can tell you is, the cheesy chicken balls were AMAZING. More on that later.

PRO TIP #37: If you're ever having hot pot/steamboat, invite Kenneth/Kenny B/Kenneta/Kenny Kenny Longtime/KaiLun/Boris The Eel (that's still Kenneth)/Chocolate Thunda along. This lil buttock is a freaking WHIZ at preparing the eggs I don't even know where he mastered this skill or when he mastered this fine art but damn, son.

Look at that technique! Look at the results?!!!

Nothing beats that shit, man. Nothing. It tasted soooo good and the texture and everything was just perfect. The flavour of the stock was totally infused into the beaten, fluffy egg pieces. Sure beats having you crack your egg whole into the soup, that's for basic bitches. (like you)


Seriously, I can't speak on Nerissa's behalf but I was just staring in awe the whole time Master Kinnuth did his magic, my jaw hanging ajar.

Okay that's enough raving about eggs, let's move on to RAVING ABOUT CHEESY CHICKEN BALLS.

*glitter falls from the ceiling and angels cascade from the sky playing harps and that...other intrument that angels play...what is it? it's like a trumpet kind of thing? is it a vuvuzela? no, probably not...*

Okay I Googled it and apparently it's just plain ol' trumpets lol.


That moment the savoury cheese sauce bursts into your mouth, MAMMA MIA. Your head starts spinning and images of cute lil puppies running across daisy fields fill your mind. The feelings of bliss and wonder are so overwhelming that you feel the need to grab onto the arm of the person sitting next to you lest you fall over the railings and plummet down one floor of the shopping mall in a moment of giddiness induced by excruciating levels of indulgence.

Or maybe that's just me.

The amount of meat we devoured between the three of us lol.

And to top it all of, we concluded our meal with...

I was so excited about the fact that there was an ice cream machine at the buffet station that I literally shrieked when I first saw it.

It was a disappointment, however, as the chocolate flavoured ice cream turned out to be more of a very lightly chocolate flavoured ice confection :((

Not sure if you guys can tell from the photo, but it doesn't even look creamy. All in all, it tasted bad, real bad Michael Jackson.

The vanilla wasn't bad though, but still. *sad face*

We were way over the stipulated time frame (which I think is 100 minutes, if I recall correctly) so the last few minutes we were rushing like maniacs to stuff as much food as possible down our gullets. Part of it was to get as much food for the price we paid for as possible, but we were also worried that they'd fine us for food wastage lol. There's a lil sticker on every table that states 20% of your bill will be charged for food wastage, but it wasn't very detailed and we didn't want to take the chance. Nevertheless, we just couldn't swallow another bite so we eventually left behind quite a lot of cooked food floating around in the pot, a result of overestimating how much we could eat.

But in the end, we weren't fined for anything so yay for that :D

The three of us were pretty much bursting at the seams after the smorgasbord so we carefully tottered around Bugis+ for a while before Ner had to go back to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival with her family (Quote: "I wanna go play with the lanterns!! ^_^").

Fun fun fun at the arcade~!

Loud noises terrify me lol.

On one hand this looks so adorable and squishy but then you realised somebody probably minced Pooh and moulded his remains into a ball devoid of any facial features and body parts. Yeah, my mind works in morbid ways.

My outfit for that day:

Okie dokie artichokie, it's like three in the morning and I have to wake up in about...oh great! Four hours to get ready for work!

Not that fussed about it though because after my shift I'll be heading over to one of my favourite places on Earth, Changi Airport, to send my dad off on a business trip.

See you guys soon~!



  1. enjoying the entries. they made me laugh. #fanofpuddingfancy MsK

  2. There's nothing like a good buffet. This post is making me hungry. I love how they had an icecream machine, I'm always happy when I see one.