Sunday, 29 December 2013

What Matters Most

It’s not about the one you have the most in common with.
It’s not about empty promises or "white" lies.
It's not about the frequency, or even the "price", of gifts and compliments.
It’s not measured in the amount of time spent together, how much they made you laugh, or the number of interactions you had be it talking, texting, or twitter commenting.

It’s about showing respect for each other’s feelings, values and beliefs.
It’s about knowing the parts of you that are different, yet accepting and embracing them as what make you special.
It’s about earning trust.
The trust for you to show them the parts of you that aren’t exactly a ton of fun.
The ugly sides, the dark sides.
The vulnerability.

And after seeing all your battle scars and imperfections,
making the decision to stay.
Even when it seems like the whole world is shouting in their ear not to.

It’s not rocket science.

Saturday, 28 December 2013

I Love School. (yes i do)

Being accepted into my dream course in my dream school was nothing short of amazing for me. Ever since the day I started researching my post-Secondary education path, all I’ve ever wanted was to be in Media and Communications at Singapore Polytechnic. (concrete and slightly insane proof when I get back to SG and can unearth it and take photos LOL)

At times, I felt like I had no choice but to just give up and settle for courses I knew I had neither interest nor aptitude in. Hell, there were few courses that I was even eligible to apply for. Beggars can’t be choosers, right?

I had to jump through so many hurdles and waste so much time (although i no longer feel that it was a "waste"). It just always seemed like my dream was so close yet so far away.

Despite all the people who told me I couldn’t do it and I should just give up (from mere strangers to the people who were nearest and dearest to me). Despite the hours spent sitting alone feeling so lost and unsure. Despite the number of tears that fell. Despite all the disappointment, fear, anger, and the feeling of being on the brink of insanity. I knew at the back of my mind that I would accomplish my goal one day. Someday, somehow.

Thank you to all the people who advised, consoled, and stood by me. Using each of your own ways of reminding me, reassuring me. And sometimes, pulling me back to Earth when I got my head stuck in the clouds for too long haha.

The journey was long, rocky, and frankly quite terrifying.

Even when things started to fall into place, I was too afraid to celebrate prematurely (haha I said ‘prematurely’). Until the morning of 31st January 2013, (oh what a terrible morning it was, full of adrenaline and PANIC) when I finally received the confirmation I’d been waiting for since 2011 (but what seemed like seven centuries)…

When I first laid eyes on it, my heart began pounding and I just couldn’t believe it. I read the line (that beautiful, beautiful sentence. i want to kiss it forever) over and over again just to make sure I wasn’t crazy.

Then, for the first time in my life, I started bawling (more like wheezing) uncontrollable tears of joy. I’d always thought it’s silly and that I would never experience it in my life (“tears are 80% pain, 19% salt and 1% H20, yo”), but it’s a nice feeling. To know that your tears and sobs are from genuine happiness and relief, after having cried tears of pain for so long :))

The Start of Something New

The beginning wasn't exactly a smooth one.

I punished myself for every moment that I didn’t spend having a good time or being happy. “This is what I asked for, what more do I want?”, I would think. Haha silly me. I forbade myself to feel any negative emotions about ANYTHING related to school. I wouldn’t admit it when I felt fatigued and overwhelmed by the stress of schoolwork. I allowed myself to be stuck in situations that I knew made me feel uncomfortable. I let people sap me of my positive energy and my personal beliefs. I prevented myself from crying out for help.

Hahahahahaha I just thought of all the stupid things in the past I used to get my panties in a knot over, let’s all sit in a circle and laugh about it over a cup of cocoa!! Or milo. Or teh ping. I like teh ping. But it’ll keep me up all night haha. ~♪We’re up all night til the Sun, we’re up all night for good fun. Up all night to get lucky.~ ♫ (lucky meaning i can get more teh ping)


I am beyond thankful to be in this course, where I can finally say “I love school” and know that I genuinely mean and believe it.

To be in 05; forever so fun, supportive, perfectly imperfect and just plain amazing. I’m grateful for every lecturer who touched my life in some way or other (when i’m such a horrible student hahaha oh god). I’m thankful for all the experiences I’ve had (and it’s not even the end of the first year oh my) and all the people I’ve met, and to those whom I’ve had the blessing of really getting to know. Each and every one of them played a part in my journey to happiness (wow so cheesy help me pls).

It's not just about being able to study what I love, too.

I feel like I’m finally in an environment, in a stage of my life, where I can freely be who I am inside. Do the things that make me happy, say the things that I know should be said. I’ve learned that each and every one of us is different, in our own unique and beautiful ways. And anybody who makes you feel oppressed or bad about yourself is a shithead. (kidding) (but seriously)

Okay since we’re dropping cringeworthy clichés, here’s one more to wrap things up: ✧ Lessons don’t just take place in the classroom/lecture theater ✧

I’ve honestly learned so much. From being able to find my voice in a project group, having the humility to ask for help and in return, extend help to people in need. Listening to what the amazing lecturers and fellow students have to say, and just sitting in a room and observing what happens. Every day is an opportunity to learn.

I learned about people and how different we all are. I learned things about myself. I learned more about Life itself. And the most invaluable thing I’ve learned this year? The one thing that I’d spent my whole life thus far thinking, and believing, that I’d never be able to fully understand and accomplish?

I learned how to be happy.


what was I talking about again?

Friday, 13 December 2013

It's Gotta Be Red.

DAY 1: Monday, 9th December 2013

Basically my sister and I slept like wee little piggies til about three in the afternoon so we couldn't get down to a lot of fun activities on the first day of our holiday.

We headed over to the shopping mall near our place. My sister got herself two pairs of AMAZING fancy schmancy canvas shoes for like, ten bucks each. That lucky duck.

I sat at a side while she was doing her shopping and made full use of the free wi-fi supplied from the shopping mall. As well as the airconditioning, gee whiz it is getting blisteringly hot here in the summer.

Yup, that's how I spend my vacation. Lounging around in the seating areas of a shopping mall (they have nice sofas though, forreal) surfing the net on my phone, nyeheheheh.

Afterwards we headed to Big W where I got myself not one, not two, but THREE pairs of shoes!! Yeah, suck on THAT, sister! Meheheheheheheehhhhehehh just kidding.

But seriously though, my shoes cost less than ten bucks each and they are just so gorgeous I...I can't even...*sniff*

I'll see if I can snap a pic of them some time! God, I love them so much they are just so GOSH. DARN. PRETTTTTYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!111!!!!!1

Besides the lovely footwear, I also bought a beautiful pair of floral jeans but I found them in the kids' section. But I bought the biggest size available, which is like for obese children so...I should be able to fit in them...? Idk man.

Also got myself a copy of Miranda Kerr's sequel to her first self-help book! Yay the book is so pretty, just like the author teehee. Maybe if I read it enough times I will become as mindblowingly beautiful as Miranda herself :D


After our shopping trip, we had to go get some food in our tum-tums so off we went to Red Rooster! Yum yum I am licking my lips in anticipation of the food pics to come hehehehehe are you as excited as I am? Okay probably not. Moving on~!

Shout-out to Sumeer aka Ke Han. Look, it's your name plastered on the Coke bottles all around town! Do you feel special? :DD

Vanilla Coke is just the most amazing thing that has ever descended from the Beverage Heavens (yes that is a real place) and bubbled down our lucky throats. I love it so so so so much omg somebody fill a bathtub with it and let me frolick in there for six years please.

YAY OUR KID'S MEALS ARE HERE!! *claps frantically like a retarded seal*

Yes, I'll always love kid's meals and I will order them as long as the establishment allows it! Hmph!

That food box design though...ain't it beautiful?! VC design inspo right there, mmhmmm.

Taking a peak inside...

GOOD GOLLY who put green peas in there instead of my usual junk-a-trunk deep-fried potato-y goodness?!!

Hehe I got my momma to help me swap the peas to Red Rooster's signature chips, yum yum.

But of course, the star of the show is...

The beautiful nuggies ❤ ❤ ❤

Oh, I know what you're thinking. What's so special about a couple of boring, ol' fast food chain nuggets, right? WRONG. Take a look at that little golden piece of heaven, right there. Battered and breaded then deep-fried to absolute perfection. Do your eyes deceive you, or are those little specks sesame seeds embedded in the nugget's wonderful crust? That's right, tiny sesame seeds are sprinkled onto the coating of this beautiful chunk of chicken meat. Because this ain't your normal, run-of-the-mill nugget. No siree. This, is a special nugget. And you's about to find out why.

*insert delicate bite*


Look. LOOK. At that cheese.

Peeking out of the nugget, tempting and teasing you with it's creamy deliciousness.

Oh god it's so warm and oozey and delicious ahhhhhh I can't.


(i understand that all this sounds quite dirty and suggestive but bear with me please, do not taint the wonderful innocent activity that is, enjoying the marvellous experience of eating...)

❤ ❤ ❤ CHEESY NUGGETS ❤ ❤ ❤

Alright, that was my little segment on how I clearly love cheesy nuggets WAY too much.

But seriously though, that shit is the bomb DIGGITY and if you just have one bite of it, MAN I SWEAR it will change your life forEVER!!

Okay. Moving on.

Dessert is served~!

Hello, warm and delicious apple bites. We meet again.

(i would launch in a tirade of how amazing apple bites are but I'm kinda tired after the whole cheesy nuggets thing and also it's like 1200 degrees here in Australia right now and my brain is sweating so)

Yummy apple curd and jam delightfully contained in a delicious pastry crust, baked to crunchy perfection.

Take a bite?


(that's pleasurable moaning induced from the intensely wonderful flavours from the apple bites, rubbing your face and neck and body while emitting the noise is encouraged too, ESPECIALLY when you are having it in public)

The pastry crust breaks with a delectable crunch, giving way to the warm and truly delicious apple sauce which flows into your mouth, with delightful hints of cinnamon.

Holy cow, I want some more now.

Anyways, we wrapped things up at Red Rooster (literally, we wrapped up the food we had to take away. i may or may not have ordered a box of six more cheesy nuggets...) (okay i did. and they were AWESOMEEEEE) and we did MORE shopping!!

We drove off to a different mall where there was Kmart (i freaking love Kmart with all my heart, i tell you) and yippee-dee-skip, they were open til 9pm!

I bought me a bunch of clothes and mum got me a nice bag.

I've run out of things to say now so here's a nice picture of the window scenery when I was in the car:

I simply adore the clear blue skies Down Under.

Some day I wish to travel across the globe and see how the skies look like from each different country :)) ❤

I'm off to go watch The Newsroom now (yay for loading up my Macbook with all the seasons available before I headed to Perth, that show is freaking FANTASTIC) while eating a yummalicious pie from Jester. Oh my holy turtle I simply LOVE Jester's pies. LOVE, I tell you!! LOVE!!!!!!!!

One time my family and I ordered like, $50 worth of pies and brought them over to Singapore where they stayed in our freezer and kept us fed for weeks on end haha. It was great but we all developed some form of pie phobia by the end of it all :P

Wednesday, 11 December 2013


In the late afternoon of Sunday, my family and I made our way to Changi Airport, aka My Favourite Place in Singapore ❤

It was raining pretty heavily :) ☂

Customary photo of the beautiful Christmas decorations in Terminal 1!

Everything was so sparkly and ostentatious ヾ(@゜▽゜@)ノ

My sister and I were totally starving (both of us woke up at around noon and didn’t have anything for breakfast except a couple of sour cream and onion Lays #healthy) so we grabbed some yummy but crazily expensive food at a café!

Mmmmmm yummy sandwiches~!!

They all looked freaking delicious, I was really spoilt for choice!

Went with the Pesto & Chicken Foccacia, which was one of the less pricey ones and let’s be honest, anything that has pesto in it is nothing short of BOMB DIGGITY AWESOME.

Turned out to be AMAZING. I let my sis (who got herself a chocolate croissant) try some of the pesto cream sauce and she literally (ok not really) had tears running down her cute little chubby cheeks because it was just soooooo tasty.

Psychedelic Social Tree thingy in the departure area. It’s basically where travellers can take a webcam picture of themselves, decorate it with some filters and effects and pop it onto the “tree”.

Pretty cool concept, if you don’t mind having your face plastered on the screen for everyone to see. But it wasn’t really my thing so I wandered off to the observatory behind the giant electronic tree and had a peek at the airplanes.

Hello, twin Qantas airplanes! Notice how the tail have slightly different designs.

And later on…

I was in one of them!! :DDDDD

Mirror selfie: Inflight entertainment edition LOLOLOLOLOLOL hi

Howdy-doodly :D

We took off and I kept myself entertained by watching We’re The Millers. It’s a movie I’ve been wanting to see for a long time now. I’d always knew that it’d be pretty funny and Jennifer Aniston having strip tease scenes was definitely a plus point (they did not disappoint). Overall the movie was aight, induced a couple of chuckles here and there but nothing groundbreaking and pretty slapstick and predictable at times.

Dinner is served~!

My sister’s lovely kid’s meal.

Which would be perceived as gourmet dining in comparison to mine…

What seems to be mush served at a retirement home where the elderly are no longer equipped with teeth enabling them to actually chew. It was actually (from left to right) chicken pieces in mushroom and tomato sauce, green peas, and mashed potatoes.

D- for presentation (seriously, guys? seriously?!?!) but in all honesty, it didn’t taste bad. In fact, the chicken was passable and I actually really enjoyed the mashed potatoes, they had a good balance of buttery and cheesy flavours. With that being said, it all tasted way too strong and throughout the meal I couldn’t stop thinking about how many tons of seasoning they must have poured into each serve to make it taste good when eaten at high altitudes.

Appetiser was potato salad (meh) and dessert was mango pudding topped off with sago. I don’t know why on Earth it was so, but the pudding was really grainy and weird instead of being smooth and delicious like a normal pudding should. I’m actually a pretty big fan of Qantas (my second favourite airline, hooray!) but cmon guys. Take some tips from Singapore Airlines. Their meals are simple too but absolutely delicious, including their yummalicious desserts (hello, vanilla muffin). And Qantas had their fair share of non-disgusting puddings too, check out this AMAZING lemongrass one I had the last time I headed Down Under. Bellisimo~ ♡

After the meal, I was getting really tired (I’ll never know why, I’d slept 13 hours the night before) so I nodded off for a bit while listening to…*gulp* Justin Bieber. (say what you want about that boy but some of his music is actually pretty good)

♫ "If I was your boyfriend, I'd never let you go."

"As long as you, lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-love LOVE ME. LOVE ME." ♪

With nap time out of the way, I resumed my entertainment by watching some Business feature of the greatest advertisements and marketing campaigns around the world in 2013. Hehehe guess it was my being a Communications student kicking in :P But it was really fun to watch and I’ve always loved seeing great commercials!

Soon it was almost time for landing. I peeked out my window (yay for window seats!) and oh my freaking goodness. The Moon looked absolutely beautiful.

Awe-inspiring, isn’t it? I looked at it (with my glasses, if not it’d just be a big silvery blob in the sky) and my jaw almost dropped.

It doesn’t reflect well in the photograph, but it was so big and beautiful, glowing and shining in the skyline. It really felt like it was just so…close, you know? I could see all the features on it, it was almost like I could make out the face of the Moon. What? Moons have faces on them, right? Or maybe it’s just my imagination haha. Or from watching too much Bear in the Big Blue House as a kid :P

One more. Ain’t it grand? ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ

And so we arrive in Perth, Western Australia on a Summer’s night with a lovely temperature of 18ºC.

We roam around the shops for a bit before heading home in our rented car.

Look! It’s a partridge in a pear tree! Hehehe :DDD

Cute little fake baby with a terrifying expression on its face.


We head to the bookstore, which of course, is absolute heaven for me.

*breathes in the scent of all the wonderful books*

Oh, joy!

Little xmas puddings! I’ve never actually tried a Christmas pudding before, hmmm. Maybe this Christmas will be the time for a new addition to the List of Puddings I’ve Sampled! Lolololol there is no such list but still.

In the meanwhile, I hope all of you are having a wonderfully joyous holiday season! Thank you for reading and shoutout to all my lovely friends from 05 who may be reading this. You are so awesome for supporting PuddingFancy even without me being in Singapore and physically forcing encouraging you to read my blog! I miss you all so much and I can’t wait to get back and squish your cute little faces and poke at your soft cheeks!!

Love ya lots~! Toodles~~~! ❤


Friday, 6 December 2013


Howdy doodly, my furry-faced friends! Today I'm going to be blogging about...*sniff* the last week of the school term, and the last week of school for 2013!!

*cue Mr Krabs playing sentimental music on the world's smallest violin*

(it's a real thing, you know)

So yeah, I've been editing all the pictures you're about to see in this post for the past two or so hours and here I am now at 2:51 AM (I know it says that this blog entry was published at 11PM on Friday but I actually hit 'publish' before midnight so I could save the date hehe. Vanessa is on to my tricks oh no!!) typing furiously away because I am just so GOSH DARN TIRED. Ugh I am utterly exhausted and it feels like my eyeballs aren't even in my head at the moment, they are so tired I feel like they are gonna pop out onto the desk and bounce onto the floor omg.

But anyways, let's get right onto it, shall we? :D


The wonderful happenings of Monday were already posted here hehehehe~!

Good day, it was!


We had two lectures in the afternooooooon!

Mirror selfie with @VANNVANZ in the loo~

The mirror is rather dirty don't you think? Gosh somebody should clean it. With some soap...maybe...

"Coz with your hand in my hand, and a pocket full of SOAP, I can tell you there's no place we couldn't go~~~" ♫

Nerissa and I letting our attentions wander during Social Psych lecture. (doesn't she look like a bear?!)

Afterwards it was time for HMB (yay!!) and Ms Kwa told all of us to gtfo out the lecture hall for 10 minutes lol. Not gonna lie, I had my money on her changing into a Santa Claus outfit in the lecture theatre, but later on it was revealed that that couldn't happen as Ms Kwa was too slim lol ~.~

Selfie with Summer being a terrorist whilst waiting to go back into the lecture hall. We are spectacle buddies!! (don't reject me on this Summer)

The HMB lecture was full of wonderful little surprises...

She gave us candy canes!! Awwwwww~!!

Nothing says CHRISTMAS like candy canes!!

And Ferrero Rocher's~! Here's me taking a photo of Nerissa taking a photo of the Ferrero Rocher's lol.

Ms Kwa so sweet~ (๑>ᴗ<๑) Thank you so much Ms Kwa, if you're reading this! We love you heaps and HEAPS!!

Selfie: Spectacles edition

Selfie: No spectacles edition!

(i are lame)

As promised, the lecture was a special holiday edition! YAY~!!

Interesting tidbits of info learnt throughout the lecture. My favourite part was learning how it has been shown that humans experience a good feeling when we give, and how it's actually been proven that we prefer giving over receiving. Cool stuff!!

And to top it all off, at the end of the lecture Ms Kwa revealed a fantastic surprise where she instructed us all to look under our seats. It was so fun lol everyone was scrambling under the chairs trying to find the mystery gift. I got one, which was ✧AWESOME✧ and guess what? I and 14 other people were given a mystery gift by Ms Kwa!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH SHE IS TOO GREAT TO BE TRUE.

I got a beautiful set of mini highlighters (they are so cute and colourful omg I love them and I shall take good care of them forever) and Nerissa (another lucky winner, GO her!) got an adorable lil notebook.

Thank you soooooooooo much Ms Kwa!! You didn't even have to do that and it's's just these little things that you do extra for your students that make us all love you SO much the room might explode with the ENORMOUS amounts of LOVE. You are the BEE'S KNEES, Ms Kwa!! We LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! Muahh~! ❤

Afterwards we had PC (where Mr Ken surprised us with candy canes filled with Hershey chocolates! He is so nice I am starting to like him and his lessons more and more) which was a pretty chill lesson.

We went to FC5 to get food and it was amazing. It was a cold and rainy day and I was STAHHHHHHHH-VINGGGGGGG so I couldn't WAIT to stuff my face with hot junk food, fresh out of the deep fryer.

Esther being an adorable fart.

I shared my junk food around because it's great to GIVE :D

And it's also good to share the calories ehehehheheheh we shall all be fat TOGETHARRRRR.


Nothing, because I was just too plum-tuckered out to peel my body off of my bed to go to an 8 AM Social Psych class, thank you very much. Did I mention it was also the most glorious rainy weather to sleep in forever?!

So yeah I slept til 3PM (no joke lol) then I went out with my fam :P

Kinda sad that I missed the last lesson with Ms Trudy for this year though :((
I am going to miss her soooo much!!!!!!!!!!! *creys*


FINALLY the day of our VPDP submissions. The night before was spent rushing our little bums off, getting everything that needed to be handed in DONE. And once we submitted all the necessary shits on Blackboard, and headed to school to submit the hardcopies to Mr Kan, GOOD LORDY THAT SWEET SWEET RELIEF AND SENSE OF ACHIEVEMENT LET ME JUST TELL YOU.


It was so good :'))

We spent time in class watching each other's short films. It was awesome coz everybody did so well. And it's extra fun to watch when you know how hard each of us has been working on our projects this past few weeks. Damn, the fruits of our labour are really sweet as hell :'))))

We went for lunch and I was one of the lucky three who got to sit down at the same table with Ms Kwa!! OMG FANGIRL MODE: ON

Hello delicious ayam penyet, see you again next year.


Mr Kan Lume is amazing and he actually took the time to prepare a Pass The Parcel game for us. And he told us that he did this only for us, he didn't do it for his own 03 form class AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW~!!!!!!!!!!

05 is just the best haha no offense guys but the competition is done, it's over. All of you can go home now! Buh-bye!

#bitch lol just kidding guys

Cute lil parcel over there which contained gum (illegal from Malaysia gasp!), chocolates, lollipops and in the very last layer, a tube of Pringles lol.

As if that wasn't enough fun, we proceed outside to the foyer and played even MORE fun games!! OMG WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~!!!!!!!!

We played two awesome games and both of them were really suspenseful and exciting. The first had us getting water thrown at our face (fun!) and the second one involved getting Johnson's baby powder sprinkled on our noggins (fun AND fragrant!). Mr Kan is très awesome~!

Thursday felt like the last day of school, what with all the holiday festivities and farewell games. On top of that, the next day was VC so a whole bunch of us weren't even gonna turn up lol.

Selfies with my darlings~!


Apparently I blog about her so much that if you Google her name, half of the results would be PuddingFancy-related lol.

Beautiful and AWESOME Lynette Neo Xin Yi~!!

Summah, who looks SUPER THRILLED to be taking a selfie with me!

Azra, who just exudes RADIANCE AND BEAUTY everywhere she goes!!

Afterwards we trudged to the MRT station together as usual. I employed the help of SaSa (that's Vanessa + Nerissa, not the Hong Kong cosmetic chain store) to help me take of photo with some people and

they took a selfie instead trololololol.

But all is forgiven coz they did help me take a great photo! (also they have cute faces don't they hehehe)

L-R: Syazana, Hariz, Sarah and I.


But you guys are pretty dang AWESOME!! *hugs and kisses all around*

Then SaSa and I went to JEM to lepak. Originally we'd wanted to go to Paris Baguette and try the pudding bottles (yay pudding) but Sogurt caught Nerissa's eye and she squealed and jumped about like an overexcited nine-year-old (ok not really but that's how it happened in my head) and she was just TOO adorable so to Sogurt we went!

My first time getting froyo here and it was pretty amazing :))

They had Pumpkin Pie flavoured froyo, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!

Turned out to be quite possibly the best flavour of froyo I have tasted thus far, not gonna lie. It was so good, with LAYERS of flavour. LAYERS, I TELL YOU!! (insert Shrek reference)

At first it was sweet but not too overpowering, then creamy and ending off with a wonderful aftertaste of buttery and even slightly cheesy flavours. BELLISIMA~ ♡


See this is why I love getting frozen yogurt. You get to decide the flavour combos of froyo and exactly how much you wanna squeeze out from the machines. Then you make your way to the toppings buffet (HAVE I EVER SCREAMED IN YOUR EAR JUST HOW MUCH I LOVE BUFFETS?!!) and decided what kind and just how much of fruits, chocolates, nuts, cereals, candies and syrups you would like to PILE on top of your beautiful froyo mountain.

This process thrills me, very much.

A picture of my beautiful froyo before I massacre it with HEAPINGS of beautiful toppings. I got Nutella, Lychee and Pumpkin Pie (aka yum, yum, and YUMMMMMMM).

Dry toppings YEAH let's DO THIS!!

Would've piled more toppings on but the girl was standing there and that gave me a lot of pressure and also my froyo was not staying frozen for too long haha.

YAY!!! Love love love love love love love ❤

Can't really recall every single thing but I got bananas, strawberries, jellies, lychee pops, yogurt pops (pops are delicious and soooooo fun to pop omg lol can someone tell me where I can just get a big BUCKET of them please thank youuuu), rainbow cereal (yum), almonds and chocolate chips. Topped off with a drizzle of caramel, yum yum!!

Ner, Van and I just sat at Sogurt for a good hour or so discussing how each of us have been victimized by a particular someone who we've had the misfortune to get stuck with and have had to tolerate all this time, almost on a daily basis. But isn't it a sweet sense of relief to be able to find people who share the same hate as you? Lol~

It's funny coz people bond and get closer by bitching about people we dislike in common ahahaha.

Love these two ladies so so so much ❤

I'm CRAZILY thankful of how much closer we've gotten as compared to last semester, where we were just friends. Sigh :')))


The OFFICIAL last day of school oh ma gaaaaahddd~!

VC was kinda okay. We made microsites and shit, it was a pretty uneventful class.

Rainy day so I got myself a real treat for our lunch break...

Curry maggi (instant noodles)!!

Still nowhere as legendary as the way my mum makes it (mama always does it best!) but it was hearty and delicious nonetheless! So much veggies yummy yum yum~~ And ham and sausages and FRIED SHALLOTS!! I LOVE SHALLOTS GOBBLE GOBBLE.

Hehe okay that's about all for this week, I had so much fun typing this post and reliving all the fun-ass moments we had. Was kinda high typing this, don't know if you could tell LOL.

I'm gonna miss you guys soooo much!!

First picture of the post was with VANNVANZ, now I'm gonna end off with a selfie I took with VANNVANZ on Friday. ARE YOU HONOURED, VUNUSSU?!?!!!


❤ ❤ ❤