Monday, 2 December 2013

Not All Mondays Are Blue

Oh my goodness I am actually blogging about events less than 24 hours after they took place, I'd say that's a pretty big step-up from blogging about things one to eight months after they have happened . Or never.

A+ for efficiency!

I actually just really wanted to blog about today's happenings because it was such a great day :))

First of all, early in the morning the HMB CA10 presentation took place. All the stressing and rushing over the past few days (sometimes last minute rushing does work out and everything just falls into place) and the sleepless nights getting the report done and doing final preparations for the presentation.

After it was over, it felt like a giant burden was lifted off our shoulders, as with all the project submissions.

Despite all the worrying and freaking out, I'm so happy with my team and the wonderful work we produced :))

Great job guys!

Oh yes, that's Hazim Faiz in my group. That's right, THE Hazim Faiz.

Hot diggity dog.

How many girls are crying hot tears of pure jealousy right now? Hahaha I kid~

What is it like working with a young football extraordinaire? Well that's the funny thing about all this. When I first met Hazim, I knew him as a classmate rather than a soccer superstar. I got to know him as a really funny and chill guy (he's mixed-blood so that makes me really jealous) and I only came to realize just how big he is (lol) in the world of sports and young athletes much later on.

So yeah, I always think it's so interesting when it comes to relationships with famous people. All the fans would be trying to put themselves in the shoes of their favourite celebrities' friends and family, thinking how great it would be to be such a big part of their personal lives. But to them, the celebrity is just like another pal, another daughter or son, another cousin. Okay it's really late at night and I'm blabbering lol.

Moving on~!

After HMB we went to get breakfast (brunch? it was like 11 AM lol) because GenEd was cancelled (gasp!).

At this point my insides were already bubbling with excitement because of

a) How well the presentation went and frankly, how glad I was that it was over
c) Me being really sleep-deprived from having to rush out the report the previous night because, as usual, I procrastinate til the very last minute.

We embarked on a wonderful journey to...Holland Village!!

Omg so funnnnn ahhhhhhh I cannot take it!!

Look at the excitement on my face teeheeeee~

Vanessa is a cutie, long ass escalators where we're the only ones riding are FUN!

Lé beautiful Mademoiselle Rachael~

Keepin' it classy since 1996.

(what in the actual hell am I talking about lol I don't even know man it's like 3 in the morning now)

(although it says this post was published at 11PM but I just didn't want have this entry dated Tuesday instead of Monday so I went ahead to post a blank draft but with the saved date hehehe you feel me? no? okay then)

It was a beautifully rainy and PERFECT morning. We went to this AMAZING bakery/cafe and it was such a nice experience!

I was feeling so ecstatic and thankful for everything that was happening, life was so great that I felt like I would EXPLODE with overwhelming levels of glee anytime soon!

Trying Eggs Benedict for the first time in my life, I was really excited!

Oh my god even thinking back to earlier today and sort of reliving those moments makes me feel soooo happy. I've really been going back to loving life like crazy these past few days, and I certainly hope this doesn't stop anytime soon because I just LOVE this feeling!

Selfie with Summer aka 2Chainz aka CNY Tangerine.

The beautiful and artistic Lynette with her awesome motivational stickers. I love her positive energy and I sure hope some of it rubs off on me :))

Vanessa and Nerissa being insanely adorbz as usual. (I actually hate that stupid word but...they are just so ADORBZ?! You feel me???!!)

Love them both to the moon and back ♡

Summer's amazing cake/giant brownie.

And my Eggs Ben!!


UGH it was so beautiful I swear I thought I was about to cry. HOLLANDAISE SAUCE IS AMAZING CAN I SMELL IT FOREVER AND EVER.


Popping egg yolks is one of the little joys in life which I happen to LOVE.

And to end this post off, a beautiful picture which I love so much, of the beautiful people whom I'm really so thankful and honoured to have come to known this amazing year ❤

Summer, Sarah, Esther, Rachael, Kenneth, Vanessa, Nerissa, Gloria, Lynette

Yes I used a pudding to cover my face because it looks like a cow's butt in this photo.

But other than that, this photo is so lovely and perfect and I will treasure it forever and ever. Just like all the memories I've had with you guys, and the rest of the fantastic people from 05, and the people from SP. Why do I get to have all these amazing characters in the story of my life?! Sigh, I am truly so blessed and grateful for everything :'))

Love you guys, good night and sweet dreams~ ☆

(3.10 AM now, I am NOT gonna have a fun time waking up later in the morning)

(Oh but I am looking forward to Ms Kwa's special CHRISTMAS EDITION lecture hahaha!)


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