Friday, 13 December 2013

It's Gotta Be Red.

DAY 1: Monday, 9th December 2013

Basically my sister and I slept like wee little piggies til about three in the afternoon so we couldn't get down to a lot of fun activities on the first day of our holiday.

We headed over to the shopping mall near our place. My sister got herself two pairs of AMAZING fancy schmancy canvas shoes for like, ten bucks each. That lucky duck.

I sat at a side while she was doing her shopping and made full use of the free wi-fi supplied from the shopping mall. As well as the airconditioning, gee whiz it is getting blisteringly hot here in the summer.

Yup, that's how I spend my vacation. Lounging around in the seating areas of a shopping mall (they have nice sofas though, forreal) surfing the net on my phone, nyeheheheh.

Afterwards we headed to Big W where I got myself not one, not two, but THREE pairs of shoes!! Yeah, suck on THAT, sister! Meheheheheheheehhhhehehh just kidding.

But seriously though, my shoes cost less than ten bucks each and they are just so gorgeous I...I can't even...*sniff*

I'll see if I can snap a pic of them some time! God, I love them so much they are just so GOSH. DARN. PRETTTTTYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!111!!!!!1

Besides the lovely footwear, I also bought a beautiful pair of floral jeans but I found them in the kids' section. But I bought the biggest size available, which is like for obese children so...I should be able to fit in them...? Idk man.

Also got myself a copy of Miranda Kerr's sequel to her first self-help book! Yay the book is so pretty, just like the author teehee. Maybe if I read it enough times I will become as mindblowingly beautiful as Miranda herself :D


After our shopping trip, we had to go get some food in our tum-tums so off we went to Red Rooster! Yum yum I am licking my lips in anticipation of the food pics to come hehehehehe are you as excited as I am? Okay probably not. Moving on~!

Shout-out to Sumeer aka Ke Han. Look, it's your name plastered on the Coke bottles all around town! Do you feel special? :DD

Vanilla Coke is just the most amazing thing that has ever descended from the Beverage Heavens (yes that is a real place) and bubbled down our lucky throats. I love it so so so so much omg somebody fill a bathtub with it and let me frolick in there for six years please.

YAY OUR KID'S MEALS ARE HERE!! *claps frantically like a retarded seal*

Yes, I'll always love kid's meals and I will order them as long as the establishment allows it! Hmph!

That food box design though...ain't it beautiful?! VC design inspo right there, mmhmmm.

Taking a peak inside...

GOOD GOLLY who put green peas in there instead of my usual junk-a-trunk deep-fried potato-y goodness?!!

Hehe I got my momma to help me swap the peas to Red Rooster's signature chips, yum yum.

But of course, the star of the show is...

The beautiful nuggies ❤ ❤ ❤

Oh, I know what you're thinking. What's so special about a couple of boring, ol' fast food chain nuggets, right? WRONG. Take a look at that little golden piece of heaven, right there. Battered and breaded then deep-fried to absolute perfection. Do your eyes deceive you, or are those little specks sesame seeds embedded in the nugget's wonderful crust? That's right, tiny sesame seeds are sprinkled onto the coating of this beautiful chunk of chicken meat. Because this ain't your normal, run-of-the-mill nugget. No siree. This, is a special nugget. And you's about to find out why.

*insert delicate bite*


Look. LOOK. At that cheese.

Peeking out of the nugget, tempting and teasing you with it's creamy deliciousness.

Oh god it's so warm and oozey and delicious ahhhhhh I can't.


(i understand that all this sounds quite dirty and suggestive but bear with me please, do not taint the wonderful innocent activity that is, enjoying the marvellous experience of eating...)

❤ ❤ ❤ CHEESY NUGGETS ❤ ❤ ❤

Alright, that was my little segment on how I clearly love cheesy nuggets WAY too much.

But seriously though, that shit is the bomb DIGGITY and if you just have one bite of it, MAN I SWEAR it will change your life forEVER!!

Okay. Moving on.

Dessert is served~!

Hello, warm and delicious apple bites. We meet again.

(i would launch in a tirade of how amazing apple bites are but I'm kinda tired after the whole cheesy nuggets thing and also it's like 1200 degrees here in Australia right now and my brain is sweating so)

Yummy apple curd and jam delightfully contained in a delicious pastry crust, baked to crunchy perfection.

Take a bite?


(that's pleasurable moaning induced from the intensely wonderful flavours from the apple bites, rubbing your face and neck and body while emitting the noise is encouraged too, ESPECIALLY when you are having it in public)

The pastry crust breaks with a delectable crunch, giving way to the warm and truly delicious apple sauce which flows into your mouth, with delightful hints of cinnamon.

Holy cow, I want some more now.

Anyways, we wrapped things up at Red Rooster (literally, we wrapped up the food we had to take away. i may or may not have ordered a box of six more cheesy nuggets...) (okay i did. and they were AWESOMEEEEE) and we did MORE shopping!!

We drove off to a different mall where there was Kmart (i freaking love Kmart with all my heart, i tell you) and yippee-dee-skip, they were open til 9pm!

I bought me a bunch of clothes and mum got me a nice bag.

I've run out of things to say now so here's a nice picture of the window scenery when I was in the car:

I simply adore the clear blue skies Down Under.

Some day I wish to travel across the globe and see how the skies look like from each different country :)) ❤

I'm off to go watch The Newsroom now (yay for loading up my Macbook with all the seasons available before I headed to Perth, that show is freaking FANTASTIC) while eating a yummalicious pie from Jester. Oh my holy turtle I simply LOVE Jester's pies. LOVE, I tell you!! LOVE!!!!!!!!

One time my family and I ordered like, $50 worth of pies and brought them over to Singapore where they stayed in our freezer and kept us fed for weeks on end haha. It was great but we all developed some form of pie phobia by the end of it all :P

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