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Howdy doodly, my furry-faced friends! Today I'm going to be blogging about...*sniff* the last week of the school term, and the last week of school for 2013!!

*cue Mr Krabs playing sentimental music on the world's smallest violin*

(it's a real thing, you know)

So yeah, I've been editing all the pictures you're about to see in this post for the past two or so hours and here I am now at 2:51 AM (I know it says that this blog entry was published at 11PM on Friday but I actually hit 'publish' before midnight so I could save the date hehe. Vanessa is on to my tricks oh no!!) typing furiously away because I am just so GOSH DARN TIRED. Ugh I am utterly exhausted and it feels like my eyeballs aren't even in my head at the moment, they are so tired I feel like they are gonna pop out onto the desk and bounce onto the floor omg.

But anyways, let's get right onto it, shall we? :D


The wonderful happenings of Monday were already posted here hehehehe~!

Good day, it was!


We had two lectures in the afternooooooon!

Mirror selfie with @VANNVANZ in the loo~

The mirror is rather dirty don't you think? Gosh somebody should clean it. With some soap...maybe...

"Coz with your hand in my hand, and a pocket full of SOAP, I can tell you there's no place we couldn't go~~~" ♫

Nerissa and I letting our attentions wander during Social Psych lecture. (doesn't she look like a bear?!)

Afterwards it was time for HMB (yay!!) and Ms Kwa told all of us to gtfo out the lecture hall for 10 minutes lol. Not gonna lie, I had my money on her changing into a Santa Claus outfit in the lecture theatre, but later on it was revealed that that couldn't happen as Ms Kwa was too slim lol ~.~

Selfie with Summer being a terrorist whilst waiting to go back into the lecture hall. We are spectacle buddies!! (don't reject me on this Summer)

The HMB lecture was full of wonderful little surprises...

She gave us candy canes!! Awwwwww~!!

Nothing says CHRISTMAS like candy canes!!

And Ferrero Rocher's~! Here's me taking a photo of Nerissa taking a photo of the Ferrero Rocher's lol.

Ms Kwa so sweet~ (๑>ᴗ<๑) Thank you so much Ms Kwa, if you're reading this! We love you heaps and HEAPS!!

Selfie: Spectacles edition

Selfie: No spectacles edition!

(i are lame)

As promised, the lecture was a special holiday edition! YAY~!!

Interesting tidbits of info learnt throughout the lecture. My favourite part was learning how it has been shown that humans experience a good feeling when we give, and how it's actually been proven that we prefer giving over receiving. Cool stuff!!

And to top it all off, at the end of the lecture Ms Kwa revealed a fantastic surprise where she instructed us all to look under our seats. It was so fun lol everyone was scrambling under the chairs trying to find the mystery gift. I got one, which was ✧AWESOME✧ and guess what? I and 14 other people were given a mystery gift by Ms Kwa!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH SHE IS TOO GREAT TO BE TRUE.

I got a beautiful set of mini highlighters (they are so cute and colourful omg I love them and I shall take good care of them forever) and Nerissa (another lucky winner, GO her!) got an adorable lil notebook.

Thank you soooooooooo much Ms Kwa!! You didn't even have to do that and it's's just these little things that you do extra for your students that make us all love you SO much the room might explode with the ENORMOUS amounts of LOVE. You are the BEE'S KNEES, Ms Kwa!! We LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! Muahh~! ❤

Afterwards we had PC (where Mr Ken surprised us with candy canes filled with Hershey chocolates! He is so nice I am starting to like him and his lessons more and more) which was a pretty chill lesson.

We went to FC5 to get food and it was amazing. It was a cold and rainy day and I was STAHHHHHHHH-VINGGGGGGG so I couldn't WAIT to stuff my face with hot junk food, fresh out of the deep fryer.

Esther being an adorable fart.

I shared my junk food around because it's great to GIVE :D

And it's also good to share the calories ehehehheheheh we shall all be fat TOGETHARRRRR.


Nothing, because I was just too plum-tuckered out to peel my body off of my bed to go to an 8 AM Social Psych class, thank you very much. Did I mention it was also the most glorious rainy weather to sleep in forever?!

So yeah I slept til 3PM (no joke lol) then I went out with my fam :P

Kinda sad that I missed the last lesson with Ms Trudy for this year though :((
I am going to miss her soooo much!!!!!!!!!!! *creys*


FINALLY the day of our VPDP submissions. The night before was spent rushing our little bums off, getting everything that needed to be handed in DONE. And once we submitted all the necessary shits on Blackboard, and headed to school to submit the hardcopies to Mr Kan, GOOD LORDY THAT SWEET SWEET RELIEF AND SENSE OF ACHIEVEMENT LET ME JUST TELL YOU.


It was so good :'))

We spent time in class watching each other's short films. It was awesome coz everybody did so well. And it's extra fun to watch when you know how hard each of us has been working on our projects this past few weeks. Damn, the fruits of our labour are really sweet as hell :'))))

We went for lunch and I was one of the lucky three who got to sit down at the same table with Ms Kwa!! OMG FANGIRL MODE: ON

Hello delicious ayam penyet, see you again next year.


Mr Kan Lume is amazing and he actually took the time to prepare a Pass The Parcel game for us. And he told us that he did this only for us, he didn't do it for his own 03 form class AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW~!!!!!!!!!!

05 is just the best haha no offense guys but the competition is done, it's over. All of you can go home now! Buh-bye!

#bitch lol just kidding guys

Cute lil parcel over there which contained gum (illegal from Malaysia gasp!), chocolates, lollipops and in the very last layer, a tube of Pringles lol.

As if that wasn't enough fun, we proceed outside to the foyer and played even MORE fun games!! OMG WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~!!!!!!!!

We played two awesome games and both of them were really suspenseful and exciting. The first had us getting water thrown at our face (fun!) and the second one involved getting Johnson's baby powder sprinkled on our noggins (fun AND fragrant!). Mr Kan is très awesome~!

Thursday felt like the last day of school, what with all the holiday festivities and farewell games. On top of that, the next day was VC so a whole bunch of us weren't even gonna turn up lol.

Selfies with my darlings~!


Apparently I blog about her so much that if you Google her name, half of the results would be PuddingFancy-related lol.

Beautiful and AWESOME Lynette Neo Xin Yi~!!

Summah, who looks SUPER THRILLED to be taking a selfie with me!

Azra, who just exudes RADIANCE AND BEAUTY everywhere she goes!!

Afterwards we trudged to the MRT station together as usual. I employed the help of SaSa (that's Vanessa + Nerissa, not the Hong Kong cosmetic chain store) to help me take of photo with some people and

they took a selfie instead trololololol.

But all is forgiven coz they did help me take a great photo! (also they have cute faces don't they hehehe)

L-R: Syazana, Hariz, Sarah and I.


But you guys are pretty dang AWESOME!! *hugs and kisses all around*

Then SaSa and I went to JEM to lepak. Originally we'd wanted to go to Paris Baguette and try the pudding bottles (yay pudding) but Sogurt caught Nerissa's eye and she squealed and jumped about like an overexcited nine-year-old (ok not really but that's how it happened in my head) and she was just TOO adorable so to Sogurt we went!

My first time getting froyo here and it was pretty amazing :))

They had Pumpkin Pie flavoured froyo, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!

Turned out to be quite possibly the best flavour of froyo I have tasted thus far, not gonna lie. It was so good, with LAYERS of flavour. LAYERS, I TELL YOU!! (insert Shrek reference)

At first it was sweet but not too overpowering, then creamy and ending off with a wonderful aftertaste of buttery and even slightly cheesy flavours. BELLISIMA~ ♡


See this is why I love getting frozen yogurt. You get to decide the flavour combos of froyo and exactly how much you wanna squeeze out from the machines. Then you make your way to the toppings buffet (HAVE I EVER SCREAMED IN YOUR EAR JUST HOW MUCH I LOVE BUFFETS?!!) and decided what kind and just how much of fruits, chocolates, nuts, cereals, candies and syrups you would like to PILE on top of your beautiful froyo mountain.

This process thrills me, very much.

A picture of my beautiful froyo before I massacre it with HEAPINGS of beautiful toppings. I got Nutella, Lychee and Pumpkin Pie (aka yum, yum, and YUMMMMMMM).

Dry toppings YEAH let's DO THIS!!

Would've piled more toppings on but the girl was standing there and that gave me a lot of pressure and also my froyo was not staying frozen for too long haha.

YAY!!! Love love love love love love love ❤

Can't really recall every single thing but I got bananas, strawberries, jellies, lychee pops, yogurt pops (pops are delicious and soooooo fun to pop omg lol can someone tell me where I can just get a big BUCKET of them please thank youuuu), rainbow cereal (yum), almonds and chocolate chips. Topped off with a drizzle of caramel, yum yum!!

Ner, Van and I just sat at Sogurt for a good hour or so discussing how each of us have been victimized by a particular someone who we've had the misfortune to get stuck with and have had to tolerate all this time, almost on a daily basis. But isn't it a sweet sense of relief to be able to find people who share the same hate as you? Lol~

It's funny coz people bond and get closer by bitching about people we dislike in common ahahaha.

Love these two ladies so so so much ❤

I'm CRAZILY thankful of how much closer we've gotten as compared to last semester, where we were just friends. Sigh :')))


The OFFICIAL last day of school oh ma gaaaaahddd~!

VC was kinda okay. We made microsites and shit, it was a pretty uneventful class.

Rainy day so I got myself a real treat for our lunch break...

Curry maggi (instant noodles)!!

Still nowhere as legendary as the way my mum makes it (mama always does it best!) but it was hearty and delicious nonetheless! So much veggies yummy yum yum~~ And ham and sausages and FRIED SHALLOTS!! I LOVE SHALLOTS GOBBLE GOBBLE.

Hehe okay that's about all for this week, I had so much fun typing this post and reliving all the fun-ass moments we had. Was kinda high typing this, don't know if you could tell LOL.

I'm gonna miss you guys soooo much!!

First picture of the post was with VANNVANZ, now I'm gonna end off with a selfie I took with VANNVANZ on Friday. ARE YOU HONOURED, VUNUSSU?!?!!!


❤ ❤ ❤


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