Wednesday, 11 December 2013


In the late afternoon of Sunday, my family and I made our way to Changi Airport, aka My Favourite Place in Singapore ❤

It was raining pretty heavily :) ☂

Customary photo of the beautiful Christmas decorations in Terminal 1!

Everything was so sparkly and ostentatious ヾ(@゜▽゜@)ノ

My sister and I were totally starving (both of us woke up at around noon and didn’t have anything for breakfast except a couple of sour cream and onion Lays #healthy) so we grabbed some yummy but crazily expensive food at a café!

Mmmmmm yummy sandwiches~!!

They all looked freaking delicious, I was really spoilt for choice!

Went with the Pesto & Chicken Foccacia, which was one of the less pricey ones and let’s be honest, anything that has pesto in it is nothing short of BOMB DIGGITY AWESOME.

Turned out to be AMAZING. I let my sis (who got herself a chocolate croissant) try some of the pesto cream sauce and she literally (ok not really) had tears running down her cute little chubby cheeks because it was just soooooo tasty.

Psychedelic Social Tree thingy in the departure area. It’s basically where travellers can take a webcam picture of themselves, decorate it with some filters and effects and pop it onto the “tree”.

Pretty cool concept, if you don’t mind having your face plastered on the screen for everyone to see. But it wasn’t really my thing so I wandered off to the observatory behind the giant electronic tree and had a peek at the airplanes.

Hello, twin Qantas airplanes! Notice how the tail have slightly different designs.

And later on…

I was in one of them!! :DDDDD

Mirror selfie: Inflight entertainment edition LOLOLOLOLOLOL hi

Howdy-doodly :D

We took off and I kept myself entertained by watching We’re The Millers. It’s a movie I’ve been wanting to see for a long time now. I’d always knew that it’d be pretty funny and Jennifer Aniston having strip tease scenes was definitely a plus point (they did not disappoint). Overall the movie was aight, induced a couple of chuckles here and there but nothing groundbreaking and pretty slapstick and predictable at times.

Dinner is served~!

My sister’s lovely kid’s meal.

Which would be perceived as gourmet dining in comparison to mine…

What seems to be mush served at a retirement home where the elderly are no longer equipped with teeth enabling them to actually chew. It was actually (from left to right) chicken pieces in mushroom and tomato sauce, green peas, and mashed potatoes.

D- for presentation (seriously, guys? seriously?!?!) but in all honesty, it didn’t taste bad. In fact, the chicken was passable and I actually really enjoyed the mashed potatoes, they had a good balance of buttery and cheesy flavours. With that being said, it all tasted way too strong and throughout the meal I couldn’t stop thinking about how many tons of seasoning they must have poured into each serve to make it taste good when eaten at high altitudes.

Appetiser was potato salad (meh) and dessert was mango pudding topped off with sago. I don’t know why on Earth it was so, but the pudding was really grainy and weird instead of being smooth and delicious like a normal pudding should. I’m actually a pretty big fan of Qantas (my second favourite airline, hooray!) but cmon guys. Take some tips from Singapore Airlines. Their meals are simple too but absolutely delicious, including their yummalicious desserts (hello, vanilla muffin). And Qantas had their fair share of non-disgusting puddings too, check out this AMAZING lemongrass one I had the last time I headed Down Under. Bellisimo~ ♡

After the meal, I was getting really tired (I’ll never know why, I’d slept 13 hours the night before) so I nodded off for a bit while listening to…*gulp* Justin Bieber. (say what you want about that boy but some of his music is actually pretty good)

♫ "If I was your boyfriend, I'd never let you go."

"As long as you, lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-love LOVE ME. LOVE ME." ♪

With nap time out of the way, I resumed my entertainment by watching some Business feature of the greatest advertisements and marketing campaigns around the world in 2013. Hehehe guess it was my being a Communications student kicking in :P But it was really fun to watch and I’ve always loved seeing great commercials!

Soon it was almost time for landing. I peeked out my window (yay for window seats!) and oh my freaking goodness. The Moon looked absolutely beautiful.

Awe-inspiring, isn’t it? I looked at it (with my glasses, if not it’d just be a big silvery blob in the sky) and my jaw almost dropped.

It doesn’t reflect well in the photograph, but it was so big and beautiful, glowing and shining in the skyline. It really felt like it was just so…close, you know? I could see all the features on it, it was almost like I could make out the face of the Moon. What? Moons have faces on them, right? Or maybe it’s just my imagination haha. Or from watching too much Bear in the Big Blue House as a kid :P

One more. Ain’t it grand? ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ

And so we arrive in Perth, Western Australia on a Summer’s night with a lovely temperature of 18ºC.

We roam around the shops for a bit before heading home in our rented car.

Look! It’s a partridge in a pear tree! Hehehe :DDD

Cute little fake baby with a terrifying expression on its face.


We head to the bookstore, which of course, is absolute heaven for me.

*breathes in the scent of all the wonderful books*

Oh, joy!

Little xmas puddings! I’ve never actually tried a Christmas pudding before, hmmm. Maybe this Christmas will be the time for a new addition to the List of Puddings I’ve Sampled! Lolololol there is no such list but still.

In the meanwhile, I hope all of you are having a wonderfully joyous holiday season! Thank you for reading and shoutout to all my lovely friends from 05 who may be reading this. You are so awesome for supporting PuddingFancy even without me being in Singapore and physically forcing encouraging you to read my blog! I miss you all so much and I can’t wait to get back and squish your cute little faces and poke at your soft cheeks!!

Love ya lots~! Toodles~~~! ❤


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  1. I hope you have a good time in Perth! I hope you get to see new attractions as you have been to Perth a few times before.