Sunday, 29 December 2013

What Matters Most

It’s not about the one you have the most in common with.
It’s not about empty promises or "white" lies.
It's not about the frequency, or even the "price", of gifts and compliments.
It’s not measured in the amount of time spent together, how much they made you laugh, or the number of interactions you had be it talking, texting, or twitter commenting.

It’s about showing respect for each other’s feelings, values and beliefs.
It’s about knowing the parts of you that are different, yet accepting and embracing them as what make you special.
It’s about earning trust.
The trust for you to show them the parts of you that aren’t exactly a ton of fun.
The ugly sides, the dark sides.
The vulnerability.

And after seeing all your battle scars and imperfections,
making the decision to stay.
Even when it seems like the whole world is shouting in their ear not to.

It’s not rocket science.

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