Thursday, 30 January 2014

Food in Perth, Food in Reunion Dinners

Intended to blog about this since a few weeks ago but I've been so tired and lazy every single day after school, I come home and just rot on the sofa playing Pokopang after a shower. But anyways, I've been missing Aussie so, so much hence I simply HAVE to blog some stuff that happened during my last trip to Perth, so I can reminisce (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

So yeah, here are some pictures I took of the day we went to Garden City, a mall at Booragoon which we've visited regularly since I was just a little kid.

So many memories :'))

First time buying my own food there coz in all my past visits I'd usually just wait for my mum to get our food. I am an adult now!! WHOOOOOOOOOO~!!

Tried the Mexican food stall (Salsa's) coz I was craving nachos teehee.

Nachos > world.

I was so in love with the paperbag omg forreal tho isn't it gorgeous?

I love well-designed packaging for food!

*loud moaning in the name of amazing food appreciation*

I know it looks kinda gross but trust me, it was SO. GOOD.

Deliciously Crunchy Nachos with Glorious Melted Cheese, Salsa, Black Beans, Sour Cream and Guacamole

Sweet, sweet mother of Mary it was good.

My parents had the following:

Teriyaki Chicken Rice Bento with Crabstick and Cucumber Sushi and Vegetable Salad

I almost cried coz I was so stuffed from the nachos that I couldn't have any of this. It's a family favourite, we'd have this practically every time we went to Garden City. From Zushi Bento, it's a little pricey but the chicken is sooooooo good oh my freaking goodness. And their sushi is AMAZING too, they use some sort of magical mayo and it just tastes like the stuff dreams are made of <3

We shopped around for a little bit to walk off all the wonderful food we'd just eaten, and soon it was time for dessert~!

Got ourselves a nice little treat from Wendy's:

Don't you just LOVE ice cream?! Especially those in bright, happy colours. My mouth, my stomach AND my eyes are delighted!! (๑>ᴗ<๑)

We got the awesome ~*RAINBOW*~ flavour, which was as yummy as it was pretty.


In conclusion, it was a fantabulous day and I had sooooo much fun shopping (got some fantastic buys which I am VERY excited about) and stuffing my face. Here's a random photo of me just chillin' in the carpark lol.

Face a lil bloated from all the gorging I did Down Under. Seriously tho, I ate so much food throughout the course of the trip and usually it was super tasty JUNK food and the amount of physical activity I did on a daily basis was next to none. I'm honestly amazed at how I was even able to fit into any of my pants by the end of my vacation!


Anyways, today is the EVE OF LUNAR NEW YEAR! How exciting :D

I hope you all are having a marvellous time soaking in the air of festivity with your lovely families. How was your reunion dinner?

My family went to this Chinese Restaurant to have ours. It was a special set meal, with numerous courses all featuring ingredients that would be considered quite grand. It cost a small fortune, but to be honest I didn't find the meal particularly enjoyable, or even very filling.

In short, I'd choose a home cooked meal any day. I always love a good steamboat/hot pot reunion dinner! I never understood the fuss of going out to a restaurant to have a super fancy and expensive reunion dinner. Also, I get kinda annoyed by the presence of so many other rowdy families. I'd really just prefer an intimate gathering in the comfort of our own homes.

As for the price or "specialness" of the food in a reunion dinner, just last year all of us sat around our dining table and had a great time chatting while eating tabao-ed (takeaway) dumplings, KFC, and a big bowl of soup which my grandmother lovingly boiled the whole day. We thoroughly enjoyed the food, the homely atmosphere, and the company of the family. It was great :))

Hope you all have a fabulous time this CNY, just shortly over two hours before the ang pows start rolling in! Whoot whoot~!

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Mondays = Nomdays

Here's all the food we got in school last Monday. Damn, I swear we spend more time at SP eating than learning lol oops.


First time trying the snack-dispensing vending machines available around campus. Actually, it was the first time I've gotten food from a vending machine. Oh my lordy, it was such an exciting new experience. Ticking THAT off my bucket list now, hell yeah.

It looked promising but the tortilla chips turned out to be pretty damn nasty. Probably because they were the "healthier" choice. I thought all tortilla chips/corn chips/nachos would taste pretty much the same i.e as bombastically delicious as Doritos, ChaChos and the like but NOPE. This one was all stale (perhaps due to the fact that they'd been sitting inside the vending machine for Buddha knows how long) and the worst part? The flavouring was SUPER. ARTIFICIAL. TOO SALTY. AND GROSS. I swear they just took the shitty ass chips and drowned them in a vat of pure MONOSODIUM GLUTAMATE. Ugh. Disgusting. I was soooo disappointed :((

Alright that ends my little rant on unsatisfactory tortilla chips lol.

They broke my trust. Never going down that road again :'(


One of the very, VERY few upsides of having GenEd: our class is situated really near Manna, a cafe which offers great Western food at WONDERFULLY AFFORDABLE prices. You see the stunning meal combo pictured above, featuring a slab of fried chicken, two cute little sides and an ice cold drink? All that, my friend, cost only



And I paid an additional 50 cents to top up my drink to an iced milo too, the original version which comes with an iced green tea is only five dollars!! *SCREAMS*

The chicken cutlet wasn't really that good...The batter was pretty flavourless and it was more oily than crispy :((

Thankfully the two side dishes saved the day with their tastiness! Mac & Cheese and Pasta Salad! YUM YUM YUMMINY YUM I love me some pasta salad nyeheheheheh.


Well technically this wasn't something that I ate but it's just so cool and INTER-RESTING I just had to share it.

After our very satisfying (and filling) lunch, we were walking back to the hilltop for our next class when Sarah decided to get an ice cream from yet another VENDING MACHINE!!

Oh my flibbity flabbity goodness I had barely recovered from the astonishment of receiving my very first vending machine food item, whereby the snack was simply pushed off from the shelf and sent plummeting to the bottom of the machine for me to reach in and grab onto.

Check out THIS vending machine, which is quite possibly the coolest thing ever.

Basically when you put your Cash Money® in the machine and select which delectable frozen treat you would like to have, the lid of a FREAKING ICE BOX opens and there's a suction thingy, sort of like the grabby claws in skill crane games at the arcade, which just SUCKS YOUR ICE CREAM UP and DROPS IT into the receptacle for you to pick up and enjoy.

You really can't get the full mind-boggling effect unless you're standing there yourself, but here's a short video I took of the amazing experience to help you out a little:

(the first few seconds of the video are of us making very loud noises of awe and surprise so, caution your ears for that)

Featuring the insanely beautiful Sarah~! (♥ω♥*)


So basically, "Suckies" is a brand of beancurd pudding drinks helmed by Singapore Polytechnic students themselves!! Cool as hell and hey, food stalls scattered all around the hilltop are always a welcome sight for me.

Guest-starring Mr Kenneth Ang teaching in the background teehee~
He's so awesome, always letting us go on our food rampages when we get peckish during his lessons. Not to mention the fact that he is swaggy as hell. I mean, does YOUR lecturer strut his stuff to LMFAO's "I'm Sexy And I Know It"? Didn't think so.

And he catwalked his way right into a metal bookshelf too but still. That's besides the point.

I got Irish Creme flavoured Suckies, which thrills me to no end coz I simply LOVE getting unorthodox flavours hehehe. They also come in flavours like caramel, strawberry, green tea and even creme brulee! Yum yum~

It was pretty yummy but honestly a little overpriced...I probably wouldn't be paying almost four dollars for something like that again any time soon. Hopefully they have some sales promotion or something in the future lolz.


Alrighty, as a bonus before I sign off, I just HAVE to share this absolute gem that Elson came up with rofl.

So for one of the class activities during Professional Communication, we were given a blank piece of paper and tasked to come up with an "advertisement" promoting ourselves and what makes us a desirable boyfriend/girlfriend.

Most of us just scribbled some advantageous traits on the paper in bullet-points and called it a day, but Elson went all out.

A true masterpiece, in my opinion.

Needless to say, Elson won the unanimous votes of all the girls in class and he won a prize for that.

He sure knows the way to a woman's heart!

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Lazed & Dazed

Following my previous post, I had a slight meltdown from the internal crisis that was brought on by the anxiety of procrastinating on my school work. Even on the night before submission day itself, I was so badly shaken up that all I could do was rock myself back and forth in a bid to calm my ultra frazzled nerves. Apparently just the thought of the assignments alone is enough to send me into a frenzy. Despite the overwhelming sense of urgency, I physically could not bring myself to sit down and start on the dreaded tasks.

Probably the worst episode I've had out of all the assignments since the start of school (it's been almost a year). It's funny coz there have been CAs that were of a higher level of difficulty, more time consuming and taxing, and just "bigger" and way more substantial in general. But this is the first time I've been so affected. (of course there was that period where I got panic attacks the moment I opened InDesign to do the VC brochure but...that was a long time ago lol)

I wouldn't say that I no longer give a shit about school. After all, it still remains quite possibly the thing that I've wanted most in my life, and the dream I fought so hard to attain. Rather, I cared and worried too much in the past, so much so that it became unnecessarily overwhelming and wound up inevitably crushing me.

Now, I've learnt to let the little stressors and worries slide right off my shoulders. So many things seem like such a big deal now, but in the long run, all this shit really doesn't matter at all.

And it certainly isn't worth it (at ALL!) to allow these little things to mess with my mental and emotional wellbeing. To let them become detrimental to my health and happiness. It's just not worth it and frankly, it's quite stupid. Although I failed to realise this before.

I'm now trying really hard to find the perfect balance between caring WAY too much and not caring at all. Right now I'm still floating back and forth somewhere between 40% (that's slightly too little, which causes me to start panicking and go into overdrive) and 300% (that's obviously too much, and is when I start to go crazy and launch myself into a self-destructive downward spiral).

I still love going to school. The people, the environment and just polytechnic life in general.

I guess I still need to work on not being so fixated on grades and results. Like Ms Kwa said, "Screw the grades!". (my idol)

All I need to make sure of are that I'm learning new things every day, fostering positive relationships with the amazing people around me (and actively cutting out the toxic people from my life, but that's a whole other subject I shall save for a different blog entry), and being truly happy and thankful to be in the position I'm in.

These three years are gonna be a blast, and I want to make great memories that will last :)

(unintentional rhyming teehee #rapgod)

Alrighty, that's enough soul-searchy rambling for one post. Is it just me or have the past few PuddingFancy posts been quite melancholic as of late?


Here are some random pics that I need to clear. The amount of to-blog photos building up in my folders is getting out of hand.

Photos taken two weeks back when Esther and I headed to a recording studio over in Chinatown to have an interview and photoshoot with 'Vestige' for our VC web design project. They're an alternative/hard rock band and they're really cool! Very talented, down to earth bunch of guys, here's their Facebook page if you're interested. Go like them, they're really good!

#ootd lol

I like my tiger tank top very very much. I don't really know why but every time I wear it I keep thinking about The Hangover lol.

(Bradley Cooper is hot as hell <3)

Before I met up with Esther to do our project thingy, my mum treated me to Sakae Sushi. Wheeeeeee~~ lol so blessed :'))


It was so good I couldn't even believe it was really happening...all those flavours just...swirling in my mouth...sooo goooddddd~~~


Small fillets of deliciously deep-fried salmon. Sooooo good with Japanese mayo oh my lord.


Alrighty I guess that's all for now. My productivity levels for the past few weeks have been at like, negative five. And although I recognise just how much of a problem it is, I still continue to laze around and be of as much use to the world as a giant blob of hardened gravy.

Like today, I wasn't feeling well enough to go to school (which really upsets me coz I honestly love going for lectures) and I pretty much spent the ENTIRE DAY lying in bed, playing Pokopang. And I did a bit of rapping while waiting for my clovers to regenerate but still.

Thursday, 9 January 2014

This Post Has No Point Whatsoever (Don't Say I Didn't Warn You)

*big sigh*

Hi guys.

I've been loving the colour blue recently, more so than I've ever had in my entire life.
I don't know if that has something to do with why I've been feeling so blue the past few days...

The entire three week break we just had, I'd brought my Macbook with me to Perth - and even my thick ass, HEAVY ASS Intro to Psychology textbook - "planning" on getting my holiday homework done while I was overseas. Quotation marks because come on, let's face it. I was just deluding myself.

Obviously, I didn't get shit done AT ALL. But, time well spent in Perth, I'd say! Apart from all the anxiety that came from

oh my god i have to get shit done time is running out i now only have [insert increasingly dwindling number] days before the due date and i haven't done anything at all ahhhhhh omg omg omg *hyperventilating* i need to calm down before i die then i'll NEVER get any work done omg i shall soothe my nerves by watching Adventure Time while eating cups of pudding and when that's over i'll watch the only 19 existing episodes of The Newsroom on loop yep that's what i'll do!!!!!11! sounds likes a plan i feel better already


Then I realise that 68 hours have passed and I STILL have not touched my assignments hence the cycle continues onnn and onnn and onnnnn and onnnnnnnnnnn.

Since returning to Singapore and resuming school, things have been great for the most part.

I'm a person who NEEDS order in my life.

I NEED to have to go to school every weekday. I NEED to have some sort of routine as to when I go to bed, when I leave the house, when I sit down and get work done, when I allocate time to chill out and have fun etcetera etcetera.

If not I can assure you that I'd just gradually morph into some cavewoman who never leaves the house or comes into contact with daylight, and I probably wouldn't even clean myself until I can physically feel myself starting to rot.

So yeah, #Back2School2014 has been great but still.

I am STILL avoiding the act of tackling the assignments like it's the black plague omggg.

The only reason I am typing this post (which, in case you've yet to notice, is completely pointless and frankly quite incoherent) is because I've spent the WHOLE NIGHT wallowing in misery and not finding the ~*motivation*~ to get started on my IMCA News Values Analytical Report Thingy despite having planned to do it since ONE WHOLE MONTH AGO and now it's due in less than a week and I can't get anything done :((

Boohoo whine sob creys.

Okay I'm now going to go distract myself with more random internet goodies (i discovered this British vlogger's blog and she's really awesome so i'm off to read that) as the anxiety of knowing the impending submission deadlines loom while I continue to sit on my ass and do NOTHING multiplies and manifests into a suffocating force which threatens to choke me of my joy and motivation to get up every morning other than to use up my clovers that have regenerated in LINE Pokopang (evil marvellous game that has robbed me of my life and soul, go download it!) so bye.