Sunday, 26 January 2014

Mondays = Nomdays

Here's all the food we got in school last Monday. Damn, I swear we spend more time at SP eating than learning lol oops.


First time trying the snack-dispensing vending machines available around campus. Actually, it was the first time I've gotten food from a vending machine. Oh my lordy, it was such an exciting new experience. Ticking THAT off my bucket list now, hell yeah.

It looked promising but the tortilla chips turned out to be pretty damn nasty. Probably because they were the "healthier" choice. I thought all tortilla chips/corn chips/nachos would taste pretty much the same i.e as bombastically delicious as Doritos, ChaChos and the like but NOPE. This one was all stale (perhaps due to the fact that they'd been sitting inside the vending machine for Buddha knows how long) and the worst part? The flavouring was SUPER. ARTIFICIAL. TOO SALTY. AND GROSS. I swear they just took the shitty ass chips and drowned them in a vat of pure MONOSODIUM GLUTAMATE. Ugh. Disgusting. I was soooo disappointed :((

Alright that ends my little rant on unsatisfactory tortilla chips lol.

They broke my trust. Never going down that road again :'(


One of the very, VERY few upsides of having GenEd: our class is situated really near Manna, a cafe which offers great Western food at WONDERFULLY AFFORDABLE prices. You see the stunning meal combo pictured above, featuring a slab of fried chicken, two cute little sides and an ice cold drink? All that, my friend, cost only



And I paid an additional 50 cents to top up my drink to an iced milo too, the original version which comes with an iced green tea is only five dollars!! *SCREAMS*

The chicken cutlet wasn't really that good...The batter was pretty flavourless and it was more oily than crispy :((

Thankfully the two side dishes saved the day with their tastiness! Mac & Cheese and Pasta Salad! YUM YUM YUMMINY YUM I love me some pasta salad nyeheheheheh.


Well technically this wasn't something that I ate but it's just so cool and INTER-RESTING I just had to share it.

After our very satisfying (and filling) lunch, we were walking back to the hilltop for our next class when Sarah decided to get an ice cream from yet another VENDING MACHINE!!

Oh my flibbity flabbity goodness I had barely recovered from the astonishment of receiving my very first vending machine food item, whereby the snack was simply pushed off from the shelf and sent plummeting to the bottom of the machine for me to reach in and grab onto.

Check out THIS vending machine, which is quite possibly the coolest thing ever.

Basically when you put your Cash Money® in the machine and select which delectable frozen treat you would like to have, the lid of a FREAKING ICE BOX opens and there's a suction thingy, sort of like the grabby claws in skill crane games at the arcade, which just SUCKS YOUR ICE CREAM UP and DROPS IT into the receptacle for you to pick up and enjoy.

You really can't get the full mind-boggling effect unless you're standing there yourself, but here's a short video I took of the amazing experience to help you out a little:

(the first few seconds of the video are of us making very loud noises of awe and surprise so, caution your ears for that)

Featuring the insanely beautiful Sarah~! (♥ω♥*)


So basically, "Suckies" is a brand of beancurd pudding drinks helmed by Singapore Polytechnic students themselves!! Cool as hell and hey, food stalls scattered all around the hilltop are always a welcome sight for me.

Guest-starring Mr Kenneth Ang teaching in the background teehee~
He's so awesome, always letting us go on our food rampages when we get peckish during his lessons. Not to mention the fact that he is swaggy as hell. I mean, does YOUR lecturer strut his stuff to LMFAO's "I'm Sexy And I Know It"? Didn't think so.

And he catwalked his way right into a metal bookshelf too but still. That's besides the point.

I got Irish Creme flavoured Suckies, which thrills me to no end coz I simply LOVE getting unorthodox flavours hehehe. They also come in flavours like caramel, strawberry, green tea and even creme brulee! Yum yum~

It was pretty yummy but honestly a little overpriced...I probably wouldn't be paying almost four dollars for something like that again any time soon. Hopefully they have some sales promotion or something in the future lolz.


Alrighty, as a bonus before I sign off, I just HAVE to share this absolute gem that Elson came up with rofl.

So for one of the class activities during Professional Communication, we were given a blank piece of paper and tasked to come up with an "advertisement" promoting ourselves and what makes us a desirable boyfriend/girlfriend.

Most of us just scribbled some advantageous traits on the paper in bullet-points and called it a day, but Elson went all out.

A true masterpiece, in my opinion.

Needless to say, Elson won the unanimous votes of all the girls in class and he won a prize for that.

He sure knows the way to a woman's heart!

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