Thursday, 9 January 2014

This Post Has No Point Whatsoever (Don't Say I Didn't Warn You)

*big sigh*

Hi guys.

I've been loving the colour blue recently, more so than I've ever had in my entire life.
I don't know if that has something to do with why I've been feeling so blue the past few days...

The entire three week break we just had, I'd brought my Macbook with me to Perth - and even my thick ass, HEAVY ASS Intro to Psychology textbook - "planning" on getting my holiday homework done while I was overseas. Quotation marks because come on, let's face it. I was just deluding myself.

Obviously, I didn't get shit done AT ALL. But, time well spent in Perth, I'd say! Apart from all the anxiety that came from

oh my god i have to get shit done time is running out i now only have [insert increasingly dwindling number] days before the due date and i haven't done anything at all ahhhhhh omg omg omg *hyperventilating* i need to calm down before i die then i'll NEVER get any work done omg i shall soothe my nerves by watching Adventure Time while eating cups of pudding and when that's over i'll watch the only 19 existing episodes of The Newsroom on loop yep that's what i'll do!!!!!11! sounds likes a plan i feel better already


Then I realise that 68 hours have passed and I STILL have not touched my assignments hence the cycle continues onnn and onnn and onnnnn and onnnnnnnnnnn.

Since returning to Singapore and resuming school, things have been great for the most part.

I'm a person who NEEDS order in my life.

I NEED to have to go to school every weekday. I NEED to have some sort of routine as to when I go to bed, when I leave the house, when I sit down and get work done, when I allocate time to chill out and have fun etcetera etcetera.

If not I can assure you that I'd just gradually morph into some cavewoman who never leaves the house or comes into contact with daylight, and I probably wouldn't even clean myself until I can physically feel myself starting to rot.

So yeah, #Back2School2014 has been great but still.

I am STILL avoiding the act of tackling the assignments like it's the black plague omggg.

The only reason I am typing this post (which, in case you've yet to notice, is completely pointless and frankly quite incoherent) is because I've spent the WHOLE NIGHT wallowing in misery and not finding the ~*motivation*~ to get started on my IMCA News Values Analytical Report Thingy despite having planned to do it since ONE WHOLE MONTH AGO and now it's due in less than a week and I can't get anything done :((

Boohoo whine sob creys.

Okay I'm now going to go distract myself with more random internet goodies (i discovered this British vlogger's blog and she's really awesome so i'm off to read that) as the anxiety of knowing the impending submission deadlines loom while I continue to sit on my ass and do NOTHING multiplies and manifests into a suffocating force which threatens to choke me of my joy and motivation to get up every morning other than to use up my clovers that have regenerated in LINE Pokopang (evil marvellous game that has robbed me of my life and soul, go download it!) so bye.

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  1. I hope you do get your assignment done. I use to have the same dilemma of being distracted by the holidays and not working on assignments. I just did my assignments in a last minute rush all the while cursing myself and vowing not to do it again. However, I always repeated the cycle.