Thursday, 27 February 2014

27th Feb: Hariz Day


So yesterday was a short but fun-filled few hours spent at the rooftop of VivoCity celebrating with the (pre-)birthday bub and a handful of wonderful people from DMC 05.

The most fabulous birthday card I ever did see, made by the very artistically talented Summer and Nerissa.

My favourites are baby Hariz and his soft chins, Hariz the Egg, and Emo/Scene Kid Hariz (the last which is sadly not pictured).

Here we see some lovely people cutting the cake, which has a Strawberry Shortcake design on it that is just PERFECT for ~*Princess Hariz the Cutie Patootie*~.

Notice the beautiful smear of pink icing on his soft little cheek, did I not already mention that he's pure fabulousness that you can serve up on a spoon? (wtf am i saying right now idek)

Selfie with the super adorable DanDan (this is her amazing blog which she sadly does not update very often, I shall make it a point to go pester her about this), the only selfie I took the entire night which actually had decent lighting. The rest are just so atrociously horrid that nobody should ever lay eyes on them, EVER.

And finally, one spectacular group shot after many many failed attempts because the outdoor area was just too damn dark. Taken by a very kind Indian gentleman who had a great sense of humour indeed ("Chop chop!!") but Summer accidentally let out a rather loud "Eh hurry up la pundek!" to some of our classmates who had yet to gather and pose for the photo, which led to the man and his wife and their little son having a very startled look on their face lol it was hilarious.

I love you guys ❤

Hope you had a fab birthday so far, Hariz! You so freakin awesome love ya long time <3

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