Thursday, 27 February 2014

27th Feb: Mama Day ❤


For the celebration of the BEST MUM ON EARTH's birthday, we headed to a lovely Chinese restaurant down at Toa Payoh garden, called The Oasis.

It's open 24 hours, how great is that?! Especially good for folks like us (my fam) who are pretty much nocturnal haha.

They install their plain old plastic cups with, *gasp!*, cool and fancy metal holders with handles!! Very handy indeed, teehee!

Technology has come a long way.

One of my favourite Chinese restaurant appetisers, roasted soupy peanuts!

Which do you prefer, roasted peanuts or the regular fried and salted ones? One's soft and chewy while the other's really crunchy. Aren't peanuts just the greatest?

I like elephants.

And the dishes start rolling in!

Sambal kang kong!

Fan favourite across all Chinese restaurant-goers.

Yang Zhou fried rice!

With really delectable bits of Taiwanese sausage (aka lap cheong), generous chunks of juicy prawns, and the quintessential bits of fragrant fried egg!

The following is a cool one, (literally)

Cold tofu and preserved egg topped with chicken/pork (i forgot which, how embarrassing...) floss!

I'm not a huge fan of preserved egg (although I do love it in porridges) or chicken/pork floss (never quite got into the fad of so many people going ga-ga over the seemingly "amazing" snack, especially on Breadtalk's buns), but the sauce in this was FAN-tastic. It went SO well with the little cubes of ultra smooth and soft cold tofu and it was quite addictive, actually.

Chye poh omelette!

A delectably aromatic piece of fried egg with preserved turnip. Not the prettiest of foods but sooooo delicious~

Claypot sea cucumber with veggies!

I am not a fan of sea cucumber WHATSOEVER (too squishy and flavourless for my liking) so I shan't comment much on this dish haha.

You tiao (dough fritters) with squid paste!

I usually quite like dough fritters (especially when they're crisy and fresh and dipped into mayo, MMMMMMMMM so good~~) but this version had squid paste in it to add extra chewiness so it was a big thumbs down for me as it gave it a really big, fishy taste.

Fried beancurd with fish maw!

Fried beancurd is always a win *thumbs up*

Arguably the star of the show... (pretty much the star EVERY time you go to a Chinese restaurant)

Salted egg yolk prawns!!

Mmm-mmmm...I've written about nine love songs dedicated to how much I ADORE these yummy little pieces of golden goodness.

These were fried oh-so-perfectly to give the prawn balls just that extra little bit of wonderful fragrance, and there were actual bits of solid salted egg yolk thrown into the mixture, which was just heavenly.

Abalone mushrooms and some green veggies!

The large, thin slives of abalone mushroom were lovely :)

Fried chicken slivers!

These were ordered about three-quarters into the meal when my sister decided that she was gonna be a fussy-pants and not eat any of the 5,000 dishes that were present at the table.

They tasted FANTASTIC, deep-fried to tantalising perfect. My sister, being the biggest advocate of health ever, devoured almost the entire plate on her own, save for the the few that I managed to get after fighting her :D

Snowflake in the century egg!! such wow, much amaze!

Afterwards we headed to the garden to walk off our giant food-baby bellies. It was my first time there and it was BREATHTAKING-LY beautiful!!

Look at that bridge!! Isn't it the cutest thing ever?!

Giant tree sprouting from the boardwalk, cool shit.

Sadly we couldn't stay for long coz it was like one in the morning and our bladders were bursting lol. My mum dared me to pee in the river but sadly, due to my gender limitations, I could not.

We headed over to Changi Airport (#bestplaceonearth) to grab some ice cream and midnight nummie-nums (whut)!

God bless 24 hour food establishments <3

Marvellous coit tower!

Cute lil firehouse with a tiny banana candle which my mum gleefully blew out before I could snap a pic...

Completely forgetting about the legit FEAST we just had less than an hour ago, we decided that we were feeling peckish and so went ahead to order...

A giant bucket of hot U.S chips complete with three DELICIOSO sauces, tartar, tangy mayo, and hot bbq.

Holy hell Swensens has one of THE best chips I've ever tasted, and the tartar sauce ALWAYS makes me cry tears of food-induced glory.


Well, I'm off to go have "Family Saturday Night" now, hopefully going to stuff my face with yummy food which I would otherwise not be able to afford on my own.

Life is good :))


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