Sunday, 23 February 2014

Officially Cool(er).

I am currently bubbling over with immense levels of joy and excitement, which I am trying really hard to hide seeing that I'm in a public setting and it wouldn't exactly be appropriate to just burst out into a fit of giggles, even if that's what I feel like is about to happen.

So...tonight I ticked a major to-do off my bucket list. Or rather, a list I created during my 2013 year-end trip to Perth, of all the things that I wanted to do in 2014.

And that is...

drumroll, please!

(Thank you Patrick!)


:D :D :D :D :D :D

*confetti cannon goes off*

*the crowd cheers*

*wild applause ensues*

(i accidentally typed confettiti the first time round ahHAHAHAHA CONFETTITI IT'S LIKE CONFETTI BUT TITTIES LOLLL)


So yeah, here I am sitting at the al fresco area of a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf café (where there's no smoking allowed, thank god) and it's such a wonderfully breezy night. The wifi is amazing and it damn well should be, since I paid more than fifteen bucks just to sit my ass here and use my laptop, jeez. Well okay that's because I got myself a salad and a drink too lol.

Caesar salad w/ turkey bacon (FREAKING DELICIOUS) and an iced vanilla tea soy latte.

The salad has been a favourite of mine for a while (one of my most looked forward to lunchtime treats back when I was happily working during my school hols) but this was one of the very few times I actually ordered a drink at Coffee Bean (their hot dishes and salads are the absolute BOMB, I swear) and the very first time I got myself this iced tea latte and let me just say.



That pathetically tiny cup of iced tea latte tasted worse than your average neighbourhood bubble tea shop's iced vanilla milk tea which would probably cost less than half the price, AND come with pearls!

Holy hell, this is why I hate cafés and their insanely extravagant beverages, goddamn.

But nevertheless, it has been a great night and I loved my salad (which cost $9.50, borderline crazy but that's the market rate for salads nowadays i guess...sigh) so this was a fun experience!

Beautiful, BEAUTIFUL salad <3

I would've sat here even longer (and get my money's worth, y'know teehee) but it was getting really late and the café was almost closing and also the tea made me have to pee reeeeal bad haha.


In other news, VC is being a ton of shitbricks as usual and I'm so sick of it.

It's the last assignment for VC, as well as the last assignment EVER for the first year of DMC, which is completely crazy.

Alright...I just gotta power through this dumbass Dreamweaver coding nonsense and I will be DONE with VC for all eternity.

I can feel my soul slowly but surely being sucked right out of me, I swear.

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