Monday, 24 March 2014

Aussie Munchies + Sherlock Babble

I'm two weeks into my 3-week Perth vacation and already my pants are feeling a tad too tight for all the newly acquired flab that has resulted from all the gorging I've been doing Down Under. Seriously, it is just SO easy to get fat here with the low, low prices on all the unhealthy but oh-so-delicious food.

Case in point: Large pizzas for just $4.95 at Domino's every Monday and Tuesday.

Even the DESIGN of the pizza boxes are awesome, hot damn. How can I NOT be lured, amirite?!

What lies inside is definitely worth about 2000 times the calories of just plain ol' healthy tomatoes, that's for sure.


Notice how unevenly the ham was distributed lol. There's like one slice of pizza that's basically nothing but cheese lmao, nobody even gives a shit.

Cinnamon donuts from Donut King, which are simply LEGENDARY. Seriously this little plate of pure paradise perfection was freshly fried and prepared upon order and coated with cinnamon sugar (or sprinklings of fairy dust, who knows? it sure tastes magical). When I bit into them, they were so soft and fluffy and chewy and just BURSTING with wonderful flavours ooooh goodness me I almost imploded into a pink puff of smoke right there and then, I tell ya.

Some iced mocha drink that my mum got for my dad. As you can see from the above picture, it was essentially a tall glass of chilled coffee with swirls of delicious fudge. Bellissimo~ The whipped cream dusted with cocoa powder was fantastic too, and I savoured every 6,000 calorie-laden mouthful of it.

The Donut King display case, which honestly makes my mouth water and truly bring my inner fat kid out. Okay sad story: my mum has never allowed my sister and I to get iced donuts; JUST cinnamon sugared. But now that I'm (pretty much) a full-grown adult, I CAN BUY ANY FRICKIN' DONUT I WANT FOR MYSELF! :D

Which I am planning on doing the next time we head to Gateways (the shopping mall that Donut King is in) lol, so watch this space!

Gee whiz look at the dinosaur and the piggy, and the gingerbread men (which come in both black and white, they ain't tryna be racist) and the big twisty cinnamon scrolls, and they're all so bright and cheerfully coloured oh my god...So pretty and so yummy and sweet...I want to devour you all...please...

KFC answered my prayers by introducing a NACHO BOX to their menu. Behold this $4 box of pure joy and heaven for your tastebuds; popcorn chicken (which are already pretty dang amazing on their own, Down Under they're soft and very succulent and meaty unlike the ones in Singapore which are almost always just stony, deep-fried bits of flour #smh), delicious cheese flavoured nachos, some CRAZILY TASTY cheese sauce, tomato salsa, topped off with diced fresh tomatoes and a generous sprinkling of grated cheese.

I have nothing to say expect that I've already gobbled down like seven boxes of these babies...and that I'm about to have another box while watching Season 3 of Sherlock immediately after typing up this post...


I have a few friends (and one awesome lecturer, hi Ms Kwa!! *waves frantically*) who have been RAVINGGG about it for months on end, strongly encouraging me to watch it but I never got the time during the school term. I'd downloaded legally obtained it a while after the holidays started but I never had the "motivation" to sit down and get started on a brand new TV series, you know? Especially one that was

a) not a comedy; too serious for me and could potentially wind up being very boring
b) one and a half hour long per episode for Christ's sake.

So anyways I'm glad I had it in my laptop when I came to Perth because I started the first episode and HOLY SMOKES I WAS HOOKED, and in a major way too.

I have so many feels for this show, I can't even.


But on the other hand I am excited to re-watch all the episodes over and over again so I can marvel at the brilliance of it all on many different levels.

I'm slowly but surely falling into a deep PIT of infatuation for Benedict Cumberbatch. This is NOT good considering the fact that I'm already starting to feel an increased attraction towards British men following the realisation that Mike Huttlestone may very well be one of the most beautiful human beings that exist on planet Earth.

Mrs Hudson is freaking adorable and I almost had a fit when [spoilers]

1. John got the call saying she was shot and on the verge of dying,
2. At the end of Season 2 where I thought she was going to be assasinated. [/spoilers]

Molly Hooper is soooooo cute and charming I just want to wrap her up in fluffy pink blankets and read bedtime stories to her while she sips on a nice warm mug of hot cocoa that I made for her (complete with mini marshmallows). whut. I love a woman who has a good brain AND is super cute and girly! What a sweet contrast.

On the other end of the spectrum, Sergeant Donovan is annoying as F*CK and she should just bury her head in a cow's butt or something, goddamn. Stfu, woman.

Dude who plays Moriarty is an extremely talented actor, I mean really.

God, what a show.


  1. I'm glad that you're really enjoying your Australian holiday. I really like how you enjoy a lot of the Aussie fast food, although I like all the foods you mentioned, I have never seen someone talk about it with such zeal.

  2. Glad to hear that you love Sherlock! :D - ms K