Saturday, 8 March 2014

Fun Times With Fifi

A few weeks ago, I had a wonderful time just having a super chill day of hanging out with Steffi, one of the loveliest people on this Earth :))

It has been soooooo insanely long since we had the chance to meet up and just talk about stuff, so trust me when I say that we had LOADS to catch up on!

She brought me to Everything With Fries at Holland Village, which is fab since I've been loving the idea of hanging out at hipster cafés recently haha.

As you have probably guessed from the name, Everything With Fries is a cute lil café that serves, well, everything with fries! lol.

Check out this Earl Grey Tea Float that I ordered. Holy shit it is literally perfection in a mug.

Earl grey iced tea? Fantastic.
Vanilla ice cream? Soooo good.
Mix them together and you've got one helluva orgasmic, ice cold beverage right there.

It even LOOKS amazing. Look at that beautiful melting and cascading of colours, it's like a muthafxcking painting, I swear.

Steffi's delectable Pork Chops with Garlic & Herb Fries.

She was kind enough to let me have a bite of her pork chops and they were fantastic! The sauce in particular was heavenly.

My Chicken Nuggets with Miso Dipping Sauce and Caesar Salad.

The nuggets were alright, very very soft! The miso dipping sauce was a big letdown, though. The flavours were way too overpowering and the consistency was almost like a coloured water mixture. You'd have more luck pairing the nuggets with just chilli sauce or ketchup instead. And when they say caesar salad, it actually just means one or two salad leaves with a smidgen of dressing and a sprinkling of cheese haha.

My Curry Fries.

Sadly the seasoning was pretty much just pure curry spices. The robust flavour and aroma of curry was there, but the fries weren't salty at all. After tasting a few fries at once the taste gets a bit overwhelming and starts to translate into a bitter aftertaste. It's not bad, but it's not tasty either. The addition of whole basil leaves was a nice touch in terms of presentation!


We had such a blast at EWF finally catching up on everything in life basically. The ambience there was great, not crowded at all and pretty quiet save for one couple that was sitting practically across the café from us but the woman spoke soooo loudly throughout the duration of her meal that it got super annoying.

They also played what seemed like club music, not very café-ish at all lol. It was great music though, and there were many moments where I felt like getting up to dance along haha. Definitely not good for digestion! :P

Steffi and I chattered about everything from intellectually-stimulating subjects like the local education system, how Singaporeans tend to judge and outcast anyone who is even remotely different (even if it's in ways that are good), and our goals and plans of the future, to more frivolous stuff like how some of the people we know at school are dumb butts and meaniepoos, and my goal in life to get down and dirty with guys of every race and nationality, from all the countries in the world HAHA (jokes) (but not really).

After a very satisfying lunch and an even more rewarding chit-chat session, we made our way to Craft Bakery & Café, which is just a few steps down from EWF, so that Steffi could get her routine cheesecake fix (that girl is a true-blue cheesecake fanatic!). We had barely sat our asses down on a nice spot at the outdoor area (complete with garden chairs and grass carpet flooring, very nice) when one of the waiters strutted up to us not to hand us some menus, but to inform us of the fact that they were closing for their annual company dinner, and staring at us expectantly, waiting for us to gtfo.

You should've seen the look on Steffi's face LOL.

So we were forced to leave and were promptly put on a new quest for cheesecake. After some Googling action and fiddling with the GPS on Steffi's phone, we concluded that the best option would probably be to head on over to The Star Vista in search of a suitable café. And so we travelled there on foot, which was great as I was stuffed from lunch and I badly needed to walk some of it off.

We reached The Star Vista and actually circled the entity of the mall twice before we settled on this place called Dr Café. It comprised of a quaint little shack where orders are placed and the food and drinks are prepared, and a rather large stretch of seats where there was a selection of cramped tables and chairs, and the more spaced out cushiony sofas.

There were so many people there camping out with their laptops for hours on end after ordering just one measly drink, as well as people who were comfortably slumped on the luxurious sofa seats, presumably napping with theirs legs spread wide apart in a less-than-pleasant position while out in the public eye.

Steffi's Strawberry Cheesecake (it was pretty bad, don't get it) and my Iced Chocolate (getting robbed blind by a café's overpriced beverage, yet again).

Once again, we had a great time talking about all sorts of things including our various polytechnic courses and school culture, fashion and makeup on the campus, some gym noobs that I encountered recently who wore denim jeans and flip-flops to go work out (what in the actual fxck, right?), and how some of our secondary school classmates turned out (mostly the ones that became judgemental hoes LOL y'all know who you are).

We chatted so much that we even moved from the tiny chairs to the super duper comfy sofas, and of course, a must-do on any outing, we took selfies :))

Before I cut my hair off lol.

All smiles :D

Here's another one just before we bade farewell to each other at the bus stop hehe. Excuse the horrible lighting!


The day was just plain splendid. I cannot begin to even EXPLAIN how much I love hanging out with this woman. It's uncanny how the two of us can just talk about anything and everything under the sun, be it serious topics or just random nonsense, and there's always so much laughter and giggles in the air. You know when you're spending time with someone one-on-one and there's those awkward pauses in the conversation where you've just exhausted every possible topic to talk about? Those do not exist in my friendship with Steffi.

And I love how there's no agenda when it comes to our outings. We meet up, we find someplace to chill, maybe have a meal. And we just take things slow and easy, basking in each other's company. There's no rush to move on to the next item on our to-do list, there's no fixed schedule where we get super flustered if we're even a minute behind on something. If one of us has something to do or somewhere to go, we'll just head there together and wait patiently while the other is done, no guilt whatsoever.

We only became friends during the last year of secondary school (and not even since the start, where she totally judge me for being a weirdo lol) but Steffi is seriously one of the best people I've come to know, seriously. I just know that I can talk to her about ANYTHING, and go to her for help whatever the reason, and she'll be right there for me. Awwwwww~!! Cue the sappy music and teardrops hahahaha.

Alright, this has turned out to be one of the longest posts I've written, ever. And it's just the happenings of one day a few hours lol.

Gonna end of the post with this little bonus, ADORABLE CRITTERS!!

Look at this fluffy-ass guinea pig!!

This fluffy lil bunny was looking ultra cute nibbling away at some dried grass while facing Steffi and I, but the moment I whipped out my phone (which, granted, is rather large), this little bugger would turn right around at the speed of light and face us with its bum instead!

So I wound up with a pic of what looks like a giant fluffball with legs.

That is a beautiful lil bum, though.


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