Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Gee Pee Ayy

Photo of an accidental heart shape formed by the peel of the banana I was eating. It has no relation at all to what I'm gonna be talking about today, I just thought it was pretty damn cool lol. I was just like *munch munch munch* and I looked down at my banana (god that sounds wrong) and there it was, a big ol heart shape! My banana loves me haha (that sounds wrong also).


Yesterday was The Big Day where we finally got our results for the first academic year (time sure flies, doesn't it?).

Although I'd been counting down the days before the big reveal, when the time itself came I was soooo terrified that I physically could not bring myself to log into my school inbox and see what I've been waiting so long for.

Soon, people on Whatsapp started talking about it, and my Twitter timeline was filled with GPA-related tweets.

I almost died; it was an awful combination of extreme excitement as well as a deep-seated dread. I WAS TREMBLING, I THOUGHT MY RESULTS WERE goNNA BE ABSOLUTE SHIT.

Finally my curiosity got the better of me (I was initially planning on never checking my results hHAHA) and I mustered enough courage to go check it out. My heart was ramming itself against my chest okay, I had to play Coldplay songs on my phone to soothe my nerves LOLOLOL.

Okay so anyways, it turns out that my worries and fears were unwarranted because to my surprise (and of course, absolute relief) I actually did quite well! Yay me hehehe~ ✌

Honestly I do not know how I got so lucky because I gave it my all in probably the first term, and from there on out I grew complacent and just fell off the wagon, seriously. I began to care less and less about grades, for certain modules I started to strive for just a pass grade instead of the much-coveted As.

And of course, towards the end of the year things got ridiculous and I started doing most of the final projects the day before they were due hahaha. God, what is wrong with me.

Nevertheless, I'm really happy with my grade and I must say I'm proud of myself and all the hard work I put in :)) Especially the determination to complete every damn thing to the best of my ability even when I was crumbling under the overwhelming stress and anxiety, goddamn.

Now I'm really looking forward to heading back to school, IT'S GONNA BE SO FUN, YO. Hopefully my GPA in Year 2 won't plummet like Air Penguin's flight to Manhattan haha.

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