Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Ikea Smorgasbord

Or, That Time I Almost Gorged Myself To Death.

Note: Due to the lack of posts recently (I am, after all, on holiday), I'm here posting this draft which I had typed up about two centuries ago. I swear it has been so long I don't even remember when these things happened...Even the Ikea menu has changed since then I mean wtf seriously.

Ok enjoy ily bye x


A couple of weeks 6,000 years ago, my parents, sister and I headed over to Ikea to have some family bonding time. All of us were greatly looking forward to dinnertime as everyone knows that the food at Ikea restaurants/cafes are the absolute BOMB DIGGITY.

Little did we know that we would be stuffing our faces so much, and so hard, that we would barely be able to move by the end of the whole ordeal.

And the entire experience left me so traumatised that for a few weeks after that, I struggled to even think back to that fateful day, or visualise any of Ikea's yummy dishes, without flinching.

Here's all the food we got that evening, keep in mind that it was finished among just the four of us.

Legendary Ikea Meatballs with Absolutely DIVINE Gravy, Lingonberry Jam and a cute lil scoop of Mashed Potato

Poached Salmon with Delicious Cream Sauce, Potato Medallions and Veggies

Organic Penne Pasta in AMAZING Cream Sauce with Strips of Yummy Turkey

Sinfully Good Deep Fried Chicken Wings

Cute Lil Kiddy Pancakes with Jam and Cream 

(this was soooooo good I was forcing it down my gullet despite already bursting at the seams...smh)

Chocolate and Butterscotch Almond Cake

My first time trying an almond cake so this was pretty cool. It's essentially just smashed up almond pieces shaped into a slice of "cake" rather than the usual baked kinds. Sadly it was waaaay too sweet and I couldn't even eat a mouthful without having to chug water, which as you can imagine, definitely did not help with the tummy explosion situation :(

Marzipan Cake


Simply going through all these food pics was tiring and SCARY, looking back I honestly do not know how my family and I were able to down all these food in one sitting. The situation looked sort of like this:

"Ohhhhhhh my god, this tastes sooooo good. But I'm so full...My tummy hurts...But it's sooooooo freaking delicious!! *continues shoving food into mouth* Ugh I think I'm gonna throw up...I've reached my limit...*stops chewing for two seconds* Ok I feel better now, I'm fine to carry on!! *eats and eats and eats and eats* Ahhhhhh alright that's it, that's it for me!! I can't go on anymore...I'm so freaking full I'm going to explode, I can feel it! ......................But it tastes reeeeeally good... *continues eating*"

About two hours after we had sat our bumbums down at Ikea, my pants were bursting, my tummy did NOT feel right, I felt super nauseous, the room was spinning but my tastebuds were very, very happy.

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  1. I love eating from Ikea too! I actually never buy anything from Ikea except the food because I can't bare to wait in the lone lines. I hope you're having fun on your vacation.