Sunday, 9 March 2014

Losing My Marbles

This is an extremely backdated post to when I was having my last week of school. There were no classes, but the whole week was scheduled with compulsory events such as field trips and special guest talks.

The title is a reference to how I completely lost my marbles during the last few weeks of school where I had up to three project submissions in a week and guess what? For every single one of those assignments, I'd only started working on them the night before the deadline.

And for one of them, on the actual day of submission itself.

Needless to say, there was plenty of terror and panicking involved. I was so stressed out that I just wanted to swallow myself up whole, if that was possible.

Anyway, I'm super glad that that's over and I've officially finished my first year. Hopefully I'll never have to repeat that kind of traumatic episode again...


On Monday, we had a fun-ass field trip to a real life agency, TBWA.

Their office was hella bombastic. Trees, grass carpets, circular domes with Xbox games and DVDs for you to curl up and relax in, and even actual cable car cabins.

Check it out. See if you can spot the cable car suspended in mid-air (at the top right corner near the chairs).

Walking around their agency was awesome, there were so many cool features everywhere we looked and overall it was a great eye-opening experience.

Class photo in the street mirror near TBWA lol.

Hihi :D

Afterwards I headed to IKEA with some of the lovely people from our class and we had lunch together.

Not very photogenic...

Kiddy meatballs with lingonberry jam and mashed potatoes, and mushroom pancakes.

The mushroom pancakes were awful, don't get them. The mushroom sauce was so thinly spread that it was like eating plain, flavourless pancakes, ugh.

A bit peculiar to see a whole mountain of Mr Badgers lol.

Mirror selfies with Rachael and Nerissa in the middle of IKEA lol. Such beautiful ladies <3

After lunch, we frolicked around IKEA and it was a lot of fun, especially witnessing history in the making as Summer created The Adventures of Jamaal.

I got this brilliant spiral notebook from Typo's warehouse outlet store at Anchor Point. It's soooo pretty (green and pink always look fab together) and I honestly don't care that it has a defect (the binder snapped, I ripped that shit out anyway lol), I'm just overjoyed that it only cost me $2 instead of the original 6! I love snapping up great bargains :D

Having new, pretty notebooks to write in always motivates me to actually do work lol. The above was my planning for the HMB CA (which I also only started on the night before submission hahaha). I actually really enjoyed this project and it was so fun to do! I hope Ms Kwa has a good time listening to all 100+ of the students' voice recordings. If it were me I'd be laughing my ass off throughout the entire process hahahaha.

Hi Ms Kwa if you're reading :D

Okay so on Wednesday, I was craving ice cream and I was like, damnnn where can I get some delicious creamy ice screamy and I thought HEY! I could go get some Baskin Robbins! And then I was like hmmm they have that Buy 1 Get 1 Free deal on Wednesdays but you have to be wearing pink somewhere and I was like awwww I'm not wearing pink today but then I looked down just to check and OH MY GOD I WAS WEARING A PINK SHIRT!!

Amazing hahahaha.

Me in the elevator ride home, very happily clutching my paperbag of Baskin Robbins while wearing the glorious pink shirt that granted me a free scoop, hell yeah.

Blueberry Panna Cotta for me (beauty at its finest, look at that swirl) and Hokey Pokey for my sis.

They were fan-freaking-tastic. You can't see it in the pic but the Hokey Pokey flavour had delicious honeycomb clusters mixed in and it was just all sorts of amazing.

These are some delicious donuts that I brought from the legendary stall at Hilltop's FC6.


They were sooooo good omg I wanted to cry.

Alright I want some donuts now bye.


Flying off to Perth tomorrow and I am so, SO excited. Being in airports and sitting in airplanes just thrills me to no end.

I'm not looking forward to the morning flight, however. Lately my sleep cycle has been super messed up (case in point: i woke up at 7PM today) and I foresee that I will be a tired and weary wreck while on the plane :(

My immune system hasn't been doing great either, I've been having a chronic case of the sniffles for the past week. Hopefully all will be well and I'll be able to enjoy my trip to the very fullest! :D

Yay I love life ♡

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